MADE III; Death before Dishonor; Beware Thine Enemies Deceit. (Book 3 of MADE Crime Thriller Trilogy)

MADE III; Death before Dishonor; Beware Thine Enemies Deceit. (Book 3 of MADE Crime Thriller Trilogy)


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MADE III; Death before Dishonor; Beware Thine Enemies Deceit. (Book 3 of MADE Crime Thriller Trilogy) by ANTWAN 'ANT ' BANK$

Three years ago, I lost my wife and family to this messed up economy. After that nothing was there to hold me back, with no more support from Uncle Sam; I decided to pave my own way. Never one to break the law, I traveled down the straight and narrow but to no avail, thanks to this Bitch ass Cop; name Espinoza. So again I found myself in a corner. But as I gathered my thoughts and tried to come up with a plan; it was by fate that I met who would later become the love of my life.
Sabrina in her own fortuitous way introduced me to the life I have today. Still no wife nor kids in the picture, even though they constantly held a place next to my soon to be cold heart. I witnessed my life change in a split second. Now that I think back on it; mine did that very day I dropped Pharoah’s punk ass in that back parking lot. I should have known things would never be the same after that day. I still get a thrill when I think about the look he had in his eyes when I took his life away and the smile that remained on Sabrina’s all that day.
As I sit here smoking on this Cohiba, in this Mansion, with all this power, all this money and all the blood on my hands from those fools that stood in my way. My heart still beats fast at the sight of the cars, money, houses, women and the sound of hot bullets piercing warm flesh. See I live for this shit because there’s nothing else out there for me; but this. Don’t blame my mother, don’t blame my pops. Blame Uncle Sam for placing that M16 in my hands and brain washing me to kill without feeling a damn thing. Blame this messed up economy; that has so many people struggling. Yeah I made a choice and I am happy with it. Because of that; me and my crew will protect what’s ours until the day we die. See we don’t plan on going to no prison, jail or nothing like that. Yes we plan to go out with a fight, last man standing! Death before Dishonor; that’s how we roll! Gangsters make the world go round and Sin City is its axes. It’s time for me to stop talking now; you have a story to read; see you on the inside. MADE III; Death before Dishonor; Beware Thine Enemies Deceit. The Final Chapter…..
- Andy ‘AC’ Cooper; Don of Sin City. -777

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BN ID: 2940148654896
Publisher: VIP INK Publishing Group Incorporated / PRINTHOUSE
Publication date: 08/04/2013
Series: MADE, Crime Thriller Trilogy , #3
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 412
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About the Author

Mr. BANK$, writes in the genre's of Fiction; Crime Thrillers, Drama, Erotica and Special Interest.

He's a native of S.C where he attended College at Mid Lands Tech.; after college he joined the Army and did a four year tour. During his last year in the Army; Antwan got married then moved to Las Vegas (Sin City). It is from that point that his life took a turn in the opposite direction. Unemployed; he and his wife separated and after some searching; he took a job as a bartender and Dj at a Vegas strip club 4 days a week and worked part time at the USPS during the day. After a few months at the club he found himself addicted to the money, women and everything that came with that life. It was then that Mr. BANK$, fell in love with the adult industry and decided to leave the temp job at the USPS. After awhile in Vegas; he decided to move back down south to open his own Gentlemen's club in S.C. He ran his club successfully for 12 years, although causing much turmoil and headache for law enforcement in the Bible belt area; financially; it was a success and legal to boot. So needless to say; he and the cops would have several run ins through-out his 12 year stay. Threats were made, laws were broken, deals were done and life went on as normal as could be with his attorney by his side; as he counted every hard earned dollar. During that time; Antwan also expanded his business and started an Urban Mens Magazine with offices in Charlotte; N.C and Atlanta; where he worked with several video vixens, Urban models, Hip Hop and R&B Artist and Reality TV Stars. After a while he grew tired of fighting with the cops, the threats, dealing with the competition, etc. So in September of 2010 with earnings lower than prior years; he decided to close the club then moved to Atlanta to take on his first love of being a writer. ANTWAN states that; he use to always say; "Boy if these club walls could talk; Oh; the stories they would tell!"
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MADE III; Death before Dishonor; Beware Thine Enemies Deceit. (Book 3 of MADE Crime Thriller Trilogy) 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Doc3 More than 1 year ago
Gripping, Blood-Tingling.... Wow!  My best Trilogy by far! Great Author!