The Magic of the Mind: How To Do What You Want With Your Life

The Magic of the Mind: How To Do What You Want With Your Life

by Louise Berlay


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AudioEnlightenment is pleased to bring back a metaphysical classic by one of Neville Goddards top students, Louise Berlay. Out of print for over 30 years you now have the opportunity to
read Louises stories of her time with Neville and her success in life due to the teaching of one of metaphysics greatest teachers. Dr Joseph Murphy said of Neville: “Neville may eventually be recognized as one of the world’s great mystics.”

Louise had the rare oppotunity to learn from Neville first hand...listne to her stories and follow her instruction to replicate her success and join the growing numbers that are beginning to understand that "Imagination Creates Reality"

Observe the conditions of your life and you ill see the precise picture of your mind. Any change in your circumstances must begin with a change in your daily thoughts. With guidance you can become master of your experience and thus of your destiny. The purpose of this book is to share with you that which was passed on to me when it was greatly needed. That was many years ago and my life has been in full flower since. - Louise Berlay

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