Made to Serve (A BDSM Collection)

Made to Serve (A BDSM Collection)

by Sara Tyr

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Made to Serve (A BDSM Collection) by Sara Tyr, Ashley K. Bennet

Made to Serve is a three-novella anthology about girls who need to be put in their place. Ultimately, each girl is irresponsible in one way or another and needs to be taught a lesson. Fortunately for them, they’re about to meet the men best suited to this task.

Starting with Office Slave, Nora is drowning in debt, but she has a meeting with one of her bank’s managers. Knowing she’s cute, smart, and very good at being flirty, she shows up ready to charm her way out of this.

The manager is unimpressed. But luckily for Nora, her bank has a special repayment plan, one where she can work off her debt. She is soon taken new room isn’t equipped with computers, files, or a vault. Instead, it has a cage for women like Nora who can’t pay their bills.

Stripped, gagged and put on display, Nora is humiliated before a parade of men. They approach her cage and discuss the possibilities. Then the auction begins.

Nora is about to be sold off into sexual slavery. She is going to be used, teased, and tamed. While she harbors some small hope for escape, she can’t deny the truth. These men are smart and powerful. If they want to keep her, she may not have a choice.

The anthology’s second story, Denial: The Key to Her Enslavement, focuses on Chloe and how a little bit of orgasm denial makes her willing to do anything.
Chloe has always been a brat, but she gets away with it. Just because she can, she convinces Cindy that her boyfriend is cheating on her. That should have been the end of it except Warren wants to know exactly what happens. Besides, someone is going to need to be punished.

Chloe wakes up in the middle of the night, her arms and legs cuffed to her bed. At first, she thinks it’s a prank, at least until Warren comes out and tells her that he knows Chloe said something to his girlfriend. Rather than interrogate her with pain, he strokes and plays with her until she is wet, hot, and completely desperate. Under these circumstances, she has no choice but to confess.

That’s when her punishment really begins.

Warren makes her wear a special piece of hardware: a locking chastity belt equipped with a vibrator. It’s connected to his phone, so he can make her come at any time. And because Chloe cost Warren his girlfriend, he decides that she will become his plaything. Warren can enjoy his new sex toy whenever he wants, however he wants.

Last, we have Demoted: Her Ultimate Humiliation. At her most basic level, Jessica is Caleb’s slave, and she will do whatever he wishes. When she asks him how it feels to be dominant and wield complete power over another person. Amused at her curiosity, he offers her a special treat. Because she has been such a good girl, he wants her to find and recruit her own submissive, a girl that Jessica can train and demean.

After an exhaustive search through pretty much everyone Jessica knows, she finds Raquel. Raquel is smart, beautiful, and arrogant. More importantly, she is very attracted to Caleb. Jessica could spank, tease, and humiliate this girl all while her owner watched. Caleb would be very pleased.

Jessica is eager to start Raquel’s training. But when Jessica introduces her prospective slave to Caleb, he makes a slight change to their plans.

Jessica isn’t going to get her own slave. In fact, she is going to become Raquel’s toy. From spankings to forced orgasms and naked housework, Jessica is forced to serve the girl she had chosen to become her slave. By the end, she has one last chance to turn the tables and get her own slave. If she fails, Caleb will make this arrangement permanent.

Publisher's Note: This anthology contains sexual content and situations that some readers may find objectionable. BDSM themes include: spanking, hot wax, extensive orgasm denial, chastity belts, various sex toys, humiliation, and intense spanking. This title is intended for readers over the age of 18 only.

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Made to Serve (A BDSM Collection) 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Lots of strong images, language, dialogue, and the authors do a good job of getting you inside the heads of these girls. They're enslaved, and they feel every second of it.
AliciaWynner55 More than 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this book. Strong recommendation for the collection of S&M stories.