Magic Under Glass

Magic Under Glass

by Jaclyn Dolamore


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ISBN-13: 9781599905877
Publisher: Bloomsbury USA
Publication date: 05/24/2011
Series: Magic Under Glass Series
Pages: 256
Sales rank: 610,501
Product dimensions: 5.55(w) x 8.26(h) x 0.70(d)
Age Range: 12 Years

About the Author

JACLYN DOLAMORE is the author of Magic under Glass and Between the Sea and Sky. She spent her childhood reading as many books as she could lug home from the library and playing elaborate pretend games with her sister. She has a passion for history, thrift stores, vintage dresses, David Bowie, drawing, and organic food. She lives with her partner and two black tabbies.

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Magic under Glass 3.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 64 reviews.
Flamingnet More than 1 year ago
In the magical world of Lorinar, Nimira is an exotic and dark-skinned trouser-girl who sings and dances in music halls for money. She's away from her homeland of Tiansher and is extremely poor, so when wealthy Hollin Parry offers her a job singing with an automaton, she readily accepts. But rumors that the automaton is haunted cause Nimira to closely examine it and she discovers that a fairy is trapped in the mechanical body! As she talks to Erris, the fairy, he tells her how the current Ambassador of Magic killed the previous Ambassador and how fairies are being tortured by a council of sorcerers that Hollin is a part of. As Nimira tries to help Erris, she can't help falling in love with him, and is determined to find a way to save him. Ithought that Magic Under Glass was an okay book. The synopsis makes it sound like it will be an action-packed romantic fantasy, but I think it fell short of its expectations. I liked how the author created a new magical world, but it had parallels to history, like Lorinar resembling England and Tiansher, where Nimira was born, resembling India or Africa. I also liked the similarities to Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, which I am currently reading. However, I didn't think the relationship between Nimira and Erris, the automaton, was believable. She was supposed to be in love with him, but there wasn't much development, character- and relationship-wise, between the two of them. Even though there were things I disliked about Magic Under Glass, I still enjoyed reading it, and I think fans of fantasy will find this book to their liking. Reviewed by a young adult student reviewer Flamingnet Book Reviews Teen books reviewed by teen reviewers
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The book started out pretty good and it just got better and better and i couldn't put it down the last few pages but the ending was really abrupt and i felt i could have lasted longer
scarletmoon7 More than 1 year ago
The book overall was ok. I liked the beginning and loved how the plot was developing, but I felt that the ending didn't meet my expectations.
monsterofbooks More than 1 year ago
Magic Under Glass is a magical delight from debut author Jaclyn Dolamore. I've been excited for this one for a while, and happy to have finally read it. I was not really disappointed with it. It's a quick, easy read that was enjoyable. It was a bit predictable in areas, and I though Nimira's world could have been more laid out (example; a map would be nice). I also thought the love relationship between Erris and Nimira could of been more developed, it felt a bit to rush and unrealistic. Also the dialogue was a bit impractical, making the emotion lack in some areas. But even through all that, it was a amazing, interesting read. The story line was well put together and I was excited for every chapter. I loved all the characters, even the antagonist. I can't really choose a favorite, it's too hard. Maybe Nimira & Erris. I also thought it was pretty strong of how Nimira took the racism in a different country. She showed a lot of her culture in the book, by showing the difference of what is acceptable in one country and what is not in another. Which goes to show that what we take for granted, other cultures might not. I really noticed how much I take for granted in my country, when I went to Japan for two weeks. The ending hinted at a sequel, and I'm hoping there will be one because this book would feel uncompleted without it.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
this book is truly amazing the author hooks you from the first word on the first page. I finished this book in two hours flat. once you pick this book up you will not want to stop reading it. I was a little disapointed at the end though the author left room for a sequel I hope that this book becomes the first in a series. the author tells you about the war that went on between humans and faires 30 years ago but dosen't elaborate or explain in depth what it was about or who was involved and why. in order to make the book even better I think that the author should have included this information if she put the automaton as a long lost fairy prince. But overall it was truly excellent in my opinion you will not be disapointed if you pick this book up off a shelf in the store.
Shfmnx More than 1 year ago
I initially went to B&N to pick up 4 certain books - but this wasn't on the list. I just happened to glance at Magic Under Glass in the "New Releases" section and grabbed it to read the back. The story peaked my interest right away although I didn't think it was a "go home, curl up, and read it immediately" story-line. ("Don't judge a book by it's cover" clearly applies to this as the cover was alright but not particularly eye-catching.) However - that night I started reading the book and on the second chapter I was completely hooked. I read the entire book in about 4 hours - not stopping for anything. The story is very unusual, incredibly creative, and the characters are beautifully memorizing. The author does a fantastic job of making you want to be so much more involved with the book rather than just reading it. You most certainly want to be a part of it. Most definitely buy this book as it is one you will want to read over and over each year.
TeensReadToo More than 1 year ago
In MAGIC UNDER GLASS by Jaclyn Dolamore, Nimira is a "trouser girl" who is used to singing and dancing for pennies. Until the day Hollin Parry watches her perform and decides that he wants her to sing with a piano-playing automaton. But the automaton is not just a machine - he is really Erris, a fairy gentleman trapped in a clockwork body. When Nim discovers this, she falls in love with him and vows to set him free. But first she must overcome several obstacles, including finding a way to get Erris an actual body and discovering a way past a scheming Ambassador of Magic who dislikes fairies. The premise of MAGIC UNDER GLASS immediately caught my attention. A girl who falls in love with an automaton who is really a fairy gentleman trapped in a clockwork body is right up my alley! I do have to say that I couldn't quite connect with Nimira. I'm not sure if it was because it was set in a different time/country or what, but I just didn't get as much from her as I would have liked. I did fall for Erris (the automaton), though. Right from the beginning, when he and Nim started their connection, I found him endearing and so badly wanted him to be set free. And I couldn't decide about Hollin - sometimes I found him to be a villain, but at other times I found him wanting so badly to be a hero and do the right thing. Did he? You'll just have to read the book to find out! The premise was a great story. I think it could have been longer and I would have continued to enjoy it. I think (and hope) the ending was set up for there to be a sequel and will definitely be looking to read it if there is one! This is a story about magic, and about fighting for the ones you love. Reviewed by: Andrea
auburn42 More than 1 year ago
I loved this book from start to finish! I honestly found and wanted to buy this book in one minute, it was really an impulse buy! This book is a great read and I would recommend it to anyone:)
StoryBreather More than 1 year ago
Magic Under Glass pulled me in the moment I picked it up. It was magical. Beautifully written, with descriptions that unveiled to me the pictures Dolamore clearly wanted depicted. The story is original and captivating. I wanted more after turning the last page! I want to see more of the fairies and Erris' home. It did remind me a little of Jane Eyre, but quickly steered away, as this story holds its own secrets and intrigue. This book was truly enchanting, definitely one of my new favorites. Also, the cover is purley brilliant. It's beautiful. What first drew me to this book. Great job Jaclyn
yearningtoread on LibraryThing 7 months ago
Magic Under Glass by Jaclyn Dolamore (Magic Under #1)Pages: 225Release Date: December 22nd, 2009Date Read: 2011, October 12th-13thReceived: LibraryRating: 2/5 starsRecommended to: 13+SUMMARY -Nimira is a Trouser Girl, a lowly singer for a company. But her voice is beautiful, and it catches the eye of a man who has something very special in mind for her. He owns an automaton, which plays beautiful music on the piano; Hollin Parry, the gentleman, wishes Nimira to come sing with the automaton as a full-time job. A few other girls tried the job, but they all claimed the automaton is haunted! When Nimira discovers that this is, indeed, true, will she have the courage to do whatever it costs to free the man locked inside the clockwork piece?MY THOUGHTS -I've wanted to read this book for about a year now. And as most of you know, when you've had a book on your list for a whole year, you kind of want it to be good. Well, I'll speak honestly and plainly - I thought Magic Under Glass was stupid. I hate using the "s" word in reviews, but there it is.I thought it had potential to be good (probably not great, but good). It had nice characters and decent writing, with a sweet love story. But there was no room to develop, and the ideas the author used to make the story go faster (that's what it felt like) weren't strong or fascinating or awe-inspiring. If she had built a little more and allowed herself more room, honestly, I probably would have liked it. It was too crammed in, like she was trying to force 200 pages instead of 300.CHARACTER NOTES -These characters were good enough, but they didn't grow after page one. They stayed the same, never learning or growing; never developing more for the reader to enjoy. I guess this is not exactly possible in 200 pages, but I expected more. I felt that not even the basics of building characters (and story - see below) were displayed.Some of the characters were also super...I dunno. Out of character? Immature? Some of the conversations seemed strained. Things have to flow naturally.... If a scene doesn't flow, then I'm reminded that I'm reading, that I don't belong in the story, that it's all make believe. I dislike that very much.STORY NOTES -This could've been an adorable fairy tale. Instead, it was full of some weird characters, a world that felt unestablished and removed, and had a very strange ending with lots of holes. There was so much room to grow, but that room, I felt, was not utilized.The end was very abrupt to me, too weird for my tastes, and just stupid. I felt like I did when I read The Pirate Captain's Daughter - all the mysteries and dilemmas were soon solved, leaving no suspense for the reader. Nimira hears the name of the Queen of the Dead, once, then decides she needs to call on her to free Erris. She learns the incantations and summons the Queen, who mutters a chant and disappears. Viola - 4 pages later, and we've moved on. No dwelling. No details. Oh, and get this - the wicked Queen of the Dead who is extremely dangerous...she came in love because of love. ?????SUMMING IT UP -Forced. And, well...stupid. I'm kind of sad I wasted my time. Oh, and what was with the weird Jane Eyre copying? Seriously?!I know my reviews aren't normally this scathing, but this one really got to me, and as a reviewer I have to be honest. A lot of people have really enjoyed this book, but I just couldn't.FOR THE PARENTS -A few minor cuss words. Some reference to affairs. Some dark magic is involved to free Erris. Overall clean. 13+
yabotd on LibraryThing 7 months ago
Magic Under Glass is the most enchanting novel I have read in quite awhile. The story centers on Nimira, a foreign girl hired by a sorcerer to sing with a piano-playing automaton. Rumors that the automaton is haunted are not enough to frighten her away from this new, wealthy, and comfortable existence. But there is some truth to the rumors. The automaton is inhabited by Erris, a gentle fairy spirit. Soon Nimira is caught up in the politics of the sorcerer¿s world trying to save poor Erris before the automaton is destroyed.I have to say, it was very difficult to summarize this book. Every summary I saw prior to reading the book, only confused me. They didn¿t do much to make me interested in acquiring the novel, either. However, this story was definitely worth the read. I was sucked into Nimira¿s world immediately.For me, the best aspect of this novel was the world-building, which was so organic, I didn¿t even take notice of it. The characters were well-drawn and likable, with the appropriate exceptions. Little details were revealed along the way, making the whole experience feel very complete. Everything from geographical locations, to politics, to traditional customs were explored in the novel. I also appreciated that Nimira was a foreigner. In this way, the reader was able to learn about both her native land of Tiansher, as well as the local land of Lorinar. Another favorite aspect was the characters. Nimira is strong-willed and likable, and I absolutely adored Erris. He was a gentleman, but also very full of emotion. It is interesting to me that the author was able to effectively show his emotions, even though he didn¿t have to ability to speak or move freely. One drawback for me was the ending. I already knew that there was a sequel planned, but that didn¿t hinder my disappointment that the ending was incomplete. In many ways, the ending felt like the beginning of an adventure, rather than a resolution. While I wouldn¿t completely call it a cliff-hanger, it was definitely not a full ending. I highly recommend this book to those who enjoy an interesting and fanciful read. I cannot wait to continue the story with the sequel, Magic Under Stone.
BookRatMisty on LibraryThing 7 months ago
When I won this book from WillowRaven of Red House Books, I was excited because I had seen it around and thought it sounded cute, but I figured it'd be a throw-away read. A cute little story about a fairy prince and the human girl who can save him, aww isn't that nice, the end. I didn't think I would find myself very invested in the story or the characters, and I didn't think I would be late coming back from my lunch break at work because I wanted to finish the chapter...So Magic Under Glass surprised me. I actually genuinely liked it. Not unreservedly, but more than I expected to for sure. Nimira is an engaging heroine, and I absolutely loved how she communicated with the fairy prince/automaton. I also liked that things weren't completely easy for her in her feelings or her decision making, and that her foreign background wasn't dismissed, but there was some social/racial tension and some wistfulness for home. It added a layer of authenticity and depth to the story, so that even though it wasn't a main issue by any means, it helped paint the scene.It's a very fast-paced book with a nice blend of feistiness, romance, magic and culture. The drawbacks for me were few, but they are big enough that they deserve a mention:1. There is a blurb on the cover saying "For fans of Libba Bray and Charlotte Bronte" which amused me to no end at first. I assumed it was just because of the time-period of the book, and I was like, "Charlotte Bronte? Really? They're just going to throw that out there?" But when I got further into the book, I realized why that comparison was made. There is a strong resemblance to Jane Eyre in certain aspects of the book, which I can't go into without being completely spoilery. It didn't bother me much, and if you haven't read Jane Eyre, it won't bother you at all, but I am sure there are those of you who are going to read this and be a little pissed that it has a rip-off feel at times.2. I felt the first 1/2 was better than the 2nd. Now, to be fair, I read a proof copy, so I don't know how mine differed from the finished version. But for me, with the ARC, the first 1/2 was gripping and fast in an enjoyable way, and really captivating. I liked the set-up of the world and getting to know Nimira, and everything flowed really well. In the second 1/2, I felt like the snowball was rolling a little too fast. I wanted better pacing, more of a chance to absorb what was going on and let everything develop. The second 1/2 wasn't bad by any means, but compared to the first, it felt like a little bit of a rush job.Those 2 caveats aside, I really enjoyed this book. It was the light, fun read I expected, but with a little more oomph than I'd hoped for, and that's a good thing. If there is more coming (if this turns out to be a series, which it will, if the rumor mill is right) I will certainly pick up book 2, and I look forward to reading more from Dolamore in the future.
nizmart on LibraryThing 7 months ago
I really enjoyed this book, the story was incredible. I cannot wait to read the next one!
wordnerd213 on LibraryThing 7 months ago
Magic Under Glass was such a good book. Beautifully written, like Jane Austen infused with sorcery, and it's so poetic and magical and it's a wonderful love story and it's so great.Nimira is a dancing girl in a poor city, seeking her fortunes after her father's fall from grace. She gets the opportunity to go live with and work for a sorcerer, Mr. Hollin Parry, and sing with his automaton. But the automaton is more alive than anyone realizes, and Nimira may be the only one who can save him. Magic Under Glass is a beautiful love story about a girl torn between "a man she does not love and a man she cannot have" (from the jacket cover) and it was so good and so sweet and oh my goodness everyone should read it because it was fantastic.
Squishy133 on LibraryThing 7 months ago
`Magic Under Glass¿ is Jaclyn Dolamore¿s cute, fast paced and magical debut novel.It centres around the life of Nimira, a singer, who catches sorcerer Hollin Parry¿s eye during one of her shows. He employs her to sing with an automaton he has acquired, but the automaton contains the fairy spirit Erris, whom Nimira decides she has to free.Magic Under Glass is set in an interesting new world of magical creatures ¿ sorcerers, faries, sirens oh my! ¿ and it is richly described. I found myself pulled into the landscape surrounding Nimiara¿s journey. Mr Parry¿s manor was intricately described ¿ I have a thing for creepy old mansions (OK, so I sort of want one myself) ¿ as dusty, old and perfect for the setting of this novel.I liked Nimiara as a protagonist; she was strong, overcame her challenges (whilst still being `challenged¿ by them) and didn¿t, as so many YA protagonists do these days, continually make the same mistakes again. She was strong willed, while still being relatable and it was fantastic to see someone of ethnic origins as a protagonist. We were given background on Nimira, but we weren¿t overloaded and that allowed for the narrative to float easily.I also liked Erris as a character, though I felt that we really didn¿t get to know enough about his personality. Sure, this was limited by his automaton-predicament, but I would have prefered to know more about him. He is the only fairy we meet in this novel, so I also felt that we weren¿t given enough information about their race.Smollings and Miss Rashten were equally hateable, which sadly, is not a quality I love in my villains (I do love some background story as to why they¿re pure evil¿) but they served their functions well enough.The character¿s reactions to situations (such as the relationship of Annalie and Hollin) was portrayed well and added to the realism of the novel.The plot was fairly simple, with a few minor challenges to overcome, leading up to the main climax of the novel. The action scenes were well written and easy to follow, and I found myself unable to turn the pages fast enough towards the end.The novel, however, ended very abruptly. I felt as if I had just been cut off, especially when it was getting exciting, though Magic Under Glass is clearly set up for a sequel, so hopefully that will explain the many unanswered questions presented to us at the cliffhanger of an ending.Dolamore did a lovely job with Magic Under Glass as her debut novel, though it was very short, and I am looking forward to the sequel: `Magic Under Stone¿ (Published in 2012).
The_Book_Queen on LibraryThing 7 months ago
I don't usually throw the words "Spell-binding", "Luscious", or "Amazing!" around lightly-- so when you see all three of them, plus many more similar ones, in my review, you know you're in for one heck of a book! First off, Magic Under Glass is a wonderful example of fantasy and fairy tale combined-- it reminds me of the (early) Disney movies, not because it's "childish" (far from it) but because of Jackie's ability to weave the story around the reader, completely emerging us into Nimira's world, and combining a great romantic element to it as well. Much like "Beauty and the Beast" enchants the romantic/fantasy lover in young girls, this book rekindles that same feeling, even for those of us that thought we had long since grown out of this stage! Speaking of movies, Magic Under Glass is one of the few books I wouldn't mind seeing turned into a movie, which isn't something I usually want to happen to my favorite books. However, no movie is needed, since Dolamore paints such a beautiful and lush portrayal of the novel, characters, and pretty much every element that made the story so wonderful! Spell-binding is putting it lightly-- once you pick this book up, you won't want to stop, so be prepared to set everything else aside for a day!I really enjoyed reading the interaction between Nimira and Erris, their friendship (and later, their love) was easy to see, and nicely done. And Erris... well, he's an interesting character, since he's neither the automaton that everyone believes, nor human, but, in fact, the long lost Prince of the fairies. He's such a sweet, and slightly tortured, young man, that I can see how Nimira falls for him. By the end of the novel, I too had developed a bit of a crush on Erris. The details, both in the characters, the setting, and the story itself, are, simply put, spectacular! I can find no real fault in any of Dolamore's writing, except for I wish I could get my hands on the sequel now, so I can find out more about Nimira and Erris! Otherwise, she manages to capture the readers attention from the very beginning, and right away you'll find yourself entangled in the magic and whimsy aura of Nimira's world, not wishing to leave, even when the story comes to a close. 4.5 STARS! For a debut novel, Jackie Dolamore does a truly magical job at creating a world that will leave the readers breathless, craving more of strong-willed Nimira's story. A heavy dash of magic, a touch of mystery and suspense, and to round it all out, a lush dose of romance combines almost effortlessly into a one of a kind book that I have no doubt anyone will love. Don't even let the "YA" genre fool you-- I would recommend this to older readers just as easily as I will the younger. Everyone loves a good fairy tale, and Magic Under Glass definitely fits the requirements for a good classic!
C.Ibarra on LibraryThing 7 months ago
Magic Under Glass is an enjoyable story of a girl with big dreams, and the challenges she faces because of the color of her skin. As the mom of biracial children, I¿m thrilled to see a novel with a main character of color. I loved the author¿s writing style, and felt the characters were well developed for such a short novel. I connected with Nimira instantly, and quickly grew attached. If I could change anything about this book it would be the length. Even just 50 more pages would have made for a ¿meatier¿ plot, and a possible 5 star rating from me. The ending also didn¿t provide the closure I was hoping for. I understand it is setting us up for a sequel, but I wasn¿t thrilled that the primary conflict was left unresolved. So both of my complaints lean towards me wanting more. If there was ever a good complaint to receive, I think that would be it. I can¿t wait for the sequel, Magic Under Stone.I would recommend Magic Under Glass to readers that enjoy fantasy novels especially those set in a historical time period. I feel is it is a safe read even for young teens. If you like faeries and magic check this one out.
Ricky21 on LibraryThing 7 months ago
Magic Under Glass pulled me in the moment I picked it up. It was magical. Beautifully written, with descriptions that unveiled to me the pictures Dolamore clearly wanted depicted. The story is original and captivating. I wanted more after turning the last page! I want to see more of the fairies and Erris¿ home. It did remind me a little of Jane Eyre, but quickly steered away, as this story holds its own secrets and intrigue. This book was truly enchanting, definitely one of my new favorites. Also, the cover is purley brilliant. It's beautiful. What first drew me to this book.
deslivres5 on LibraryThing 7 months ago
This captivating story has a unique romance at its heart.I *think* that this novel is going to be part of a series (or at least a sequel). The open-ended final chapter is not the "happily ever after" ending I wanted, so I was a bit miffed. I eagerly want to read a great stand-alone story and I was hoping this was one. So tired of having to wait months/years for story conclusions! But if the potential sequel continues to expand on this remarkable world, I'll be waiting patiently.
Jac8604 on LibraryThing 7 months ago
Dolamore's unique story is pretty engaging. I found myself caught up in Nimira's world and characters (although, I ended up liking Erris a bit more than I did Nimira). The plot was well-crafted and the love story was very sweet. In the end, I wished that the author had delved deeper into the world she had created. Especially when it came to the fairies. I'm glad that the ending came with a sense of resolution despite the fact that a lot was left open for the sequel.
abbylibrarian on LibraryThing 7 months ago
When Nimira is hired by a sorcerer to sing and accompany a musical automaton, she's warned by one of the house girls that the automaton is haunted. When Nimira discovers that there is actually a young man trapped inside the automaton, she knows she has to save him. Because she thinks she's falling in love with him... I love the premise, but the characters felt kinda flat and the story overall just felt kinda slight. After all that controversy about the cover, I wanted to like this one more than I did. It was okay.
galleysmith on LibraryThing 7 months ago
Fantasy has never been one of my genres of choice but I have to say that I really enjoyed this book. It was a very quick read and loads of fun.The fairy world Dolamore created seemed to be just within the readers grasp yet still so far away in time. It most definitely had an Asian vibe for me, kinda Memoirs of a Geisha lite, which made it feel more exotic and mystical. A definite asset to the story for sure.Nimira and the automaton were both extremely compelling characters. In fact, for a virtually inanimate object the automaton was the most animated of them all. He seemed to be so much more alive and outspoken than Mr. Parry and in many cases Nim herself. His personality shone despite the rigid circumstances of his body, making him a really complex and dynamic character.Dolamore also did a spectacular job relationship building. Nim was the center of everything. In particular, I liked the way Nim¿s relationships with both Mr. Parry and the automaton developed and how Dolamore kept the reader guessing about where her loyalties ultimately lied. I¿ll add in here that I have to admit I was worried about how the relationship between she and the automaton would develop and expand but was pleasantly surprised by their interactions and the ultimate outcome.It¿s difficult to really speak to some of what happened in the book as I am not a fan of spoiling twists and turns. I will say that there were some interesting aspects to the story ¿ some I anticipated and others that caught me off guard. A fun and interesting ride with lots of great twists and turns I would advise people to definitely pick this one up. It¿s an excellent book to dip your toe into the realm of fantasy.
rivkat on LibraryThing 7 months ago
Nimira, a ¿trouser girl¿ who dances in a foreign country in which she¿s generally despised as well as desired for her exoticism, is recruited to help a strange gentleman with his automaton. She sings while it plays¿but it¿s not an it; there¿s the spirit of a fairy prince trapped inside. And the gentleman has other secrets that threaten Nimira¿s precarious position. Jane Eyre meets palace intrigue; a nicely done story that sets up well for the next installment.
allthesedarnbooks on LibraryThing 7 months ago
This is a lovely little young fantasy/romance. Nimira is a "trouser girl," an immigrant singing in the music hall, when she is approached by Mr. Parry, a handsome, wealthy young sorceror. She goes with him to his country estate, Vestenveld, where he pays her to sing while his automaton performs. There are lots of secrets at Vestenveld, however, not the least of which is the automaton himself. This is a magical story, with plenty of gothic atmosphere. The end leaves it open for a sequel, which I very much look forward to reading. Four stars.
HarlequinTwilight on LibraryThing 7 months ago
Nimira is a trouser girl, which is basically a girl who sings and dances for pennies in front of drunk, unruly men. Nimira is beautiful, exotic, and in her country she would be revered for her profession, but not here. Here she is treated like someone lowly, someone not worth the time of the wealthy.Nimira has always dreamed of walking away from this life, of becoming more than a trouser girl. And when Hollin Parry walked into her life, everything changes. Hollin hires Nimira to sing with a piano playing automaton (thank god for the game Syberia, or I wouldn¿t have known what an automaton even was!), an automaton that is rumored to be haunted and has already scared off more than a few other girls in the past.There¿s something about the mysterious automaton that draws Nimira in, and with good reason. In reality, the automaton contains the spirit of the long lost fairy prince, Erris, and that¿s not the only secret that Nimira stumbles upon.Hollin lives in a world of secrets. Scary secrets. Secrets that have been long hidden, there¿s the rumors of ghosts, demons, witches, and a group of sorcerers that torture fairies for sport and are on the cusp of starting a fairy war. This wasn¿t exactly the world Nimira imagined when she left with Hollin.I must start by saying that I absolutely adore the characters! Nimira brings this perfect mixture of strength, knowledge, and innocence. Hollin almost constantly toes the line between a villain and a hero, but he¿s still a totally fascinating character; flawed, yet noble. Erris is charming and sincere; he¿s strong, even without a ¿voice.¿ Then there¿s the little used Linza, she¿s that raw youth, the purity of being naïve, but still knowing.What makes Magic Under Glass so encapsulating isn¿t only the characters, it¿s also the world that Jaclyn Dolamore has created around these characters. It¿s beautiful, magical, mysterious, and dangerous all rolled into one. All you need is romance and you¿ve got a fabulous story that will keep you occupied for hours, and Jaclyn Dolamore totally delivers.Nimira¿s voice is strong and her situation made her compelling, it was easy to care for her. All I wanted was for her to find the safety and security that she desired. The relationship between her and Erris was this beautiful, Romeo & Juliet-esque romance. It¿s the kind of story that a hopeless romantic (such as myself) will adore. And there¿s even beauty in the relationship that Nimira and Hollin have, even in all its complexity.It almost felt as if Magic Under Glass was too short, at least for me. I wanted more time with Nimira, Hollin, and Erris, I wanted more time in their world. The ending seemed like it was abrupt and came out of nowhere. But there was also the impression that it was setting up a sequel. I hope there will be a sequel, and if there is, I will be first in line to read it. This is definitely a story I need to know what happens and I must know where Nimira and Erris¿ journey takes them next.