Magnet Investing: Build a Portfolio and Pick Winning Stocks Using Your Home Computer

Magnet Investing: Build a Portfolio and Pick Winning Stocks Using Your Home Computer


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ISBN-13: 9780962600388
Publisher: Next Decade, Incorporated
Publication date: 09/28/2000
Edition description: REVISED
Pages: 250
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.67(d)

About the Author

Jordan L. Kimmel is a private money manager, president of the Magnet Investment Group, and serves as the market strategist for First Montauk Securities Corporation. He has served as first vice president at Dean Witter, Paine Webber, and A. G. Edwards. His accurate predictions of swings in the stock market have garnered him multiple appearances on national television and radio shows, including CNBC, Bloomberg, and CNN. He lives in Chester, New Jersey.

Table of Contents

List of Chartsviii
List of Tablesx
About the Authorxi
Chapter 1Preview1
Chapter 2Accepting the Challenge of Investing7
Chapter 3Get Started Early11
Chapter 4Know Who You Are19
Chapter 5Planning: The First Step23
Chapter 6Evolving as an Investor: Developing a Pattern for Success29
Chapter 7Understanding Bonds33
Chapter 8Asset Allocation41
Chapter 9When to Buy and Sell49
Chapter 10Owning Companies: Buy and Hold73
Chapter 11Profitable Portfolio Management: Learn from Your Mistakes79
Chapter 12Using Your Home Computer85
Chapter 13Internet Sites for Investment Information87
Chapter 14The MAGNET Stock Selection Process89
Chapter 15Why the MAGNET Stock Selection Process Works95
Chapter 16Performing a Search Using Your Computer99
Chapter 17MAGNET Performance from the First Edition of our Book101
Chapter 18Searching for MAGNET Stocks107
Chapter 19Maximizing Tax Efficiency Using the MAGNET Stock Selection Process115
Chapter 20Recommended Reading119
Chapter 21Putting it All Together123
Appendix ATesting the MAGNET Approach125
Appendix BProSearch Results from Chapter 18133
Appendix CSamples of Prior MAGNET Stocks199
Glossary of Terms219
Order Form231
List of Charts
1-1American Stock Exchange Advance/Decline Line3
1-2Wilshire 5000 vs. All Market Breadth4
1-3NASDAQ Composite Advance/Decline Line5
3-1Compounding Your $$ @ 12%14
3-2One Year Holding Period Returns Per Annum for Stocks15
3-3Five Year Holding Period Returns Per Annum for Stocks16
3-4Ten Year Holding Period Returns Per Annum for Stocks17
3-5Twenty Year Holding Period Returns Per Annum for Stocks18
7-1Effect of Inflation on the Value of $1 Since 196039
7-2Effect of Inflation on the Value of $1 Since 193040
8-1Comparative Returns of Stocks, Bonds, Bills, Inflation & Gold since 192645
8-2Thirty Year Holding Period-Returns Per Annum for Stocks and Bonds46
8-3Twenty Year Holding Period-Returns Per Annum for Stocks and Bonds47
9-1Big Mo Tape Composite-Signal Basis on S&P 500 Stock Index53
9-2Regression to the Mean-Overbought Indicator on Dow Jones Industrial Average54
9-3Standard & Poor's 500 Stock Index-Trend Channel55
9-4Standard & Poor's 500 Industrial Index-Book Value Ratio56
9-5Dow Jones Industrial Average-Price/Operating Earnings Estimates57
9-6Standard & Poor's 500 Stock Index Signals Generated58
9-7Home Depot Stochastics Buy Signal 9-12-9559
9-8Home Depot-Long Term Chart60
9-9Alliance Capital Buy Point61
9-10Alliance Capital-Long Term Chart62
9-11Motorola, Inc.-Stochastic Sell Signal 5-25-9563
9-12Motorola, Inc.-Long Term Chart64
9-13Resource Mortgage Capital Stochastic Buy Signal 3-24-9565
9-14Resource Mortgage (Dynex) Capital-Long Term Chart66
9-15Philip Morris-Stochastic Buy Signal-Long Term67
9-16Philip Morris-Long Term Chart68
9-17Philip Morris-Long Term Chart with Stochastics69
9-18Philip Morris-Long Term Chart with Stochastics70
9-19Dow Jones Industrial Average 4%x2 Point & Figure71
10-1Dell Computer -One Year Chart 199775
10-2Dell Computer-Five Year Chart 1994-199876
10-3IBM-One Year Chart 199777
10-4IBM-Five Year Chart 1994-199878
17-1Tarrant Apparel105
17-2Lason, Inc.106
A-1Growth of a $10,000 Investment in Magnet Backtest126
A-2Annual Average Return-Seven Ranked Groups128
A-3Growth of a $10,000 Investment-Various Categories in Magnet Backtest128
A-4Quarterly Returns-Magnet vs. S&P-Magnet Backtest129
B-1Asyst Technologies134
B-2Vintage Petroleum, Inc.137
B-3Nvidia Corp.140
B-4Xeta Technologies, Inc.143
B-5Berry Petroleum, Inc.146
B-6Imperial Oil Ltd.149
B-71-800 Contacts, Inc.152
B-8Flextronics International Ltd.155
B-9AVX Corporation158
B-10California Amplifier, Inc.161
B-11Logitech International SA169
B-12Flextronics International Ltd.172
B-13TRC Companies, Inc.175
B-14Kemet Corporation178
B-15Topps Company, Inc.181
B-16Three Five Systems184
B-17TTI Telecom187
B-18M Systems, Inc.190
B-19Nokia Corporation193
B-20Black Box Corporation196
C-1RAC Mortgage-October 1991 Buy Point200
C-2Dynex Capital-Formerly RAC Mortgage-Long Term Chart201
C-3Oracle Systems, Inc.-December 1991 Buy Point202
C-4Oracle Systems, Inc.-Long Term Chart203
C-5Cyberoptics Corp.-August 1993 Buy Point204
C-6Cyberoptics Corp.-Long Term Chart205
C-7Analytical Surveys-March 1995 Buy Point206
C-8Analytcal Surveys-Long Term Chart207
C-9Global Industries-October 1994 Buy Point208
C-10Global Industries-Long Term Chart209
C-11Jones Medical Industries-December 1995 Buy Point210
C-12Jones Pharmaceuticals-Long Term Chart211
C-13Picturetel Corp.-August 1992 Buy Point212
C-14Picturetel Corp.-Long Term Chart213
C-15Picturetel Corp.-September 1994 Buy Point214
C-16Philip Morris-October 1994 Buy Point215
C-17Philip Morris-Long Term Chart216
C-18Electro Scientific Industries-August 1993 Buy Point217
C-19Electro Scientific Industries-Long Term Chart218
List of Tables
3-1Table of Compounded Returns @ 12%12
7-1Table: Yields on Zero Coupon Bond38
8-1Risks of Stocks and Bonds44
19-1Tax Implications117

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