Magnetic Fields of Galaxies

Magnetic Fields of Galaxies

Paperback(Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1988)

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ISBN-13: 9789401077767
Publisher: Springer Netherlands
Publication date: 11/05/2011
Series: Astrophysics and Space Science Library , #133
Edition description: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1988
Pages: 313
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.25(h) x 0.03(d)

Table of Contents

I / Introduction.- II / Galaxies.- II. 1. Shapes.- II.2. Spiral Galaxies.- II.3. Gas and Dust.- II.4. Cosmic Rays.- III / Observation of Magnetic Fields.- III.1 Synchrotron Emission.- III.2. Polarization of Synchrotron Emission.- III.3. Faraday Rotation.- III.4. Light Polarization by Dust.- III.5. Zeeman Splitting.- III.6. Other Methods.- III.7. Discussion.- IV / Interpretation of Observational Data.- IV. 1. The Magic of Data Processing.- IV. 2. How the Magnetic Field is Derived from Faraday Rotation Data.- IV.3. The Large-scale Magnetic Field of the Galaxy According to Faraday Rotations of Extragalactic Sources.- IV.4. The Fluctuation Magnetic Field in the Galaxy.- IV.5. The Structure of the Large-Scale Field.- IV.6. Intensity Variations of the Galactic Non-thermal Radio Background.- IV.7. Magnetic Fields in Nearby Spiral Galaxies.- V / Origin of Magnetic Fields.- V.1. Introduction.- V.2. The Relic Field Hypothesis.- V.3. Cosmological Magnetic Fields.- V.4. Stellar Ejections.- V.5. The Dynamo.- VI / Galactic Hydrodynamics.- VI.1. Rotation.- VI.2. Shape of the Gaseous Disc.- VI.3. Interstellar Turbulence.- VI.4. Mean Helicity.- VI.5. Magnetic Fields and Star Formation.- VII / The Galactic Dynamo.- VII.1. Introduction.- VII.2. The Mean Magnetic Field.- VII.3. Evolution of Magnetic Field in a Moving Medium.- VII.4. The Equation for the Mean Magnetic Field.- VII.5. Field Distribution Across the Disc.- VII.6. Radial Field Distribution in Discs of Variable Thickness.- VII.7. Radial Distribution of Axisymmetric Fields in Spiral Galaxies.- VII.8. Generation of Non-Axisymmetric Magnetic Fields in an Axisymmetric Disc.- VII.9. The Origin of Large-Scale Bisymmetric Magnetic Structures.- VII.10. Large-Scale Magnetic Fields in Rigidly Rotating Objects.- VII.11. Magnetic Fields Within Spiral Arms.- VII.12. Non-linear Effects in the Galactic Dynamo.- VII.13. Generation of Fluctuation Fields.- VII.14. Seed Fields.- VIII / Magnetic Fields Around Galactic Discs.- VIII.1. Magnetic Fields in Gaseous Coronae.- VIII.2. Magnetic Fields in Clusters of Galaxies.- IX / Problems of Magnetic Field Generation in Galactic Nuclei, Quasars and Radiogalaxies.- IX.1. Center of the Galaxy.- IX.2. Quasars and Active Galactic Nuclei.- IX.3. Radiogalaxies.- IX.4. Jets.- X / Concluding Remarks.- References.

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