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Magick From the Mat: Using Yoga to Enhance Your Witchcraft

Magick From the Mat: Using Yoga to Enhance Your Witchcraft

by Casey Giovinco
Magick From the Mat: Using Yoga to Enhance Your Witchcraft

Magick From the Mat: Using Yoga to Enhance Your Witchcraft

by Casey Giovinco


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Explore the Crossroads of Witchcraft and Yoga

Raise your vitality, find inner peace, and enhance your magick with this hands-on, groundbreaking guide. Pairing sequences with spells and rituals, Magick from the Mat takes you on a fascinating tour through history and details how contemporary practitioners can deepen their practice of witchcraft through yoga, whether you are experienced or not.

Professional witch and yoga teacher Casey Giovinco provides more than sixty poses and corresponding illustrations for developing personal power, balance, longevity, healing, and confidence. Discover ways to boost your intuition and connect with your Higher Self. Learn how to harness the elements and use them in your yoga sessions. Featuring dozens of exercises and sequences that improve your chakra work, meditations, astral travel, and sabbat celebrations, Magick from the Mat strengthens your mind, body, and Craft.

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Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780738765952
Publisher: Llewellyn Worldwide, LTD.
Publication date: 08/08/2021
Pages: 264
Sales rank: 675,692
Product dimensions: 7.50(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.70(d)

About the Author

Casey Giovinco (North Carolina) is the Chief Elder of the Gala Witchcraft tradition who has been combining yoga and witchcraft for over twenty years. He has a RYT-200 certification from The Yoga Alliance, teaches yoga, reads tarot, and works as a witch in residence at a holistic center.

Table of Contents

Exercise List xv

Medical Disclaimer xvii

Foreword Thorn Mooney xix

Introduction 1

History of Yoga 4

Another World Tree 5

How to Use This Book 6

Chapter 1 East Meets West 9

Yoking Yoga & Witchcraft 11

Yoga Defined 12

Yoga & Psychic Powers 12

Magick & Mysticism 13

The Hermetic Approach 18

The I & the Me 19

The Siddhis 20

Chapter 2 The Witch's Body 25

A Healthy Mind in a Healthy Body 26

The Forgotten Witch's Tool 26

Mind-Body Connection 29

Conclusion 30

Chapter 3 Guidelines for a Magickal Yoga Practice 33

The Basics 34

Preparing for Practice 54

Chapter 4 Yoga & the Witch's Elements 57

The Ether 58

The Element of Air 60

The Element of Fire 62

The Element of Water 65

The Element of Earth 67

The Elements of Occult Anatomy 68

Putting Them Both Together 73

Magick & the Elements 76

Chapter 5 Chakras 81

The Chakras in Yoga 82

Location of the Chakras 85

Working with the Chakras 87

The Root Chakra (Muladhara) 90

The Sacral Chakra (Svadhishthana) 91

The Solar Plexus Chakra (Manipura) 92

The Heart Chakra (Anahata) 93

The Throat Chakra (Vishuddha) 94

The Third Eye Chakra (Ajna) 95

The Crown Chakra (Sahasrara) 96

Chapter 6 Meditation 99

Meditation: The Heart of Witchcraft 101

Chapter 7 Visualization, Imagining & Astral Travel 111

The Foundational Skill: Imagining 113

The Fear of Astral Projection 114

Astral Projection Basics 120

Lucid Dreaming 126

Astral Projection, Witchcraft Powers & the Siddhis 129

Imagine This 133

Chapter 8 Developing Your Psychic Senses 135

Clairsentience 138

Clairaudience 145

Clairvoyance 152

Making Sense of Psychic Phenomena 162

Chapter 9 Yoga & the Witch's Esbat 163

The Moon 164

The Circle 165

Why Widdershins 166

The Quarters 167

Elementals & the Witch's Circle 168

The Horned God & the Goddess 170

Adding Yoga 178

Chapter 10 Yoga & the Wheel of the Year 179

Yoga & the Witch's Sabbats 181

Hallowmas 181

The Winter Solstice 183

Candlemas 186

The Spring Equinox 189

Beltane 191

The Summer Solstice 194

Lammas 197

The Autumnal Equinox 200

Chapter 11 Yoga Sequences for Specific Purposes 203

Glossary of Yoga Terms 217

Appendix: Base Poses 221

Recommended Reading List 235

Bibliography 237

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