Magic Lantern Guides: Canon Eos Elan II/IIe

Magic Lantern Guides: Canon Eos Elan II/IIe

Paperback(ENGLISH LA)


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Magic Lantern Guides: Canon Eos Elan II/IIe by Silver Pixel, Gunter Richter, Silver Pixel Staff

Quality users' guides help photographers get the most from their photo equipment. Magic Lantern Guides have sewn bindings and laminated covers for long life. Softbound. 5 x 7-1/2". Approximately 176 pp., fully illustrated in color and black and white.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781883403355
Publisher: Sterling Publishing
Publication date: 06/30/1998
Series: Magic Lantern Guides Series
Edition description: ENGLISH LA
Pages: 176
Product dimensions: 5.01(w) x 7.54(h) x 0.54(d)

Table of Contents

Introducing the EOS Elan II/IIE9
Important Features10
Overview of the EOS Elan II/IIE's Controls12
Camera Controls14
The Viewfinder: The Information Control Center24
Getting Ready to Take Pictures26
Loading and Checking the Battery26
Battery Power Guidelines27
Attaching and Removing a Lens27
Attaching the Strap28
Correct Handling (Is Half the Battle)29
Film Loading30
Removing the Film32
Rewinding Partially Exposed Film32
Setting the Film Speed33
ISO Film Speed Ratings34
Choosing Film35
Recent Advances in Film36
The Weak Link37
Full Auto and PIC Exposure Modes40
Full Auto (Green Box)40
Portrait PIC41
Landscape PIC42
Close-Up PIC45
Sports PIC45
Multi-Point Autofocus System47
Selecting the Autofocus Point(s)57
Eye Controlled Focus60
Eye Controlled Depth-of-Field Preview62
Autofocus Modes63
One-Shot AF63
Al Servo AF63
Al Focus AF65
When Autofocus Gives Up66
TTL Exposure Metering67
Six-Zone Evaluative Metering68
AIM Carefully70
Partial Metering70
Center-Weighted Average Metering72
Next Stop--The Creative Zone75
Program AE (P)75
Program Shift77
Shutter-Priority AE (Tv)79
Aperture-Priority AE (Av)81
Manual Exposure (M)82
Time Exposure (buLb)83
Photographing Fireworks84
Depth of Field86
Factors Affecting Depth of Field86
Varying Depth of Field88
Depth-of-Field AE (DEP)89
Autoexposure Bracketing (AEB)91
Multiple Exposures (ME)93
Single-Frame and Continuous Film Advance97
Advanced Camera Functions99
Autoexposure Lock99
Exposure Compensation100
Using the Self-Timer101
Turning Off the Audible Signal102
Custom Functions103
Function C01Film Rewind Mode103
Function C02Film Leader Position103
Function C03Film Speed Setting104
Function C04AE Lock, AF Lock, Depth-of-Field Preview104
Function C05Self-Timer/Mirror Lock-Up105
Function C06Flash Sync Timing105
Function C07AF Assist Beam105
Function C08Partial Metering and FE Lock Linked to the Active AF Point106
Function C09Flash Sync Setting for Aperture-Priority AE106
Function C10AF Point Illumination107
Function C11Eye Controlled Depth-of-Field Preview (Elan IIE/EOS 50E only)107
Canon Lenses and Filters108
EF Interchangeable Lenses108
Using Perspective Creatively110
Color Correction114
Aspherical Elements115
Internal Focusing116
Ultra Wide-Angle Lenses117
Wide-Angle Lenses120
Wide-Angle Zooms129
Normal Lenses132
Medium Telephoto Lenses133
Telephoto Zooms135
Super Telephoto Lenses141
Macro Lenses144
Tilt-Shift Lenses145
Do You Need Filters?146
Ultraviolet Filters146
Skylight Filters147
Neutral Density Filters147
Polarizing Filters148
Flash Photography150
The Built-in Flash152
Guide Number and Range152
Sync Speeds153
Red-Eye Reduction154
Flash Exposure Compensation155
Second-Curtain Flash Sync156
Accessory Flash Units156
E-TTL Flash with the 380EX158
Other 380EX Features160
High-Speed Sync (FP)161
FE Lock161
Bounce Flash162
Speedlite 480EG165
Speedlite 540EZ165
Speedlite 200E166
Macro Ring Lite ML-3167
Multiple-Unit Flash168
Flash Tips169
EOS Elan IIE QD171
Canon Accessories173
Battery Pack BP-50173
High-Capacity External Battery Pack BP-5B173
Remote Controller RC-1174
Remote Switch RS-60E3175
Dioptric Adjustment Lenses Ed175
Close-Up Lenses175
Camera Case176

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