Magical Journey Meditations

Magical Journey Meditations

by Lisa Mastrocola


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The meditations in Magical Journey Meditations are a fun way to help your child focus, concentrate, or relax. The craft ideas will provide concrete visuals for home meditation which will allow your child to revisit his or her journey at any time. Meditation is a wonderful calming and centering tool, and once learned, it becomes a skill that every child can carry into adulthood. The meditations in this book are soothing, comforting, and unique.

"Life will always have stress, but knowing how to deal with it effectively is one of the greatest gifts we can give to our children...Magical Journey Meditations is a wonderful escape to a slower, simpler, calmer place."
- Lisa Fabin-Bett, Ph.D.

"My daughter is a unique, creative child who sometimes has difficulty turning off her busy brain at bedtime. We have used Magical Journey Meditations for years to help her use her imagination and Guardian Angel to release stress and relieve anxiety. This book is a great addition to any child's book collection!"
- Dr. Amy Lemieux and daughter Jackie

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ISBN-13: 9781452568515
Publisher: Balboa Press
Publication date: 04/23/2013
Pages: 80
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.17(d)

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Magical Journey Meditations

By Lisa Mastrocola

Balboa Press

Copyright © 2013 Lisa Mastrocola
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-4525-6851-5



Meet Your Guardian Angel

Say to your child: We were all born with at least one guardian angel. You will meet your guardian angel on many of these meditations. Remember, you can talk to your angel all the time. Make sure to call your angel by his or her name because they like that.

Your guardian angel is your own special gift from God. Your angel's job is to guide and protect only you on this Earth, no one else. Isn't that great? Angels love to be kept busy. You can ask your angels to help you with all good things. Angels have one rule for you to remember – they can't help you with anything unless you ask them. So, talk to them often and don't forget to thank them!

• I refer to the guardian angel as "she" in this book. Please feel free to use "he" if your child's guardian angel is a male.

(First do the Roller-Coaster Breathing Exercise.)

You are walking through a beautiful field. There is green grass everywhere. Look from side to side, and enjoy all the beautiful flowers. The flowers are very colorful and seem to be everywhere! Keep walking. What else do you see? What do you hear? Pay close attention to everything around you. Do you smell anything? Do you see anyone or anything? As you walk, you see a little house up ahead. As you get closer to the house, you are getting very excited. You see a beautiful angel. You can't wait to meet your angel. When you finally reach the angel, you can say, "Hello."

This is your guardian angel. Your angel has been waiting to meet you! Your angel is so happy you have come to spend time with her. Pay very close attention to what she looks like. What is your angel wearing? Ask the angel for her name; listen carefully for an answer. Don't worry if your angel doesn't give a name right now; you have a lifetime to learn it. Does your angel have an animal? Sometimes your angel will appear with an animal that helps to protect you. Sometimes when you are scared, you can picture that animal right by your side. Do you have any questions for your angel? (Pause.) Is there anything you have always wanted to know? Are you worried about something or are you happy? Let your angel know. Your angel is here for you. As you two start walking toward the house, ask your angel if she has a message for you. Tell your angel that you will come back to visit again. Say good-bye. On the count of three, come back to me.

Sharing Time


• What does your guardian angel look like?

• What is her name? If the angel did not give a name, keep asking; the angel will reveal a name.

• Did your angel have a message for you?

Art Project 1: Guardian Angel Watercolor

What you will need:

• Watercolors and brushes

• Paper


• Recreate the visit with your guardian angel through your own painting.

Art Project 2: Guardian Angel Pillowcase

What you will need:

• Standard pillowcase

• Fabric paints and brushes

• Lace or feathers (optional)


• Have your child paint on his or her angel pillowcase. The pillow will help the child sleep well at night, during naptime, at camp, at Grandma's, and so on.


Magic Carpet Ride

(First do the Roller-Coaster Breathing Exercise.)

As you begin walking, you look up ahead and see something hovering. You run up to see what it is. As you get closer, you realize that it is a huge magic carpet! It's the biggest and most colorful carpet you have ever seen! It finally lands by your feet. It has come to take you for a ride. Climb aboard! Be careful; it can be wiggly. Zoooom! And you're off, headed straight for the sky! The carpet has big tassels on the corners. Every time your carpet takes a dip, a tassel flies up in the air. Your tummy flips every time the carpet twists and turns. Fun! You can feel the warmth from the sun on your shoulders as you dart around the white, fluffy clouds. If there is a special place you would like to visit, now is the time to ask the carpet to take you there. If not, just enjoy the wonderful places the carpet would like to share with you. Look down; what do you see? Are there buildings, people, or animals? Where are you? How do you know where you are? What do you see? Pay very close attention; you will visit magical places or different countries. You are so happy; you feel so free. Watch out! Hold on tight as you swoop around. It's time to bring the carpet in for a landing. On the count of three, come back to me.

Sharing Time


• What did your magic carpet look like?

• Where did you go?

• What did you see?

• How did you feel?

Art Project: Magic Carpet

What you will need:

• A carpet square (alternative: square pillow or fabric placemat)

• Tempura or fabric paints and brushes

• Yarn for tassels


• Have your child decorate his or her own magic carpet.

• The child can sit on the magic carpet anytime he or she wants to meditate!



(First do the Roller-Coaster Breathing Exercise.)

You are walking down a dirt road. It's warm and sunny. Everything looks so colorful and sparkly! As you look around, you notice many amazing trees. They are the most beautiful trees you have ever seen. Walk very slowly. If you look closely, you might see some movement around the trees. The fairies like to hide in the trees and bushes. All of a sudden, you see a big mushroom. It's the size of a basketball! Go over to it and get a closer look. You can't believe what you have just seen. All of a sudden, a little fairy flies out and says, "Hello!" Ask the fairy its name. What does the fairy look like? Ask the fairy to take you to Fairyland. The fairy tells you that she would love to take you to Fairyland, but on one condition: you cannot touch the fairies. You probably couldn't catch one if you tried. Fairies are very fast!

As you walk along with your fairy, you notice that the forest has come to an end. At the edge of the forest, you look down into a valley and see a wonderful little world. You have arrived at Fairyland! Notice how shiny and colorful everything is. Fairies love shiny things! Take gentle steps toward Fairyland. What do you see? Do you see fairy houses? They will be hidden in the trees! Be sure to check under the brightly colored mushrooms! Be sure to check around the lake or waterfall. Fairies are everywhere! Investigate very carefully. Fairies can be very hard to see. Tree fairies wear green and brown so they can blend in with the trees. Water fairies wear shades of blue and green to blend in with the water. Snow fairies wear white. Fairies are all around us in the outdoors. We just have to be really aware of them. Ask your fairy guide if she knows of anything the fairies would like you to know. Listen carefully. Your fairy tells you that if you want to find fairies in your own backyard, put some candy or coins out there. Don't forget that they love shiny things! On the count of three, come back to me.

Sharing Time


• What does your fairy look like?

• What is your fairy's name?

• What does Fairyland look like?

• How many fairies did you see?

• Did your fairy have a message for you?

Art Project: Fairy House

What you will need:

• A little wooden birdhouse

• Tempura paints and brushes

• Glitter

• Silk flowers and/or plastic gems


• Paint the fairy house. Glue on flowers, gems, and glitter.

• Hang it in a tree, or place it somewhere outdoors for fairies to visit. Urge the child to meditate outdoors, near the fairy house.


Magical Telescope

(First do the Roller-Coaster Breathing Exercise.)

You are walking down a road, and you are very excited. You see your guardian angel waiting for you up ahead. As you approach, you see something very interesting in your angel's hand. When you finally meet her, your angel tells you that she is going to take you on a special, magical journey. Your angel thought it would be fun to explore with a magical telescope! She hands you the most beautiful telescope you have ever seen! As you hold the telescope, you are filled with excitement. Take the telescope with both hands, and gently examine it.

You are amazed at how magnificent the telescope is. It has brilliant colors and ribbons. What else does it have? Does it have any sparkly gems? Does it have any pictures on it? As you place the telescope up to your eye, magical things start happening! Your angel tells you to take her hand. Off you go! You start to float away—up, up, and away! You are floating among the clouds with your angel by your side! You feel as light as a feather. You are so happy. As you look through your magical telescope, you can't believe your eyes! You see the most beautiful colors and shapes. What do you see? Now you are over the ocean! Hold on! What a great time you are having! It's time to come in for a landing. Your angel tells you to keep your telescope in a safe place and to remember she is ready to travel at any time. On the count of three, come back to me.

Sharing Time


• What did your telescope look like?

• Where did you go?

• What did you see?

Art Project: Magical Telescope

What you will need:

• An empty paper towel roll

• Tempura paints and brushes

• Glitter

• Ribbons


• Paint the paper towel roll and then add ribbons and glitter. Urge your child to go outdoors and explore with his or her magical telescope.


Wishing Well

(First do the Roller-Coaster Breathing Exercise.)

You are walking through an enchanted forest, and you see your guardian angel. Your angel has been waiting for you. Today your angel is going to take you to a special waterfall. As you walk along, you can tell your guardian angel anything that is on your mind. Remember, your angel loves when you talk to her. Your angel points up ahead, where you spot a huge waterfall. It's the biggest waterfall you have ever seen. When you reach it, the cool water feels good against your skin as it sprays you. You can see little animals drinking from the water. It feels very peaceful. Even the animals seem to be happy. They are playing with each other.

What kinds of animals do you see? As you look around, you see something interesting. You ask what it is, and your angel brings you over to a beautiful wishing well. She explains that it is a magical wishing well. It is very round and tall. It is made of colorful blocks that keep changing colors. The roof is made of beautiful flowers. You can see birds sitting on the roof, and they are chirping a happy song. The rope that carries the pail is golden. The pail is rainbow colored. It's the most beautiful wishing well you have ever seen. Your angel hands you three colored stones. She says that you can make three wishes. Each time you make a wish, you can toss a colored stone into the well. As your wishes come true, you can use the stones for more wishes. Remember, your wishes can be used for other people, for animals, and for our entire world. Your angel reminds you that it is time to come back. You can always make wishes. On the count of three, come back to me.

Sharing Time


• What did the forest look like?

• Describe the wishing well.

• What did the magic stones look like?

• Did you make three wishes?

Art Project: Wishing Well

What you will need:

• A plastic cup or a long, round container

• Craft paints and brushes

• Pipe cleaners

• "Magic" stones (colored stones found in the crafts or gardening section.)


• Paint the container.

• When it dries, punch out two holes on opposite sides and tie a pipe cleaner to each side, creating a handle for the wishing well.

• Make wishes, and place the stones in the well. When a wish comes true, reuse the magic stone for another wish.


Cloud Connection

(First do the Roller-Coaster Breathing Exercise.)

It's a warm, bright, sunny day. You are walking barefoot in a big, beautiful field, surrounded by miles of green grass. You can feel the grass between your toes. It tickles. You can also smell the grass. It smells sweet, like lollipops. As you look around, you see colorful butterflies fluttering about along with birds swooping back and forth, singing and chirping. As you walk through the field, you can feel the sun on your shoulders. The warmth feels so good. You can't help looking up at the clouds. They seem especially lively today.

You begin to feel a little sleepy. You decide to lie down on your back and look up at the clouds. It feels nice to just lounge in the grass, put your hands behind your head, and relax. As you let your mind wander, you begin to notice that the clouds are turning into funny shapes. As you continue to look up, you can't believe your eyes! The clouds are playing tricks. What do you see? Maybe you begin to see funny animals floating across the sky. Maybe you see a ship floating by. Whatever you see, keep watching as a story begins to unfold. It's like watching a movie. Relax and enjoy the show. Where's the popcorn? On the count of three, come back to me.

Sharing Time


• What did you see?

• What kinds of tricks did the clouds play?

Art Project: A Blue Sky with Crazy Clouds

What you will need:

• A piece of blue construction paper or white paper colored blue

• Cotton balls or loose cotton


• Make shapes with the cotton on the blue paper.


Three, Two, One ... Blast Off!

(First do the Roller-Coaster Breathing Exercise.)

You are walking down a road. As you look around, you notice a shimmering object just up ahead. As you get closer, you can hardly believe your eyes! Standing right in front of you is the biggest and shiniest rocket ship you have ever seen! When you look up, the rocket ship looks like it is touching the clouds. Give the door a great big knock. Is anyone inside? You don't hear anything. Turn the knob to see if the rocket ship is unlocked. The handle turns, and you enter!

As you look around in the dark, all you see is a huge, flashing control panel. You take a seat in the big chair and can't believe how many buttons there are. As you start to explore all of these shiny buttons, you feel rumbling under your feet and almost fall out of your chair. Hold on tight! All of a sudden, you hear a loud voice that says, "Strap on your seatbelt, and get ready for takeoff. Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, for, three, two, one ... blast off!" With a little jolt, you're off! The flashing lights are exciting to watch. You don't have to touch anything. The rocket ship has a mind of its own. It knows exactly what to do.

Look out the window. What do you see? As you approach outer space, you notice a very black sky with very bright stars all around. You're the captain of the ship! As you look around, you see many planets. Find an interesting planet to land on. As you land, the door pops open. You stick your head out and look around. You slowly climb down the ladder. What do you see? Have fun exploring! (Pause.) On the count of three, come back to me.

Sharing Time


• What did the spaceship look like?

• What did you see?

• What did your planet look like?

• Did you see anything unusual?

Art Project: Outer Space Artwork

What you will need:

• A piece of large, black construction paper

• Space foam shapes from the craft store

• Star stickers


• Create a piece of artwork by placing stars and foam shapes on the paper to recreate your trip to outer space!


Santa's Sleigh

(First do the Roller-Coaster Breathing Exercise.)

You are walking down a snowy road. Everywhere you look, you see lots and lots of white snow. It's snowing so hard that you begin to look like a snowman! You notice that the snow banks are taller than you. It's really beautiful. You notice that each sparkly snowflake looks amazing as it falls softly, gently joining with the other snowflakes, making beautiful patterns in the snow.

As you look ahead, you see something very shiny. You walk a little faster. As you get closer, you notice someone jumping up and down and waving his arms. Is it ...? Do you think it could be ...? You're right ... it's Santa! He's been waiting for you! Santa welcomes you with a great big, "Ho, ho, ho" hug! Santa is so happy to see you. With a wink of his eye, he waves you over to show you a big, glistening object—his sleigh! It's the largest, reddest, shiniest sleigh you have ever seen!

Santa holds out his hand and helps you aboard. He tells you that he's going to take you for a test run on his sleigh before his Christmas flight! As soon as you get your seatbelt fastened, you're off. The reindeer are working together, steering the sleigh up, up, and away! Off you go! Hold on tight!

As you get comfortable, you notice all the flashing buttons on the dashboard. Santa explains that the sleigh is equipped with weather radar, a world map that lights up, and lots of other things. Santa asks you to assist him in making sure all his signals are working properly. Santa asks you if you have a license to drive the sleigh. Even though you don't have a license, Santa tells you that you can drive the sleigh ... just for a minute. While you're driving, Santa is busy checking his lists of good boys and girls. He is also checking all the toys in his sack.

Excerpted from Magical Journey Meditations by Lisa Mastrocola. Copyright © 2013 by Lisa Mastrocola. Excerpted by permission of Balboa Press.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


1. Meet Your Guardian Angel....................     1     

2. Magic Carpet Ride....................     4     

3. Fairyland....................     7     

4. Magical Telescope....................     10     

5. Wishing Well....................     13     

6. Cloud Connection....................     16     

7. Three, Two, One ... Blast Off!....................     19     

8. Santa's Sleigh....................     22     

9. Go Fly a Kite!....................     25     

10. The Magic Castle....................     28     

11. The Lucky Leprechaun....................     31     

12. The Traveling Suitcase....................     34     

13. Unicorn Land....................     37     

14. Fluttering Butterflies....................     40     

15. The Bunny Trail....................     43     

16. Boat Ride Ocean Side....................     46     

17. Magic Slippers....................     49     

18. All Aboard!....................     52     

19. The Dream Box....................     55     

20. Talkin' Dolphin....................     58     

21. The Amazing Spectacles....................     61     

22. On the Wings of a Dove....................     64     

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