Made for Hope: Discovering Unexpected Gifts in Brokenness

Made for Hope: Discovering Unexpected Gifts in Brokenness

by Sara R. Ward


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How do you survive when life falls apart?

Life can change in an instant. Sara Ward understands this deeply.

In less than forty-eight hours, her world is turned upside down by two devastating tragedies. The heartbreaking loss of her child forces her to wrestle with difficult questions:

How will I survive this? Can anything good come out of brokenness?

As she searches for answers, she discovers a new purpose and a life-changing realization. From the worst pain, beautiful gifts can emerge.

Made for Hope shows us what God has to offer in the midst of our brokenness as we grasp to make it through a difficult season.

A heartfelt and vulnerable story, it provides hope for those who have gone through grief and loss.

Made for Hope offers us:

  • fifteen unexpected gifts we can find in brokenness, no matter the circumstances
  • inspiration to rediscover hope, joy, peace, and redemption in our pain
  • validation for all those who have grieved the death of a loved one or a dream unrealized
  • hope that God can take our worst tragedies and give us surprising gifts

Made for Hope: Discovering Unexpected Gifts in Brokenness reminds us of timeless truths and enduring hope.

Made for Hope is your go-to guide for grieving friends or yourself.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781733411004
Publisher: Poets & Saints LLC
Publication date: 10/29/2019
Pages: 286
Sales rank: 199,054
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.64(d)

Table of Contents




1 No Going Back

2 When Your Life is Split in Two

3 Laying Down Your Dreams

4 The Journey to You

5 When Life Takes a Detour

6 One Breath at a Time

7 Stay Strong, Mama

8 Wanting What You Cannot Have

9 You Are Not Alone

10 Not What I Signed Up for

11 He Is Not Silent

12 The Beginning of the End

13 The Question You Cannot Answer


14 Finding the Gifts of Brokenness

15 Treasures in the Darkness

The First Treasure: The Gift of Trust

16 Mind the Gap

The Second Treasure: The Gift of Filling the Gap

17 Those Who Sit with Us

The Third Treasure: The Gift Of Understanding

18 The Intersection of Joy and Pain

The Fourth Treasure: The Gift of Joy

19 Letting Go

The Fifth Treasure: The Gift of Hope

20 Small Victories

The Sixth Treasure: The Gift of Vulnerability

21 Kicked Out of the Club

The Seventh Treasure: The Gift of Identity

22 Love Heals

The Eighth Treasure: The Gift of Love

23 The Mountains Bear the Scars

The Ninth Treasure: The Gift of Healing

24 Starting Over

The Tenth Treasure: The Gift of Purpose

25 Nobody Can Do This for You

The Eleventh Treasure: The Gift of Faith


26 Choosing Brave

The Twelfth Treasure: The Gift of Peace

27 The Center of Loss and Joy

The Thirteen Treasure: The Gift of Perseverance

28 Made for Hope

The Fourteenth Treasure: The Gift of Redemption


The Fifteenth Treasure: The Gift of Rebirth


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Made for Hope: Discovering Unexpected Gifts in Brokenness 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 9 reviews.
Anonymous 6 days ago
Made for Hope is a story of longing, anguish, and surrender. It is gut-wrenchingly honest and vulnerable, allowing its reader a moment in the stillness and silence Sara and her husband Sam experienced through the devastating loss of their dreams and their precious son, Silas. The story doesn’t end in loss or heartache though. Sara walks us through her pain and healing until we find ourselves on the other side with her, understanding a fullness of peace and joy that cannot be explained. This story will impact your faith and give you a reason to cling to God’s promises of hope no matter the circumstances. It is a beautiful reminder of the truth that we belong to God, and His gifts are good.
LoriClounie 7 days ago
THIS BOOK IS POWERFUL! A "MUST" have if you are feeling life's load seems more than you can carry. Whether your own heart has been broken or you are walking alongside someone as they face their greatest fears, this book will encourage you to know that you, too, are "MADE FOR HOPE!" Note: I think this will be an incredible resource to give to those walking through painful situations. We all need hope and to know that we are not alone on the journey.
Anonymous 9 days ago
The subtitle of this book is what drew me in - "Discovering Unexpected Gifts in Brokenness" - and although I have not personally lost a child, a dear friend of mine has. At the time I was not even married yet, and felt very uncomfortable, not knowing what to say. Even though she has not been able to speak in depth to me about her experience, I think that reading Sara Ward's book gave me a unique insight into how she might have felt, and therefore how to respond in a more compassionate appropriate way. And the reality is that we all will lose someone close to us, even if it's not a child (although statistics show that 1 in 4 women will have at least one miscarriage). Even the brokenness we go through can be a gift, if we let it. As someone who is in a season of brokenness, of a different kind, I appreciated Sara's vulnerability and perspective, that God can take our worst tragedies or biggest disappointments and give us surprising gifts - such as the gift of trust, peace, understanding and more. The book is divided into three sections, each very different (before, after and beginning again), and Sara writes not only about the sickness and loss of her son, but also the very first time an unexpected death touched her life, walking through cancer with her husband, and the roller-coaster afterwards of deciding whether to expand their family again through adoption. Without giving too much away, this book would be perfect for you (or a friend!) if you've experienced loss of a child, a loved one has battled cancer, or have gone through a failed adoption. You will relate so much to Sara's story. But it doesn't end there in the sadness and struggle - you will finish this book filled with hope, of a time where there are no more goodbyes, that God is a good Father who gives His children good gifts, even in the midst of struggles. YOU WERE MADE FOR HOPE!
Sara Cooper 10 days ago
Sara Ward has written a book full of hope. Oftentimes, we have a plan for our lives. When things do not go the way we would like, we feel we have been wronged. Sara tells a story of the different losses in her life. I have not experienced losses like Sara has, but this book helped me to understand the loss my friends have felt. She talks so openly and with such compassion. When you have experienced loss, it is very hard to find the treasures amongst the pain. The treasures are gifts that can be found in many parts of our lives. Even if you have not experienced loss, you will connect with this book. I fully recommend this book to anyone who has suffered a loss of a person in their live or a loss of an identity.
MargaretPorterGriffin 12 days ago
"Why am I here?" grief sufferers have asked themselves more than once. A viable answer could use the title of Sara R. Ward's book, "Because You Were Made for Hope." Her narrative is both compelling and raw. Sara wanted to form a life plan which would please God, describing how she grew up in Indiana's Amish country amid church potlucks, bike rides on country roads, and Easter gloves. Her first large experience with grief was the sudden death of her father, member of an ambulance crew, when she was 16. As if foreshadowing events which would come, she divided her life into two parts, before and after his passing. In college, while performing in a theater group, she met her future husband, Sam; their love story "grew like a garden planted in deep soil." Then detours to the life plan, one by one, came. Infertility, Sam's cancer and recovery, obstacles to adoption, the suffering and death of their second child, skyrocketing health costs, birth mothers who changed their minds at the last minute...desperation almost unbearable to read about, let alone live through. Recounting their journey, the author keeps telling us what God says, Faith is the substance of things hoped for but not seen. He is our refuge and strength. He will give us hidden treasures so we know who He is (she provides a substantial list). We should rejoice in Him always. And yes, the story of Job figures into theirs, too. We need to look at our scars to see beautiful things rather than feel shame for them. Jesus wasn't afraid of His scars. A hopeful pastel cover, pleasing page design, and finely-tuned writing style uplift the theme. We identify with being "like a bird circling above the situation in an endless loop." We listen in on Haitian children responding to Sam and Sara on a missions trip like a page out of "The Bremen Town Musicians." We wonder why our plans can't turn out like orchestrating scenes with Barbies. Why this? Why now? Why me? Sara Ward gently helps us discover our own roads to recovery from grief, no matter what the circumstances, as we watch with her the balloons which represent hope in what is to come, on their way up.
Anonymous 1 days ago
What a poignant, emotional, and yet uplifting recounting of Sara Ward's journey through debilitating loss. As unimaginable as losing her child to a horrible disease is, Sara's beautiful writing shows us, the hope and even gifts that God gives show us the beauty, almost like the Phoenix, in rising out of the darkness. This book truly is to be cherished and is a MUST READ for those experiencing tremondous grief, or those wishing to come alongside those who have lost someone.
Anonymous 2 days ago
No one goes through life without hardships, loss, or heartache. Sara Ward in her book, Made for Hope, shares her personal journey of suffering and loss. It is an incredible witness of how God in His tender, loving, care; can carry us through faith-destroying experiences and lead us to the wonder of His complete love and grace. For me, it is also a book that shares how we can pray, help and walk along side those who are currently struggling with loss or heartache. Sara’s journey helps the reader realize that God is in control and carries through all circumstances.
JohnPaff 7 days ago
As the father of a special-needs child, I deeply appreciate how Sara Ward addresses not only death, but also the lingering loss of "what might have been." Her book is a very helpful resource for those who experience unexpected changes to the life they had planned. Intimately written, Ward pulls no punches as she recounts her very personal journey through the loss of a parent, her husband's battle with cancer, and the terminal illness of a child. MADE FOR HOPE offers solace for those in the midst of grief, along with helpful insights for the friends and loved ones of those who grieve.
Anonymous 9 days ago
Sara's story is hard. At times you wonder how anyone can get through that much 'hard'. The answer is beautiful, honest, rock-solid and available to everyone. Sara points to hope that will not disappoint. Anyone who has ever experienced grief, loss or disappointment should read this book.