Made for Two Heroes

Made for Two Heroes

by Madison Hayes
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Made for Two Heroes by Madison Hayes

Lieutenant Lacey Meadows wants Jason Orlov in the worst possible way. But after losing her last lover in an enemy attack, she's never going to put all her eggs in one basket again. She wants two lovers or nothing at all.

Lieutenant Jason Orlov has been in love with Lacey since he first saw her face in a drawing. But he's not going to share her with another man. As a former Ibeeza Boy, he can barely tolerate a man's touch, even when it's casual. And because of his past, he refuses to be anybody's sex toy ever again.

As their commanding officer, with complete authority over the two lieutenants, Junkie forces them together while planning to satisfy his own hunger for Lacey as the third member of the ménage à trois. He's only in it for the sex, for as long as it lasts. Of course, he wasn't counting on wanting it to last forever.

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ISBN-13: 9781419963315
Publisher: Ellora's Cave Publishing
Publication date: 01/19/2012
Pages: 176
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.41(d)

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Made for Two Heroes 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Pika_ More than 1 year ago
There's so much heart in this little book. The books published by Ellora's Cave certainly aren't for everyone. My best friend for example loves romances but finds this type of writing far too crude and raunchy. Some of us like our sex rough and/or kinky though. As far as the believability of the story line... well I don't care what galaxy or time line your in, a situation like this is not even remotely likely. That doesn't mean it doesn't make fabulous reading though! Our space opera opens on a just won peace with danger still glowing on the horizon. Enter the heroine, heart still raw and greaving from the loss of her lover, a brutal casualty of war. In a desperate attempt to protect herself from future heartbreak our psychologically wounded heroine creates the flawed plan that she will only take two lovers, that way if she loses one again she'll still have a spare to consol her. And she's already chosen one of the two. Little does she know that the man she's chosen is even more wounded than she is. The physical scars Jason carries aren't nearly as deep as the psycological ones that have never healed. Next to no one knows the secret of his dark and abused past. Enter the second man. Playboy Junkie thinks it's going to be business as usual, find a way to lay the beautiful girl by any means necessary. But the more time he spends with her the less it's looking like business as usual. Not to mention how his respect and affection for Jason grows as he learns the truth of what the man was put through and how he continues to struggle daily. Junkie may want to nurture and protect the two people in his life who suddenly mean so much to him, but knowing what he knows now can he bring himself to ask Jason to face his greatest fear? And as battle rekindles and one of our heroes greatest enemies returns will any of them live long enough to live happily ever after? Espechially the two male characters show so much heart in this story. I loved it and I think that you might too.