Magic of Friendship

Magic of Friendship

by Anyssa Reddix



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Magic of Friendship by Anyssa Reddix

Jass SanTonies knew 7th grade was going to be completely different. She had been prepping and planning all summer for 7th grade to be the greatest year ever. She wanted things to be different. Since her celebrity parents, Jasmine and Alec SanTonies, made SanTonies a household name, things were extremely difficult for Jass. She was forever living in the shadow of her parents. People expected things from her. At one end, they would try to use her to get to her status, while others assumed she was just a spoiled, airhead heiress. But Jass wasn%u2019t your stereotypical celeb daughter. Jass was ambitious and willing to work for what she wanted. And in 7th grade, she wanted people to know her for her, and not her last name. She wanted friends who cared about more then her money or her fame, but who really cared about her. With that exact attitude and a trendsetting wardrobe, Jass entered middle school at the prestigious Miami Prep. She pairs up with her longtime best friend, sweet and reliable Bridget. On the first day, they immediately meet three amazing girls. There was adventurous and sporty Tangy, fun and friendly Jordan, and sensible and stubborn Hillary. Together, they created and became The Council, and they promise to be there for each other for everything, no matter what. Jass soon learns that it will be challenging to become her own person at Miami Prep. First, there is Madison de Raleigh, the girl who creates her own clique set on destroying Jass, The Council and their reputations. She%u2019s willing to do anything to trip Jass up. Then, there are the boy problems. Between older and sneaky Stephan and player Leo, Jass is drowning in heartbreak. Jass has to put up with girls copying her more than a Xerox machine. She has a terrible teacher who instantly hates her just because of who her parents are. Some of Jass%u2019 old friends are changing and Jass has to deal. And of course she has the problem with her mom always being out of town and never getting to talk or spend time with her. Having friends doesn%u2019t make all those problems go away, but they help. Jass finds others ways to distract herself from all that. She gets involved with the schools Student Planning Committee. She helps her favorite teacher, Mrs. Schultz, plan the Student Expo which is Miami Prep%u2019s annual talent show. Jass thinks it is all going to be okay in the end. And with her attitude, it probably will. The Magic of Friendship isn%u2019t the story of a reckless heiress. This is the story of a girl who knows what she wants, and that%u2019s to be her own person. This is the story of proving to people you are more than they think you are. This is the story of how sweet success can taste, but how too much of anything is sour. This isn%u2019t the story of the high life and how wonderful it is to be rich and famous. This is the story of how TRUE friendship is better than the best Versace bag.

That night, as Jass and her friends danced around her room, she had an epiphany. It didn%u2019t matter anymore about her last name. She knew inside who she was and she had friends who loved her for her. Was it that she could overcome stereotypes? Yes, but not alone. September had been more than 30 days crammed together, another month on the calendar. It had been a time of change, a time of learning, a time of forgiving. It had been a time to love. Jass%u2019 mom had been right. It was the magic of family. The magic of friendship.

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ISBN-13: 9781432763213
Publisher: Outskirts Press, Inc.
Publication date: 12/08/2010
Pages: 226
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