Magic Tales: From The Depths

Magic Tales: From The Depths

by John L Arnott


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From The Depths is the second book in the Magic Tales trilogy from upcoming fantasy writer, John L Arnott.
Suspenseful and foreboding right out of the gate, From The Depths is the story of eighth grader, Ryan Tales, a skateboarding phenom, who has just rid himself of the evil book, Papyrus of Adi, and is now trying to get his life back to normal again.
But what Ryan doesn't know is that there are forces beyond his control that are forcing him to reunite with the book. The N.S.A. knows about the book and will take any means necessary to get their hands on it. An ancient organization that has been around since the beginning of time called the S.A.S. has been keeping a worldly eye on Ryan and they also want the book.
What happens though, will change the course of history. The book eventually falls into the hands of an unscrupulous, greedy man, Brock Lohman, who has only one idea in mind.... To take over the world!
Grab a front row seat, butter the popcorn and uncover how Ryan and his friends attempt to destroy the powerful Papyrus of Adi, once and for all.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781504907194
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 04/23/2015
Pages: 228
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.52(d)

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Magic Tales

From The Depths

By John L Arnott


Copyright © 2015 John L Arnott
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5049-0719-4


Caught In The 'Net

It isn't very often that a person can go to sleep and wake up the next day an Internet sensation, but that's exactly what happened to Ryan Tales when he opened his eyes on this cold, October morning.

It was still dark outside and the house was still asleep when the eighth grader leaped out of bed donning his red Angry Bird pajama bottoms and orange tee shirt that read "Sexy Disco Dancer" on the front.

As if he was programmed, Ryan blindly meandered over to his computer and plopped down in his second hand computer chair like he usually did when he got up every morning around this time.

After turning on his bedside lamp, Ryan waited for what seemed forever for Facebook to open up on his outdated computer. The cold morning air now started to seep into Ryan, chilling his body and curling his paled colored toes. He rubbed his bare feet together and blew into his hands trying to warm them up while the rest of him struggled to get warm.

While the program was loading up, Ryan leaned back in his computer chair, his mind not feeling as stressed as it had been the last few weeks. He couldn't believe that he was actually thinking this, but he was actually excited to go to school today to see his friends who had shared a harrowing experience with him just a few short days ago.

When Ryan thought about the whole experience for a moment, his face got serious for a short time before finally fading back into a smile again. That is, until he looked at his computer, which was starting to sputter and flashing broken images on the monitor.

"Come on baby, don't die on me now!" he encouraged his computer, pounding the side of it with a gentle hand. The computer answered back with a nasty squeal, and then, just as it looked as if it was about to die, Facebook came on.

Ryan pointed both index fingers at the heavens, screaming silently, "Yesssss!" in true relief. But that feeling was short-lived, for when he looked down at the monitor, he couldn't believe his eyes.

"What in the?" Ryan fell backwards out of his chair and almost on to the ground when he saw that he had 129 requests to be friends.

In shock, he leaned towards the computer, opening and closing his eyes like he was stretching them out, thinking he was somehow not seeing the screen correctly. But there it was, as clear as day, 129. On his best day, Ryan might have three requests to be friends, maybe even four; but 129?

Normally, Ryan would be really stoked over that many friend requests, but after everything that just happened to him this week, he couldn't help but get a foreboding feeling about it.

Before he checked to see who wanted to be friends, he clicked on his inbox messages and saw that four friends wanted to contact him privately. He clicked on the icon, and spotted his girlfriend, Alicia's name first.

He floated his mouse over her name and opened up her message. It read, "Hi Ryan. I don't know if you know this, but I saw you on YouTube tonight. You should check it out. Somebody must have videotaped you the other day. Here's the link. P.S. You never told me that you could do something like that! So cool!"

"Oh no," Ryan shrieked, speculating the worst.

Ryan slowly sat back in his computer chair, pulling his brown hair over his eyes, contemplating the past week. He didn't know what was going to appear on that screen when he hit that link button, but he knew it wasn't going to be good. The semi-cheeriness he woke up with was rudely interrupted by an uneasiness that quickly took over his whole being. His quivering hand hovered over the link, the mouse arrow sitting on top of it, being indecisive.

Finally, he pushed down on the mouse, opening the link.

"Please be something good. Please be something good." Ryan repeated as the link opened up.

When the link finally loaded up Ryan knew right away what the person had taped.

"Nooooo!" he shouted louder than he meant to at that time in the morning, not taking his eyes off the screen.

A still picture of he and Darius about to fight was just staring at him on the screen, enticing him to watch the video. His eyes purposely dismissed watching it right away, but instead they wandered down to the titles underneath which read,

Superhero in SF! Created by HappyMoFo22 Views- 89,317

Ryan shook his head while looking up towards the ceiling. He could feel the tingle of anxiety start to amble through his core, trying to ruin his morning. He took a deep breath and exhaled slowly as he looked back down at his computer.

His curiosity now running mustang wild, Ryan finally clicked the play button and starts to watch the video. Right away he notices that the video was made outside someone's car window while the person was sitting at a stoplight. It is a little shaky and blurry, but Ryan can definitely make out he and Darius engaged in battle on the streets of San Francisco.

As he continued to watch the video, an uninvited smile sneaked on to his face without his consent or knowledge and then disappeared just as quickly as it arrived, replacing it with a more solemn look. He watched his computer screen as Darius got up with the magic book and starts to run away when the tape suddenly ends.

"That's it?" Ryan asked out loud, actually feeling a bit relieved that the person videotaping didn't get the real incriminating stuff, like right before that when he came flying out of the parking lot like Superman.

Ryan clicked back over to Facebook and saw that big number staring at him again. 129. He stared it down for a moment, finally figuring out that people must have seen enough of the video to know who he was.

"Dang," he relented while shaking his head. "Can't get away with anything anymore."

He clicked back on to Alicia's comment and typed her back, "Thanks for the link. See you soon."

Ryan stared at the 129 under the request heading for about five seconds before clicking on it. Instantaneously, the longest list of requests Ryan had ever seen appeared. Ryan looked at the names on the list but didn't know any of them. He scrolled down several pages until he finally came upon a name he actually recognized.

It was Eddie Brown, a guy that was in his Math class. He and Ryan had never even talked before, yet there his name sat, waiting for Ryan to accept his friend request. Ryan kept scrolling down, his mouse running out of room on its pad more times than Ryan could believe. When he got to the bottom of the list, he started to wonder who all these people were, and where they all got his name. The more he thought about it, the more unnerved he got.

"This is crazy," he thought.

Little did Ryan know, but as he was about to get up from his computer chair, his little brother Robby had sneaked up behind him wearing his Spiderman pajamas.

"Boooooo!" Robby yelled at the precise moment, even pushing him in the back for good measure. Ryan jumped out of his skin as though he had just stuck a fork in an electrical outlet, the searing wave of adrenalin rushing through his body. His brother got him good, maybe too good, and Ryan loved that.

"You're it," yelled out Robby as he ran out the door and down the hallway that was barely lit by the dawn's early light. Ryan instinctively leaped out of his chair and bolted after his mischievous brother, finally seeing him standing at one of the two entrances of the kitchen, baiting him.

"You can't get me, Na Na Na Na Na," Robby teased with both thumbs in his ears, wiggling his body back and forth.

Ryan pretended that it bothered him and promised, "Oh I'm gonna get you, all right." Then he took a few steps towards Robby knowing that he would bolt for the other entrance. Ryan quickly reversed his direction and ran to the other entrance hoping to catch Robby running out of it, but Robby figured it out quickly and ran back to the other side.

Ryan popped through the entrance he thought Robby was going to run out of, but instead Robby was at the other entrance smiling at him when he entered.

"You have a bi-ig bu- utt," Robby teased once again, shaking his derriere at Ryan.

Ryan burst out laughing at his brother's antics, finally turning around and looking behind him. "No, I don't," Ryan smiled. "I have a cute, little butt."

Robby gave it no thought at all before admitting, "Believe me. Your butt is huge. You just can't see it!"

Ryan's mouth dropped open at Robby's audacity, and then starts to chase his seven-year-old brother once again. He decides no tricks are necessary to catch him this time, just older brother speed. They circle round and round the kitchen, Ryan gaining on him each time around.

"Gotcha now," Ryan announced, pouncing gently on his brother and messing up his already messed up hair.

Just then, Mom suddenly appeared over them, interjecting in protest, "What do you guys think you are doing?"

The two stop their roughhousing moment and freeze, slowly looking up at Rita from the bottom of her pink, fluffy slippers, all the way up to her bed-tossed hair.

Being Ryan was the oldest one of the two at age 13, he thought that he would do the explaining. He started to open his mouth, perhaps hoping that it was a rhetorical question. But before anything came out, Rita, in her most serious, deadpan face asks them, "Do you know what time it is?"

The brothers, still frozen together, look at each other with a quizzical look on their faces as a cross-armed Rita tells them, "You guys are so selfish!"

The look on the two boys faces were priceless, Rita thought. You could see the guilt start to stream on to their faces, their consciences hard at work. Just when Rita saw this she broke into a big smile and confessed, "Next time, you guys need to wake me up if you are going to have fun without me!" She then gently threw herself on the ground and started to wrestle with her boys.

It was something that Rita had really never done before, and she didn't really know why she did it, but to her, it felt right. She was right in the thick of it with her two sons, healing with them in the hallway. The boys were a little surprised by their mom's reaction, but nonetheless embraced this moment to the fullest, laughing and playing with her, while wrestling the demons from their memories at the same time.

Randy came wheeling out of the bedroom with a big smile on his face when he saw the spectacle of his family wrestling in the hallway. After what happened to them a few days ago, he would not have thought this possible. Yesterday's day out must have really helped the whole family, he thought.

He sat there for a moment in his wheelchair with a goofy smile stuck on his face when he suddenly uttered, "Hey, anybody around here seen my family?"

They all looked up at Randy, but when they did, their hair was sticking straight up and big smiles were plastered to their faces.

"Hi daddy," welcomed Robby as he lay squished in between Rita and Ryan against the wall. His excitement overtook him as he got up, ran over and jumped into his lap.

"Whoa, big guy," Randy warned as he hauled Robby in. "You are getting a little big to be jumping on daddy's legs. You might break them."

Robby looked confused as he answered back, "I thought you couldn't feel anything in your legs, daddy?"

"Well I can't son," Randy admitted. "But you can still hurt me."

Robby soaked his dad's words in before lurching forward, giving his dad a firm, sweet hug. "I'm sorry, daddy."

Ryan got to his feet and held his hand out to help Rita up.

"Thanks," she offered back, her slippers, down the hallway.

Randy and Robby seemed frozen in time as Ryan looked over at them embracing in the wheelchair. Ryan suddenly thought about how hard it must be for his dad just to do the simple things that he takes for granted every single day.

The funny thing is, Ryan never really thought of his dad in that way. He was just "dad" to him and never really saw him as handicapped. Randy never acted that way. He never acted like he needed help. In fact, Randy was the kind of person who seemed to have no limitations in anything he did. There was a strength in Randy that other people just didn't have, and Ryan respected that.

The more Ryan thought about it, the more proud he got. A smile of appreciation waltzed onto Ryan's face that had never been there before, and he recognized that. He felt burst of light heartedness that he had never felt before, and suddenly realized how much he loved his dad.

"Alright you guys," explained Rita as she bent over to join the hug. "That's enough fun for one morning. Some of us have to make some money around here."

Forty-five minutes passed before Rita and the two boys were ready to leave the house to start their days, while Randy took care of his business at home.

"You finish your breakfast yet, Rob?" yelled out Rita as she pulled her long, brown L.L. Bean winter jacket out of the closet.

"Can I grab a ride, mom?" Ryan said as he walked up eating a bagel.

"Yeah, but we are going to have to leave now," she replied, putting on her jacket. "Robby?" she screamed out.

"I'm right here mommy," he replied, tossing on his jacket.

"Do you have your backpack?"

Robby's eyes bug out as he is standing there holding his lunch in one hand and no backpack in the other. "Oops."

Robby runs back into his bedroom to retrieve his backpack, and as he did, Ryan giggles and shakes his head.

"Hey, I wouldn't be laughing if I was you," cautioned Rita, smiling. "I'm still reminding you at least once a week about something or another."

"Well they do say that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree," Ryan retorted noticing she had forgotten something as well.

As soon as he said that, Rita started to laugh with him, only to realize that he was talking about her. It was then that she realized that she had forgotten her workbag in the kitchen. She turned around to go retrieve her bag and as she did, she could hear the snickering that Ryan does when he just smiles and blows air out of his nose.

"Smart aleck," she laughed back.

Ryan just smiled.

As they entered the garage, Ryan spotted the car first and shouted out, "Shotgun!"

"Oh come on. Let me sit in the front," Robby begged.

"Not today, little one. Maybe tomorrow."

"Shotgun for tomorrow!" Robby screamed back.

"You can't really do that," Ryan said in his calmest voice. "Anyways, I'll probably skateboard to school tomorrow."

"Oh yeah. Shotgun tomorrow," Robby celebrated by putting his hands in the air.

"I just can't believe that I get to take you to school twice in a week," an ecstatic Rita revealed as she pulled down her visor to click the garage door opener.

"Don't get used to it," Ryan smiled, the garage door opening slowly. "I'm just feeling a little bit lazy today."

Rita started to back her silver Cube out, and when she did, the rear view camera started to beep right away, indicating something was behind the car. She hit the brakes immediately and looked down at her view screen. Behind the car were three people who looked to be sitting against the Tales garage door.

In the City, homeless people of all kinds take pride in cultivating the most unique areas to call home. They live in bushes, under freeways, in canals, behind supermarkets, in doorways. They are everywhere. But in particular, they are mainly drawn to the moderate temperatures San Francisco can offer all year round, which seems to accommodate their particular lifestyle of living exclusively outdoors. But in front of the Tales house?

Rita was a bit surprised by their appearance, but the three quickly stood up and walked out of the car's path. Robby got a little bit nervous and grabbed his mom's arm from the back seat.

"It's OK, honey," she reassured him, and started backing the car up once again.


Excerpted from Magic Tales by John L Arnott. Copyright © 2015 John L Arnott. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: Caught In the 'Net, 1,
Chapter 2: Uncontrollable Urges, 14,
Chapter 3: Three's a Company, More's a Crowd, 21,
Chapter 4: Waiting For the Cavalry, 25,
Chapter 5: The Interview, 30,
Chapter 6: The Search, 39,
Chapter 7: Best Take-Out Ever, 48,
Chapter 8: Voice From the Past, 53,
Chapter 9: And Now For The News, 57,
Chapter 10: Colorado It Is, 60,
Chapter 11: The Last Dance, 63,
Chapter 12: Frankie, 78,
Chapter 13: The Move, 83,
Chapter 14: Jacob, 88,
Chapter 15: Surprise Visit, 94,
Chapter 16: Taking Out The Garbage, 100,
Chapter 17: Brock Lohman, 104,
Chapter 18: Change of Scenery, 108,
Chapter 19: The Catch, 115,
Chapter 20: New School, 121,
Chapter 21: Brock After Work, 125,
Chapter 22: The Lodge, 130,
Chapter 23: Rebirth, 136,
Chapter 24: Karla's Secret, 141,
Chapter 25: The New Boss, 148,
Chapter 26: Late Christmas Gift, 151,
Chapter 27: Secret Assassin Society, 155,
Chapter 28: Taking Care of Business, 163,
Chapter 29: Eva's Gone And She's Not Coming Back, 167,
Chapter 30: Closing In, 170,
Chapter 31: Setka, 175,
Chapter 32: Chicken Dinner, 178,
Chapter 33: Unplanned Reunion, 182,
Chapter 34: The Hand of Fate, 193,
Chapter 35: The Search For Brock, 198,
Chapter 36: The Lair of Brock Lohman, 202,
Chapter 37: Afterlife, 213,
Chapter 38: Fate vs Chance, 219,

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