Magic, Mystery, Adventure

Magic, Mystery, Adventure

by Grandma Dorothy


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Magic, Mystery, Adventure by Grandma Dorothy

This book was written for:

Children who love to read.

Parents looking for a bedtime story.

Teachers who enjoy reading to their pupils.

All story tellers who enliven the action with voice inflection, and gestures.

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ISBN-13: 9781449035792
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 11/14/2009
Pages: 196
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.45(d)

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Magic, Mystery, Adventure

Wild Animals Talk To Us
By Grandma Dorothy


Copyright © 2009 Grandma Dorothy
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4490-3579-2

Chapter One

Mary and the U. F. O.

Mary lived with her mother in a mountain cabin. During the school year the bus picked Mary up. She loved school. There she had many good friends and playmates. During summer vacation there weren't many children who came with their parents to visit Mary and her mother.

Mary had no trouble finding things to do. She helped her mother keep the cabin neat and clean. She loved to read books. She went for long walks on the mountain trails, where she picked wild flowers to make a bouquet. She would bird watch. She loved to just admire the beautiful scenery.

Her favorite thing for entertainment was to go fishing in a river nearby. She caught many delicious trout which made wonderful dinners. One day when Mary was fishing, she thought she heard a murmur of voices coming from the trees on the other side of the river. She even heard a whoosh sound. She waded through the river and looked all around. She didn't hear or see anything. When she told her mother about it, they both decided that it had been her imagination.

The next day when Mary was fishing, she heard the same murmur. It definitely sounded like a group of people talking to each other. This time she would be quiet as she waded through the river. She hid behind some trees.Her eyes must be deceiving her! She saw about five or six strange looking little men gathered around in a circle. They were talking excitingly to one another. They were surprised when Mary joined them. "Who are you," asked Mary. The leader spoke up. "We are men from another planet. Our planet is so far away from the earth that even your telescopes cannot see it. We investigate other planets, as our space ship can travel as fast as the speed of light. This time we chose earth. We find earth a very interesting place, but it's not nearly as nice as ours. We would like to take you with us if you'd like to see what our planet is like. We promise to bring you back whenever you want. We are coming one more day, so that will give you time to decide whether you would like to go with us."

Mary hurried back to tell her mother about her for sure experience. She knew that she would never leave her mother alone, even for a short time. If she went, how could she know that they would bring her back as they promised? She knew what she would tell them.

The next day she joined the group on their last visit. "Thanks for the invitation. I'm sure it would be exciting to take such a fast ride. I'd love to see a new planet. But I need to stay with my mother. I'm very happy here. It would be great to see you again if you make another trip to earth." Then the men boarded their saucer shaped space ship. Whoosh! They were gone.

The Magic Fish

I'm sure you will be interested in the adventure of Oliver, the ten year old boy who liked to go fishing. Oliver weighed too many pounds. He was what you would call chubby. This was Oliver's own fault. He ate too many sweet things. He watched too much television. The school bus picked him up on the corner, so he didn't have to walk to school. The one thing that Oliver did like to do was to take his fishing pole, and amble down to the river to fish. He had a favorite rock to sit on. He would dangle his line lazily in the water. Once in a while he would catch a fish.

One day when he was sitting on his rock, he felt a sharp pull on his line. He knew he had a fish. He turned his reel as fast as he could. There on his hook was a large fish. This fish looked different from any other that he had ever seen. Oliver said, "Who are you anyway that you look so different." "Just call me Mr. Fish. I'm different because I am a magic fish with power to do good for anyone I choose. This time I have chosen you. I want you to do some things for me. I will see that good things happen to you if you follow my directions.

First, open my mouth. You will find a gold coin on my tongue. With the coin I want you to buy some worms, my favorite food. I am hungry. With the money that's left over, buy yourself a good pair of running shoes, a bicycle, and a basketball. Now hurry and get the worms. Buy the shoes and wear them. Ride your bicycle to school. Have your father hang a basketball hoop. Try to throw the basketball into it for fifteen minutes every day. You will improve as time goes on. Oliver hurried as fast as his slow feet would take him. He bought the worms, the shoes and the bicycle. On the way back, those shoes felt so good that he could walk a little faster than usual. He started riding the bicycle to school. He thought it was so much fun that he rode it extra miles. His father hung the hoop. He promised himself that he would be faithful fifteen minutes every day throwing the basketball.

He gave the worms to Mr. Fish. Once more he opened the fish's mouth. He found another coin. This time Mr. Fish said, "I want you to buy nine baseball bats, and plenty of baseballs. Then find eight boys. Together you can start a baseball team. You will find the games a lot of fun." Oliver didn't have any trouble finding eight boys who wanted to play baseball. They became such good players that parents came to watch their games.

When Oliver returned to the fish there was no gold coin in his mouth this time. Mr. Fish said, "I don't need any more worms. I don't think you need any more of my help either. But keep up the good work. You will become a famous runner when you are a grown young man. You will win medals and ribbons because you can run as fast as a deer. You will be lean and strong. Now I want you to throw me back into the water. I have finished my task with you. Now I will choose another needy person that I can help." Oliver felt sad to say goodbye, but he was glad that the fish would help someone else as much as he had helped him.

Two Hats

There once lived a rich lady whose house was a big stone mansion. She had everything that money could buy. She loved hats, so she owned a big collection of them. She especially liked one particular blue hat with a wide brim all around, trimmed with ribbons and bows. She wore it everywhere that was important to her. She named it Alice.

But like everything else that she owned, she grew tired of Alice. Since her maid always told her how nice she looked when she wore Alice, she decided to give Alice to the maid. But eventually the maid wasn't as fond of Alice as she thought she would be, so she gave it to the cook.

The cook was not a fancy person. She had very few places to wear it. She couldn't think of anyone to give it to. There was nothing else she could do but to carry Alice out to the back alley and put her in the trash can. The trash pick-up man would be coming by soon.

A rich old gentleman lived nearby. He also owned a mansion. His closet was full of expensive clothes. He also liked men's hats, so he had shelves full of them. He had a favorite one that he called Johnny. When he was ready to go out, he would first say "Fetch Johnny for me. I like his wide brim. It always shades my face when the sun gets too hot." He wore Johnny so many times that it wasn't long before Johnny looked shop worn. The gentleman wouldn't think of wearing anything that didn't look brand new, so he gave Johnny to his butler.

The butler was pleased to look so elegant when he wore Johnny to go out with his friends. But he didn't go many places, so he gave Johnny to the gateman.

The gateman didn't want to say "No thanks. I couldn't use it." So he carried Johnny to the back alley and threw him in with the garbage. The trash man would be around soon.

All the while these things were happening, the trash man named Bill was ready to start his weekly pick up route. That was the way he made his living. He owned a cart and two horses to pull it. The horse's names were Dobbin and Lady, The first stop he made was at the rich woman's house. He saw Alice right on top of the trash heap. "Just what I need to shade Lady's face from the sun," he thought. "I'll cut two big holes for her ears to stick through, and it will be perfect."

The next stop was at the rich gentleman's house. There on top of the garbage can sat Johnny. "How lucky can I get? Now I'll have a hat for Dobbin." He cut two holes for his ears to stand straight up. He put Johnny on Dobbin's head. It did shade his face.

Alice and Johnny rode side by side, day after day. They got to know each other very well. They talked about all the good times that they used to have. After a while, they fell in love. They wished that they could stay together forever.

But horses do not live forever. When they were gone, the trash man had two hats that he didn't know what to do with. He just threw both of them down in a nearby gutter.

It was lucky for them that the rich lady happened to be walking down the same sidewalk shortly after. She looked down and saw Alice and Johnny in the gutter, looking very forlorn. She said to herself, "I can't believe my eyes. That blue hat looks like it could be Alice, the hat that used to be my favorite one. I can't let her stay in that awful gutter, so I'll take her home with me. I might as well take that other hat too." She carried them home, put them in her attic, and set them down side by side. She decided that they needed each other's company. This attic was not dark and dusty as most attics are. This one had a window. It was neat and clean.

When new owners bought the house, they didn't look in the attic. Neither did the next owner, or the next. Since people do not last as long as stone mansions or hats, Alice and Johnny sat year after year sitting side by side. They had wished at one time that they could be together forever, and their wish came true!

Almost Heaven

From the time I was a little boy, I loved airplanes. When I was ten years old, I took my first ride in one. It was then that I decided I would be an aviator. As soon as I was out of school, I took flying lessons and joined the Air Force. Then I became an airlines pilot and a member of the Flying Tigers. They fly in close formation and do stunts. By then I was a real dare devil and tried all kinds of aerobatics in a plane. I tried upside down and every which way. One day I decided to take one of the modern planes as fast and high as an airplane could go. I might set a record and become famous.

When I went down the runway the weather was perfect. I was sure I could do this. Up, up I went, faster and faster. I had almost reached my goal, when I ran into a thick, big cloud bank. I couldn't see a thing. My plane sputtered and died. I should have been in free fall back to earth, but instead, the plane landed on a flat cloud. The cloud was solid as far as I could see.

Before I could get out, a man all clothed in a white loose garment came up to me and said, "Come, follow me." "Where am I? Am I in heaven?" I asked. "No, you've entered into a cloud city way above your earth. Here everyone is contented and there is no crime. You're the first outsider that we've ever seen here. Even the astronauts pass us by. They don't know we're here. I'm going to be your guide and show you around. You're just in time for breakfast, so I'll take you to the dining room."

I followed him. We passed by house after house. Every one of them was white, even the roofs. The streets were white pavement. When we entered the dining room, I was startled to see many white robed figures sitting at tables with white tablecloths on them. Pretty soon a waiter came carrying a bowl that was to be my breakfast. It was cream of wheat, which I have never liked. I was never fond of milk either. "Hey, where are my toast, bacon and eggs that I'm used to?" "Sorry sir. This is what we eat every morning for breakfast. It is our favorite food." I was hungry, so I forced it down.

"Now we will spend the morning in the library, reading and learning from books. Be sure to keep silence." I saw more white robed people and shelves full of white books. I took one down. It was titled "Ghost Stories." The next one was "All about snow." I found no book much different. I ran to find my guide. "How long am I going to have to be in this monotonous place?" "I'm afraid sir. You are here for the rest of your life. You will get used to it. Now come with me. I heard the dinner bell ring." I hoped that there might be roast, mashed potatoes, gravy and apple pie.

Pretty soon the waiter came in with a plate for me. Yes, there were the mashed potatoes but with it were some white radishes as a salad. The side dishes were a slice of bread and rice. Of course the dessert was vanilla ice cream. "Now we're ready to go to bed," said my guide.

He showed me to my room. It had white walls, dresser and rug. I flopped onto the bed thoroughly disgusted with my fate. I was sure that the next day and the day after would be more of the same. I fell into a deep sleep. Suddenly I felt a hard painful thud. It woke me immediately. I was sitting on the floor of my own familiar room, with a book in my hand. I had been reading "Ghost Stories" before I fell asleep. Mother called me down to breakfast. She had prepared delicious toast, bacon, eggs, and piping hot coffee. I knew that it had been only a nightmare. It hadn't happened at all. Oh how thankful I was!

When I walked to work that morning, I noticed the blue sky and the green grass. I stopped to smell and admire the beautiful colored flowers. I hadn't paid much attention before. For the rest of my life I noticed everything colorful. I appreciated every one. I even like white, but it is not my favorite color.

The Ghost that Wasn't A Ghost

My parents wanted to buy a house for our family, but they had to find one that they could afford. They saw a three story house near the road that looked empty, and much in need of attention. But that was no problem. Father was a carpenter, and mother was good at making old things look new again. First, they asked the neighbors nearby whether they knew anything important about the old house. Here were some of the comments: "I wouldn't live in that house, if they gave it to me. It's haunted." "If you move in, you'll hear strange noises in the night. That's what made other owners leave." "There's a ghost that lives there. He doesn't want any strange family around."

No one in our family believed in ghosts, or houses that were haunted. We moved in. Father went to work right away fixing everything that needed attention. Mother made new curtains and other improvements. Everything was quiet for about a week.

Mother and father's bedroom was on the first floor. My brother and I had rooms on the second floor. There was a rickety ladder leading to the top floor. It looked so dangerous that we were forbidden to even set one foot on it. Anyway, there was nothing important on the third floor.

One night, just before I fell asleep, I heard "pity pat, pity pat" going back and forth above my room. Then it quit, so I thought it was just my imagination. I pulled the covers over my head, and went to sleep.

Some days later, I heard "swish swish flap flap." I knew that this time it was for real. I hurried into my brother's room. "Do you hear that noise? "Yes, I hear it," said my brother. We were quiet for a while. Sure enough, there was no mistake that it came from the room above. We weren't too afraid, but nevertheless we kept our eyes on the door knobs to make sure that no one turned them. Then we both went to sleep.

Different noises happened soon after. This time they weren't soft noises. We both heard "bang bang thud thud." Now it was time to tell our parents. They told us again that it was just our imagination. Later that night, when we heard "boo, boo," we knew it was the ghost that everyone warned us about. We just had to go up to the third floor to check it out. We climbed the rickety ladder. We softly opened the door. There were cobwebs everywhere. Right near our feet scurried Mr. and Mrs. Rat with their five babies following them. They all sounded "pity pat, pity pat" as they scurried around the room looking for food. My brother and I sighed with relief, as that explained the first noise we had heard.

Looking up to the ceiling, we saw the home of many bats. Several of them flew out the open window. Their wings sounded "swish swish flap flap." That was the second noise!


Excerpted from Magic, Mystery, Adventure by Grandma Dorothy Copyright © 2009 by Grandma Dorothy. Excerpted by permission.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Mary and the U. F. O....................3
The Magic Fish....................7
Two Hats....................11
Almost Heaven....................15
The Ghost that Wasn't A Ghost....................19
The Treasure Chest....................23
A Mysterious House....................27
Turtle Run Farm....................31
Taming A Wild Horse....................35
Bobby Found A Playmate....................39
Mr Owl's Trip To The City....................45
Three Wishes....................49
My Secret....................53
Gold And Silver At The Bottom Of The Ocean....................57
Sharp Ears....................61
Tommy And The Rattlesnake....................65
The Wood Carver....................69
Adventure Into Outer Space....................73
A Bridge To "Over There"....................77
Ice Palace....................83
Interesting Rocks....................87
The Magic Pumpkin Patch....................91
The First Airplane....................95
Things That Float On Water....................99
Bald Eagle....................109
Bengal Tiger....................113
Polar Bear....................133
Panda Bear....................137
Killer Whale....................145
Great White Shark....................157
Grizzly Bear....................161
Black Tailed Jack Rabbit....................167
Sand Cat....................169
Snow Owl....................177
Sugar Glider....................181
Mountain Lion....................183
Northern Lynx And Armadillo....................185

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