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Made for Hope: Discovering Unexpected Gifts in Brokenness

Made for Hope: Discovering Unexpected Gifts in Brokenness

by Sara R. Ward


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How do you survive when life falls apart?

Life can change in an instant. Sara Ward understands this deeply.

In less than forty-eight hours, her world is turned upside down by two devastating tragedies. The heartbreaking loss of her child forces her to wrestle with difficult questions:

How will I survive this? Can anything good come out of brokenness?

As she searches for answers, she discovers a new purpose and a life-changing realization. From the worst pain, beautiful gifts can emerge.

Made for Hope shows us what God has to offer in the midst of our brokenness as we grasp to make it through a difficult season.

A heartfelt and vulnerable story, it provides hope for those who have gone through grief and loss.

Made for Hope offers us:

  • fifteen unexpected gifts we can find in brokenness, no matter the circumstances
  • inspiration to rediscover hope, joy, peace, and redemption in our pain
  • validation for all those who have grieved the death of a loved one or a dream unrealized
  • hope that God can take our worst tragedies and give us surprising gifts

Made for Hope: Discovering Unexpected Gifts in Brokenness reminds us of timeless truths and enduring hope.

Made for Hope is your go-to guide for grieving friends or yourself.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781733411004
Publisher: Poets & Saints LLC
Publication date: 10/29/2019
Pages: 286
Product dimensions: 5.51(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.64(d)

Table of Contents




1 No Going Back

2 When Your Life is Split in Two

3 Laying Down Your Dreams

4 The Journey to You

5 When Life Takes a Detour

6 One Breath at a Time

7 Stay Strong, Mama

8 Wanting What You Cannot Have

9 You Are Not Alone

10 Not What I Signed Up for

11 He Is Not Silent

12 The Beginning of the End

13 The Question You Cannot Answer


14 Finding the Gifts of Brokenness

15 Treasures in the Darkness

The First Treasure: The Gift of Trust

16 Mind the Gap

The Second Treasure: The Gift of Filling the Gap

17 Those Who Sit with Us

The Third Treasure: The Gift Of Understanding

18 The Intersection of Joy and Pain

The Fourth Treasure: The Gift of Joy

19 Letting Go

The Fifth Treasure: The Gift of Hope

20 Small Victories

The Sixth Treasure: The Gift of Vulnerability

21 Kicked Out of the Club

The Seventh Treasure: The Gift of Identity

22 Love Heals

The Eighth Treasure: The Gift of Love

23 The Mountains Bear the Scars

The Ninth Treasure: The Gift of Healing

24 Starting Over

The Tenth Treasure: The Gift of Purpose

25 Nobody Can Do This for You

The Eleventh Treasure: The Gift of Faith


26 Choosing Brave

The Twelfth Treasure: The Gift of Peace

27 The Center of Loss and Joy

The Thirteen Treasure: The Gift of Perseverance

28 Made for Hope

The Fourteenth Treasure: The Gift of Redemption


The Fifteenth Treasure: The Gift of Rebirth


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