Magic When You Need It: 150 Spells You Can't Live Without

Magic When You Need It: 150 Spells You Can't Live Without

by Judika Illes


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Magic When You Need It: 150 Spells You Can't Live Without by Judika Illes

Many spells and charms can take days or even weeks to complete. In Magic When You Need It, Judika Illes offers a collection of superpowered magic to help you right now. Is your career in a slump? Are you being visited by ghosts? Short on cash? Magic When You Need It can help with these problems and more. Divided into four sections: Money and Career/ Love, Sex, Marriage, and Children/ Home/ and Trouble, Magic When You Need It offers 150 spells to help you fi nd a job, meet your soul mate, protect your home, and many more common (and not so common) predicaments. Using simple instructions and ingredients that can be found in your pantry, combined with easy to find magical oils and botanicals, Illes blends Old World and modern magic to provide the reader with safe, effective magical remedies for many of life's troubles. Carry this book in your purse, your car, or keep it on your kitchen counter for accessible magic year round.

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ISBN-13: 9781578634194
Publisher: Red Wheel/Weiser
Publication date: 09/01/2008
Pages: 192
Sales rank: 354,123
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 7.40(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Judika Illes is a spell collector, fortuneteller, crisis counselor, and spirit worker who has magicked herself out of many an emergency situation. She is the author of Pure Magic: A Complete Guide to Spellcasting and The Element Encyclopedia of 5000 Spells: The Ultimate Referent Book for the Magical Arts. She lives in New Jersey and workshops across North America. Visit her on the web at

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magic when you need it

150 spells you can live without

By Judika Illes

Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC

Copyright © 2002 Judika Illes
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-60925-018-8


section one

money and career

Financial concerns are a great place to start because, while it's true that money won't buy happiness, the lack of it sure can spark and aggravate any other emergency!

general principles

• Use the colors green, gold, and yellow to draw prosperity toward you.

• Incorporate the numbers two and three into your spells as they encapsulate the concepts of doubling and increase.

• Lodestones allegedly draw life's riches towards you, as does the root charm High John the Conqueror.

• Because its color is a rich gold, jojoba is the oil of choice for money spells. Clear jojoba has been bleached; its power is broken.

• Appropriately, there are an abundance of spirits of prosperity! Hotei, the Chinese spirit of wealth, is particularly friendly and generous.

get cash fast

Some problems are very basic, like you need money now!

If you're desperate for a specific sum of money, this spell sends out an SOS to the universe for immediate financial aid.

Shopping Bag Full of Cash

1. Cut a square from a brown paper bag. Write the exact amount you need in the center.

2. Dress a green candle with essential oils of basil and bergamot.

3. If you're so inclined, petition the spiritual power of your choice to rescue you from your dire predicament.

Place the paper under the candle. Burn the candle daily for fifteen minutes at a time while petitioning, praying, and affirming your request until the specified amount is accumulated.

Shi Shi Oil

An old Hoodoo formulation, Shi Shi Oil has earned a reputation for putting poverty on the run and attracting wealth to the wearer—fast!

Shi Shi's basic formula is a blend of angelica root, bay leaves, and cloves. You may use either dried botanicals or essential oils.

1. If using dried herbs, grind them together using a mortar and pestle.

2. Add one tablespoon of the resulting powder to one ounce of jojoba oil, or add four drops of each essential oil to an ounce of jojoba. If you've used dried herbs, it may be necessary to shake vigorously to distribute them throughout the oil. If you've used essential oils, gently roll the sealed bottle to blend them.

• Rub Shi Shi Oil into your hair and onto the palms of your hands.

• Add it to your bath for extra intensity: Light a green candle and visualize yourself prosperous, secure, and happy.

• Essential oil of clove can really irritate your skin. You may need to dilute the blend further by increasing the quantity of jojoba oil. Essential oil of angelica is a photosensitizer; avoid contact with direct light for 12 hours after its use.

* * *

get a loan

The crux of this dilemma is that you need someone to be generous toward you, and that person may have (let's be frank!) very good reasons not to be. Both spells are most effective when you apply for the loan in person.

Hand Me the Money!

This spell is reputed to loosen up tight pockets and induce random acts of kindness.

1. Place a whole orris root in a small jar and cover it with jojoba oil.

2. Add 12 drops each of the essential oils of lavender and clary sage.

3. On the night prior to applying for the loan, add some of the oil to a tub filled with warm water and bathe. Inhale the fragrance and concentrate on success!

4. Just before applying for the loan, rub a bit of the oil onto the palms of your hands.

5. Do not wash your hands before you can shake hands with the loan officer.

Prosperity Walk

Sometimes hands work the magic, but sometimes it's the feet!

1. Blend essential oils of basil, frankincense, myrrh and sandalwood in a tablespoon of sweet almond oil. Only a very few drops of each oil are needed.

2. Before applying for the loan, anoint your heels with the oil. (This oil can be very effective when applying for a job, too!)

* * *

have your debts forgiven

You must understand that there is no spell that allows you to welsh on your debts without repercussion. There is such a thing as karma. However, perhaps you've found yourself in a critical financial bind. You'd love to pay off all your debts if you could, but you can't, and there's little hope for the situation changing in the foreseeable future. Now that's a whole different set of circumstances ...

Spiritual Board of Directors Decision

In Chinese tradition, tremendous efforts are made to collect (and pay!) all money owed before the lengthy New Year period ends. If it can't be collected by then, debts may be forgiven, as it's inauspicious to carry debt into the New Year.

You will need a statue of Hotei, the fat, laughing Lord of Wealth, and of beautiful Kwan Yin, Goddess of Mercy. (Lacking statues, designate something, perhaps candles, to represent them.)

1. Place them side by side, with a dish of uncooked rice between them.

2. Carve your name, birthday, and the amount of money you need to comfortably pay off your debt onto a white or green votive candle. Place the candle on the bed of rice and light it.

3. Speak to Hotei and Kwan Yin. Explain your debt situation and tell them you are leaving it in their capable hands.

4. Designate a date, by which time Hotei and Kwan Yin must reveal their decision to you. You must contact your creditors by that date. Respectfully and honestly explain your dire circumstances and offer to pay an amount that you can realistically afford.

• Should Hotei bless you with riches, you must promptly pay off your debts.

• If this blessing is not to be, request that Kwan Yin transmit compassion to your creditors.

Letter of Mercy

1. Carve your name, birthday, and the sum of money that you owe into a white candle.

2. Dress the candle with Tranquility Oil (Roman chamomile, lavender, and ylang ylang) in an olive oil base.

3. Write a letter to your creditor. Apologize for the delay, explain your circumstances, and detail the repayment plan that's ideal for you. Sign and date the letter.

4. Place the letter beneath the candle. Make your wish and light your candle.

5. When the candle burns out, dispose of any remaining wax or paper fragments outside your home. (Remember, this is a spirit letter, not intended for other humans to read. If the letter isn't destroyed during the burning process, make sure that it's illegible prior to disposal.)

6. Make an honest effort to repay a portion of your debt.

* * *

collect your debts

Watch out! These rank among the most powerful spells. Be absolutely sure that there's no doubt that you're entitled to the money.

Green Devil Repossession Service

Pay me back or there'll be the devil to pay! Green candles shaped like little devils are burned to get cash fast and to have loans repaid. Command and Compel Oil is a powerful formulation that allegedly forces others to do your bidding. Combine the two to get your money back.

1. Add five drops of essential oil of bergamot to Command and Compel Oil (see page 20 for the formula).

2. Carve your debtor's name and the sentence, "Give me my money!" on a green devil candle.

3. Rub the candle with Command and Compel Oil while simultaneously concentrating on your dilemma.

4. Write the debtor's name nine times on a square of brown paper. If he or she uses pseudonyms or multiple names, write them all. Leave no name to hide under!

5. Write the phrase "Give me my money!" over each of the names, in the process crossing the names out.

6. Anoint each corner of the paper with a drop of Command and Compel Oil.

7. Place the paper beneath an overturned saucer and place the candle on top.

8. Light the candle and, as it burns, speak directly to the candle, demanding the return of what is rightfully yours. Visualize that you are speaking to your debtor, if this is effective for you. Say whatever is in your heart; however, the traditional incantation goes something like this:

(Borrower's name), give me my money now!

You owe it to me. I need it. Give it to me.

You can't rest until you give it to me!

Whenever you see the color green, you're thinking about the money you owe me

Whenever you hear the clink of metal, whether from coins or forks or knives, you're thinking about the money you owe me

You can't sleep until you give me my money,

You can't eat until you give me my money,

You can't have sex until you give me my money.

(You get the gist. Make the effects as specific as possible and as relevant to the personal situation as possible.)

Give me my money or you will burn.

1. Remove the paper from under the saucer, singe it a little in the fire, and then, with your fingers, pinch out the candle.

2. Repeat this ritual for seven days.

• At some point during those seven days, you must attempt to contact the borrower and calmly ask for the return of your money. If any portion is repaid, consider the spell concluded. Offer your thanks to the debtor and helpful spirits alike.

• If by the eighth day, however, no money is forthcoming, light the candle again. Hold the paper in the flame and allow both the candle and paper to burn completely. Repeat the invocation but change the last line to:

You have my money, Now burn!

See a Penny, Pick it Up

Because the green devil spell comes so close to a hex, it's necessary to contact your borrower. You must offer the opportunity for the debtor to save him- or herself by repaying you, although by no means are you required to mention the spell. If you would prefer a more indirect, anonymous approach, the following spell is also allegedly very effective.

1. Soak a penny in Command and Compel Oil (see page 20) for twenty-four hours, preferably while exposed to the light of the full moon.

2. Glue the coin to the middle of a square white paper card.

3. On the card, write (in Dragon's Blood ink, if possible), "You owe me. Now pay me!"

4. Mail it to your debtor. It isn't necessary to sign the message or make any other contact, although, as it's likely that he or she owes money to many people, it might be in your best interests to somehow identify which debt is being called in!

* * *

collect your child support

This is the most profound debt of all as it involves issues and obligations larger than money alone. If collecting child support is your personal crisis, rest assured that a host of sympathetic spirits exist to battle on your behalf.

Madame Ezili's Collection Service

The spirit most easily roused to action is probably Ezili Danto, the fierce Vodoun champion of single mothers. A hardworking single mother herself, she is intensely devoted to her own daughter, Anaïs, whom she supports single-handedly. Madame Ezili has absolutely no patience with deadbeat dads. No need to explain your situation to her; she already knows all about it. Appeal to her for assistance in getting the money you're owed and also to increase your financial independence so you won't need it so desperately.

1. Designate a small, flat space—a table or countertop—as your altar. The colors red and/or white will catch Ezili Danto's attention.

2. Set out an offering of a glass of 151 (overproof) rum and a glass of Florida Water (see page 21), side by side.

3. Speak to her from your heart and tell her what you need.

Myrrh Money Pot

Once upon a time, myrrh was one of the most expensive items on Earth. Less pricey today, although no less precious, myrrh can be used to open tight pockets. The fragrance also evokes the presence of the powerful Egyptian spirits Hathor and Isis, two eternally stalwart protectors of women and children.

1. Although no doubt he owes you big bucks, what you need to do is get him to voluntarily hand you a single coin. The value of the coin may be as little as a penny. How you maneuver this is up to you.

2. Wrap a blue thread around the coin.

3. Drop the coin into a small, lidded glass jar and anoint it with essential oil of myrrh. Close your jar securely and keep it safe in a secret hiding place.

Whenever you receive a payment, feed the jar by adding a bit more myrrh.

* * *

turn around a bad investment

Is it beginning to feel like you've bought the Brooklyn Bridge? It sure seemed like a great deal at the time. But now it's a lead weight dragging you down and, unfortunately, it looks like you're stuck with it. Use magic to transform that investment.

Allspice, All Fortune

Allspice berries encourage financial prosperity through business ventures; their use is specifically indicated for poor investments. Vervain manipulates the wheel of fortune to turn in your favor.

1. Place a generous handful of dried vervain, three cinnamon sticks, and a tablespoon of whole allspice berries inside a clear jar.

2. Pour boiling water over the botanicals until they're covered.

3. When the infusion cools, strain out the plant material and add five drops each of the essential oils of patchouli and vetiver to the infusion.

4. Add most of the infusion to your bathwater. Also, put a small amount in a spray bottle and lightly spray anything related to your investment.

Investment Empowering Charm

1. Tie a tonka bean and a chunk of frankincense resin together with green thread.

2. Wrap them in yellow or gold cloth, rolling the cloth toward you.

3. Store the charm with papers or other items representing your investment.

* * *

increase business now

Trouble in the marketplace is a worst-case scenario that transcends time, place, and culture. Appropriately then, remedial spells abound, both ancient and modern.

Business In The Bag!

A particularly ancient spell, this one is derived from the Middle East.

1. Carefully collect dust from an anthill.

2. On a piece of fine-quality stationery—the type you'd use if your business was all that it should be—write your business goals as plainly and specifically as possible. Use the present tense. For instance, write "I sell 1,000 units every week." If a particular image symbolizes success for you, draw it. Fold the paper into a tight, small square.

3. Place the dust, the paper, and a small lodestone inside a small beaded bag and hang it where you conduct your business.

Better Business Floor Wash

Van Van Oil evokes passionate responses from practitioners. Dependable and fragrant, powerful and versatile, Van Van Oil allegedly turns poor luck into the best, and poor investments into sources of pride and prosperity.

1. Add Mrs. Stewart's Bluing, Van Van Oil, vinegar, ground cinnamon, and Florida Water to a bucket of water. (See pages 20 and 21 for Van Van Oil and Florida Water recipes.)

2. Wash the floor of your place of business with this mixture. Pretend that you are a customer entering the premises: Start washing at the business's entrance.

3. Then, move on to the interior. Wash each of the four corners first, then work toward the center of the room. Continue until all areas have been cleansed in this fashion.

* * *

get a job

You're not trying to be unemployed! You'd love to work. Why is finding work such a challenge?

The Nine-Day Employment Search

This spell is reputed to work within nine days, but for maximum effectiveness, you must simultaneously look for work intensively.

1. Tie a cinnamon stick and a High John the Conqueror root together with either green or gold thread.

2. Anoint the botanicals with Three Kings Oil (frankincense, myrrh, and spikenard) and then place them in a red-flannel drawstring bag.

3. Every morning before you go out to search for work, feed your botanical charm a little Three Kings Oil.

If your situation remains unchanged after nine business days, it's time to reassess your plans and explore alternatives.

Excerpted from magic when you need it by Judika Illes. Copyright © 2002 Judika Illes. Excerpted by permission of Red Wheel/Weiser, LLC.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


introduction magic when you need it          

The Mechanics of Magic          

The Components of Magic          

A Couple of Caveats          

Your Magical Emergency Kit          

section one money and career          

Get Cash Fast          

Get a Loan          

Have Your Debts Forgiven          

Collect Your Debts          

Collect Your Child Support          

Turn Around a Bad Investment          

Increase Business Now          

Get a Job          

Make a Great First Impression          

Ensure a Great Job Interview          

Deliver a Great Speech          

Up the Ladder: Get a Raise or Promotion          

Pass an Exam          

Get Your Boss Off Your Back          

section two love, sex, marriage, and children          

Make Yourself Irresistible          

Make Someone Love You          

Make Love Last: Binding Spells          

Make an Unwanted Lover Leave          

Make Him Be True to You          

Magic Viagra          

Make Him Pop the Question          

Make Your Mother-in-Law Love You          

Get Your Divorce          

Adjust the Marital Balance of Power          

Heal Your Broken Heart          

Find Your Soul Mate          

Get Him Back          

Fit Into Your Wedding Dress          

Get Pregnant          

Prevent Miscarriage and Premature Delivery          

Turn a Breech Baby          

New-Mother Magic          

Help Me Make It Through the Night          

Protect a Child          

Find Trustworthy Child Care          

Make Your Children Behave in Public          

Stop a Bully          

Lose Your Daughter's Evil Boyfriend          

End Sibling Rivalry          

section three home          

Find a Home          

Keep Your Home: Prevent Eviction          

Home Protection Spells          

Sell Your Home Fast          

Buy Your Dream Home Without Going Broke          

Find Tenants          

Make Your Neighbors Move          

Make Undesirable Houseguests Leave          

Banish Ghosts          

Pest Control          

section four trouble          

Quit Smoking          

Gag the Gossips          

Make a Liar Confess          

Speed Your Path to a Green Card          

Win a Court Case          

Stay Out of Jail          

Protect Your Car          

Avoid Parking Tickets          

Protect Your Computer          

Protect Your Pet          

Fly the Friendly Skies          

Smooth Sailing          

Keep Your Hair On          

Stay Healthy During an Epidemic          

Get Well Soon!          

Survive Natural Disasters          

Soothe Savage Beasts          

Lose a Stalker          

Turn an Enemy into an Ally          

Banish Bad Dreams          

Invoke the Dead          

Locate Missing Persons          

Rescue Distant Loved Ones          

You're Lost! Find Your Way          

Find Missing Objects          

Help Someone Help You          

Bonus Spell: Obtain Your Heart's Desire          

a psychic shopper's guide          

botanical classifications          


about the author          

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Magic When You Need It: 150 Spells You Can't Live Without 3.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 23 reviews.
Suzie2672 More than 1 year ago
When life presents you with a challenge and you need a quick solution, then reach for a copy of Judika Illes's Magic When You Need It: 150 Spells You Can't Live Without. This one book provides 150 spells that are easy to understand and use with effective results. All of the ingredients needed to cast each spell can be found in your local health food store or supermarket. Some of my favorite spells I found included: -Up the Ladder: Get a Raise or Promotion -Heal Your Broken Heart -Fit into your Wedding Dress What I found this spell book offered that it completion lacked was that it provided spells that the common individual could use. With its convenient size you can keep it close at hand and use whenever the needed. Judika Illes has proven that she is a master in the occult. Magic When You Need It: 150 Spells You Can't Live Without is geared towards the novice and the experienced. I would highly recommend her work to anyone who is looking to incorporate magic into their world.
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Even though I consider myself a well Seasoned Witch, life is a not ever ending lesson in and of its self. Case in point on the mere concept of "prosperity." Just like the "balance" of the different levels of life. Both have varying degrees of themselves and most aren't even mentioned but are more likely eluded to in today's society. But it's also fun to use too.
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A wonderful book. Its a shame it seems to be fading away.
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