Magdalene A.D.

Magdalene A.D.

by Christine Irving



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ISBN-13: 9781480062573
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/17/2012
Pages: 368
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.82(d)

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Christine Irving is a poet, novelist, playwright, artist and priestess, ordained in both the Fellowship of Isis and the Gnostic Church of Saint Mary Magdalene. She lives in Texas with her husband and (sadly) no dogs.
Her work includes two volumes of poetry, "Be A Teller of Tales" and "The Naked Man"; the CD, "Originals";a novel for Middle School readers, "Mystery of the Black Madonna" a manual of rituals, "The Wheel of the Year"; and a travel memoir, "Motorcycle Dreaming: Riding the Beauty Way Back in Time Across America".
Stop by at: to check out her other books and find out more about the author. Visit Musings on the Magdalene at: for further thoughts on how Magdalene's roles as witness, companion and teacher apply to the lives of modern women and men.

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Dawson59 More than 1 year ago
The rest of the story When was the last time you read a good Greek Tragedy? That’s too long. Mrs. Irving has added an excellent addition to the works of Mary Magdalene and her travails after her rabbi has been crucified. The reader is instantly thrust into the unrest and turmoil in ancient Judea. Mary’s teachings and professing have the Roman guards searching her out. She is also being attacked by Peter and his followers. Not knowing which way to turn, yet realizing it’s time to leave home, she embarks on a journey with no definitive point of destination. This is so unlike her. Since her introduction to Jesus, her path seemed so clear and defined. She was a woman who would control her own destiny while preaching the “Good Word” through the land. What she hasn’t realized is how entrenched she’s become with, not the teachings of Jesus, but the dogma surrounding religion. Yes, even the enlightened ones lose their way. Pro’s: The amount of research Christine performed drips through each and every page. From confectionaries, to food, to the aromatic perfumes. Her descriptions of the “Old World” are immaculate. You can almost smell and taste the various markets and salt air of the Mediterranean permeating your senses.  Is this book for women? No doubt. It’s full of the female emotions, but also how they were viewed in the Middle East: subservient. Her eyes are opened as she departs on a mission to seek out…? Nope, not saying it. You will have to join her travels.  With that said, men, listen up. If you are student of this time era, you will find this a rich and enjoyable read.  Cons: Other than a few minor, minor editing issues, there are no issues of concern. Who will enjoy this work? Anyone interested in the “Old World” and the role woman played in the shadows of men. Very enlightening. This is a resounding 4.5 star work.