Maid for a Magnate: A Billionaire Boss Workplace Romance

Maid for a Magnate: A Billionaire Boss Workplace Romance

by Jules Bennett

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Now that he's shunned the princess, will he marry the maid?

After narrowly escaping a royal marriage of convenience orchestrated by his
meddling father, businessman Will Rowling is going after what he
wants. And make no mistake, he wants Cat Iberra—his father's maid, and
the woman who got away when they were young. All it takes is a stolen
kiss to get the seduction started.

But Cat's reluctant about the reunion. Fool her once, shame on Will, but fool her twice…well, maybe
she's in the mood to be fooled. But will a family secret scuttle her
second chance with the man who won't let go of her heart?

Be sure to read the other sizzling and scandalous stories in the
Dynasties: The Montoros series, only from Harlequin®

Janice Maynard




A ROYAL TEMPTATION by USA TODAY bestseller Charlene

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ISBN-13: 9781460386736
Publisher: Harlequin
Publication date: 09/01/2015
Series: Dynasties: The Montoros , #5
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 192
Sales rank: 181,297
File size: 459 KB

About the Author

USA TODAY Bestselling Author Jules Bennett has penned more than 50 novels during her short career. She's married to her high school sweetheart, has two active girls, and is a former salon owner. Jules can be found on Twitter, Facebook (Fan Page), and her website She holds contests via these three outlets with each release and loves to hear from readers!

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Will Rowling stared at the blaring headline as he sipped his coffee and thanked every star in the sky that he'd dodged marrying into the royal family of Alma. Between the Montoro siblings and their cousin Juan Carlos, that was one seriously messed up group.

Of course his brother, James, had wedded the beautiful Bella Montoro. Will's father may have had hopes of Will and Bella joining forces, but those devious plans obviously had fallen through when James fell in love with Bella instead.

Love. Such a fickle thing that botched up nearly every best laid plan. Not that Will had ever been on board with the idea of marrying Bella. He'd rather remain single than marry just to advance his family's business interests.

The Montoros were a force to be reckoned with in Alma, now that the powerful royal family was being restored to the throne after more than seventy years in exile. And Patrick Rowling was all too eager to have his son marry into such prestige, but thankfully that son was not to be Will.

Bella's brother had been heading toward the throne, until shocking letters were discovered in an abandoned family farmhouse, calling into question the lineage of the Montoros and diverting the crown into the hands of their cousin.

Secrets, scandal, lies… Will was more than happy to turn the reins over to his twin.

And since Will was officially single, he could carry out his own devious plan in great detail—his plot didn't involve love but a whole lot of seduction.

First, though, he had to get through this meeting with his father. Fortunately, Will's main goal of taking back control of his life involved one very intriguing employee of his father's household so having this little meeting at the Rowling home in Playa del Onda instead of the Rowling Energy offices was perfectly fine with him. Now that James had married and moved out and Patrick was backing away from working as much, Patrick used his weekend home more often.

"Rather shocking news, isn't it?"

Still clutching the paper in one hand and the coffee mug in the other, Will turned to see his father breeze into the den. While Patrick leaned more toward the heavier side, Will prided himself on keeping fit. It was just another way he and his father were different though some around them felt Will was a chip off the old block.

At one time Will would've agreed with those people, but he was more than ready to show everyone, including his father, he was his own man and he was taking charge.

"This bombshell will certainly shake things up for Alma." Will tossed the newspaper onto the glossy mahogany desktop. "Think parliament will ratify his coronation?"

Patrick grunted as he sank into his leather desk chair. "It's just a different branch of the Montoro family that will be taking the throne, so it really doesn't matter."

Will clutched his coffee cup and shook his head. Anything to do with the Montoros was not his problem. He had his own battles to face, starting with his father right now.

"What did you need to see me so early about?" his father asked, leaning back so far in the chair it squeaked.

Will remained standing; he needed to keep the upper hand here, needed to stay in control. Even though he was going up against his father's wishes, Will had to take back control of his own life. Enough with worrying about what his father would say or do if Will made the wrong move.

James had never bowed to their father's wishes and Will always wondered why his twin was so against the grain. It may have taken a few years to come around, but Will was more than ready to prove himself as a formidable businessman.

Will was a master at multitasking and getting what he wanted. And since he'd kissed Cat a few weeks ago, he'd thought of little else. He wanted her…and he would have her. Their intense encounter would allow for nothing less.

But for right this moment, Will was focusing on his new role with Rowling Energy and this meeting with his father. Conquering one milestone at a time.

"Up till now, you've had me dealing with the company's oil interests," Will stated. "I'm ready to take total control of the real estate division, too."

His father's chest puffed out as he took in a deep breath. "I've been waiting for you to come to me with this," Patrick said with a smile. "You're the obvious choice to take over. You've done a remarkable job increasing the oil profits. They're up twelve percent since you put your mark on the company."

Will intended to produce financial gains for all of the company's divisions. For years, he'd wanted to get out from under his father's thumb and take control, and now was his chance. And that was just the beginning of his plans where Rowling Energy was concerned.

Finally, now that Will was seeing clearly and standing on his own two feet, nothing would stand in his way. His father's semiretirement would just help ease the path to a beautiful life full of power and wealth…and a certain maid he'd set in his sights.

"I've already taken the liberty of contacting our main real estate clients in London," Will went on, sliding his hands into his pockets and shifting his weight. "I informed them they would be dealing with me."

Will held his father's gaze. He'd taken a risk contacting the other players, but Will figured his father would be proud and not question the move. Patrick had wanted Will to slide into the lead role of the family business for years. Slowly Will had taken over. Now he was ready to seal every deal and hold all the reins.

"Another man would think you're trying to sneak behind his back." Patrick leaned forward and laced his fingers together on the desktop. "I know better. You're taking charge and that's what I want. I'll make sure my assistant knows you will be handling the accounts from here on out. But I'm here anytime, Will. You've been focused on this for so long, your work has paid off."

Will nodded. Part one of his plan was done and had gone just as smoothly as he'd envisioned. Now he needed to start working on the second part of his plan. And both aspects involved the same tactic…trust. He needed to gain and keep the trust of both his father and Cat or everything would blow up in his face.

Will refused to tolerate failure on any level.

Especially where Cat was concerned. That kiss had spawned an onslaught of emotions he couldn't, wouldn't, ignore. Cat with her petite, curvy body that fit perfectly against his. She'd leaned into that kiss like a woman starved and he'd been all too happy to give her what she wanted.

Unfortunately, she'd dodged him ever since. He didn't take that as a sign of disinterest. Quite the opposite. If she wasn't interested, she'd act as if nothing had happened. But the way she kept avoiding him when he came to visit his father at the Playa del Onda estate only proved to Will that she was just as shaken as he was. There was no way she didn't feel something.

Just one kiss and he had her trembling. He'd use that to his advantage.

Seeing Cat was another reason he opted to come to his father's second home this morning. She couldn't avoid him if he cornered her at her workplace. She'd been the maid for his twin brother, James, but James had often been away playing football—or as the Yanks called it, soccer—so Cat hadn't been a temptation thrust right in Will's face. But now she worked directly under Patrick. Her parents had also worked for Patrick, so Cat had grown up around Will and James. It wasn't that long ago that Will had set his sights on Cat. Just a few years ago, in fact, he'd made his move, and they'd even dated surreptitiously for a while. That had ended tragically when he'd backed down from a fight in a moment of weakness. Since their recent kiss had brought back their scorching chemistry, Will knew it was time for some action.

Will may have walked out on her four years ago, but she was about to meet the new Will…the one who fought for what he wanted. And he wanted Cat in his bed and this time he wouldn't walk away.

Will focused back on his father. "I'll let myself out," he stated, more than ready to be finished with this part of his day. "I'll be in touch once I hear back from the investors and companies I contacted."

Heading for the open double doors, Will stopped when his father called his name.

"You know, I really wanted the thing with you and Bella to work," Patrick stated, as he stared at the blaring, boldface headline.

"She found love with my brother. She and I never had any type of connection. You'd best get used to them together."

Patrick focused his attention back on Will. "Just keep your head on your shoulders and don't follow the path your brother has. Getting sidetracked isn't the way to make Rowling Energy grow and prosper. Just do what you've been doing."

Oh, he intended to do just that.

Will gave his father a brief nod before heading out into the hallway. Little did his father know, Will was fully capable of going after more than one goal at a time. He had no intention of letting the oil or real estate businesses slide. If anything, Will fully intended to expand both aspects of the business into new territory within the next year.

Will also intended to seduce Cat even sooner. Much sooner. And he would stop at nothing to see all of his desires fulfilled.

That familiar woodsy scent assaulted her…much like the man himself had when he'd kissed her a few weeks ago.

Could such a full-on assault of the senses be called something so simple as a kiss? He'd consumed her from the inside out. He'd had her body responding within seconds and left her aching and wanting more than she should.

Catalina kept her back turned, knowing full well who stood behind her. She'd managed to avoid running into him, though he visited his father more and more lately. At this point, a run-in was inevitable.

She much preferred working for James instead of Patrick, but now that James was married, he didn't stay here anymore and Patrick did. Catalina had zero tolerance for Patrick and the fact that she worked directly for him now only motivated her more to finish saving up to get out of Alma once and for all. And the only reason she was working for Patrick was because she needed the money. She knew she was well on her way to leaving, so going to work for another family for only a few months didn't seem fair.

Years ago her mother had moved on and still worked for a prestigious family in Alma. Cat prayed her time here with Patrick was coming to an end, too.

But for now, she was stuck here and she hadn't been able to stop thinking about that kiss. Will had silently taken control of her body and mind in the span of just a few heated moments, and he'd managed to thrust her directly into their past to the time when they'd dated.

Unfortunately, when he'd broken things off with her, he'd hurt her more than she cared to admit. Beyond leaving her when she hadn't even seen it coming, he'd gone so far as to say it had all been a mistake. His exact words, which had shocked her and left her wondering how she'd been so clueless. Catalina wouldn't be played for a fool and she would never be his "mistake" again. She had more pride than that…even if her heart was still bruised from the harsh rejection.

Even if her lips still tingled at the memory of their recent kiss.

Catalina continued to pick up random antique trinkets on the built-in bookshelves as she dusted. She couldn't face Will, not just yet. This was the first encounter since that night three weeks ago. She'd seen him, he'd purposely caught her eye a few times since then, but he'd not approached her until now. It was as if the man enjoyed the torture he inflicted upon her senses.

"You work too hard."

That voice. Will's low, sultry tone dripped with sex appeal. She didn't turn around. No doubt the sight of him would still give her that swift punch of lust to the gut, but she was stronger now than she used to be…or she'd been stronger before he'd weakened her defenses with one simple yet toe-curling kiss.

"Would that make you the pot or the kettle?" she asked, giving extra attention to one specific shelf because focusing on anything other than this man was all that was holding her sanity together.

His rich laughter washed over her, penetrating any defense she'd surrounded herself with. Why did her body have to betray her? Why did she find herself drawn to the one man she shouldn't want? Because she hadn't forgotten that he'd recently been the chosen one to wed Bella Montoro. Bella's father had put out a false press release announcing their engagement, but of course Bella fell for James instead and Will ended up single. James had informed Cat that Bella and Will were never actually engaged, but still. With Will single now, and after that toe-curling kiss, Cat had to be on her guard. She had too much pride in herself to be anybody's Plan B.

"That spot is clean." His warm, solid hand slid easily onto her shoulder. "Turn around."

Pulling in a deep breath, Catalina turned, keeping her shoulders back and her chin high. She would not be intimidated by sexy good looks, flawless charm and that knowing twinkle in Will's eye. Chemistry wouldn't get her what she wanted out of life…all she'd end up with was another broken heart.

"I have a lot on my list today." She stared at his ear, trying to avoid those piercing aqua eyes. "Your dad should be in his den if you're looking for him."

"Our business is already taken care of." Will's hand dropped, but he didn't step back; if anything, he shifted closer. "Now you and I are going to talk."

"Which is just another area where we differ," she retorted, skirting around him to cross in front of the mantel and head to the other wall of built-in bookcases. "We have nothing to discuss."

Of course he was right behind her. The man had dropped her so easily four years ago yet in the past few weeks, he'd been relentless. Perhaps she just needed to be more firm, to let him know exactly where she stood.

"Listen." She spun back around, brandishing her feather duster at him. Maybe he'd start sneezing and she could make a run for it. "I've no doubt you want to talk about that kiss. We kissed. Nothing we hadn't done before."

Of course this kiss was so, so much more; it had penetrated to her very soul. Dammit.

"But I'm not the same girl you used to know," she continued, propping her hand on her hip. "I'm not looking for a relationship, I'm not looking for love. I'm not even interested in you anymore, Will."

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Maid for a Magnate (Harlequin Desire Series #2397) 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Nicolerko More than 1 year ago
I really loved the hero Will in this one. He's one determined man to win back Cat. I wish I could find a man like that. Will needs to learn how to prioritize though because he's all about the power and money. Can he learn he needs to put Cat first before he loses her forever or will he repeat his mistakes? Cat has big dreams she dreaming since Will broke her heart four years ago. Cat has inner strength which she needs for being Will's father's maid. She so wants to believe Will about a second chance, but the doubt is lurking in the back of her mind. Love a second chance love story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
HollieR1 More than 1 year ago
Will Rowling was forced to break the heart of Cat Iberra 4 years ago. Now finally it's his chance to win her back into his life and into his bed, but most of all into her heart. A Wonderful love story that shows that what a strong man will do for the woman of his heart!
KristiSimonsen More than 1 year ago
Absolutely amazing story! I love Will and Cat and all the past history they share. This book is very well written - can be a stand alone - and will capture you from the start. You won't be disappointed by this for one second! Another great hit Jules!!!
Cindy111 More than 1 year ago
Once again Jules Bennett weaves a wonderful story with Maid for a Magnate. This book is book #5 in the Dynasties:The Montoros Series by Harlequin. Maid for a Magnate could be read as a stand alone book but I encourage you to read the whole series. Maid for a Magnate is a second chance at love story about two people who had never forgotten each other, who also had to deal with secrets. Catalina (Cat) Iberra wants to leave Alma to be a fashion designer, but for now to earn a living she is a maid. Will Rowling is the son of Cat's employer who Cat had a relationship four years earlier til Will made the choice of a career instead of her. Have I caught your interest yet? I encourage you to read Maid for a Magnate to see how Cat and Will reach their HEA, both Cat and Will are likeable characters and along with a great story(along with discovering the secrets), I am sure you will not be disappointed. Jules Bennett creates wonderful characters and is a writer that is a must buy for me, she has never disappointed! I received a ARC for an honest review.
judyrudy More than 1 year ago
Maid for a Magnate is Jules Bennett’s contribution to Harlequin Desire’s Dynasties: The Montoros series. It is a standalone book but the reader would benefit from reading the other books in the series. Catalina (Cat) Iberra is a maid not by choice. She has to earn a living. She’d rather be a fashion designer. Her goal in life is to leave Alma and move to a city where she can highlight her designs. Will Rowling is a twin who has just escaped a marriage of convenience. The woman his father so desperately wanted him to marry actually fell in love and married his brother. The only woman in Will’s life is Cat. Four years ago, they had been involved until Will was forced to choose between his career and Cat. He chose his career but has always wanted to reclaim Cat in his life. Will convinces Catalina to date him again. But of course, secrets play a part in both their lives. Can they find their happily ever after? I highly recommend Maid for a Magnate. I love second chance stories and this one definitely does not disappoint. I love this series and Ms. Bennett contribution was a fantastic addition to the series. I’d like to disclose that I received an advance copy Maid for a Magnate in exchange for a fair and honest review.
ReneeEntress More than 1 year ago
4.5 star I was pulled right into this story. The story has laughs, secrets, betrayal and heartbreak. If you have not read the below they are in this series. Minding Her Boss's Business (Dynasties: The Montoros #1) by Janice Maynard Carrying a King's Child (Dynasties: The Montoros #2) by Katherine Garbera Seduced by the Spare Heir (Dynasties: The Montoros #3) by Andrea Laurence The Princess and the Player (Dynasties: The Montoros #4) by Kat Cantrell This is Cat and Will’s story. Cat and Will have a history. Will broke Cat’s heart years ago. Now Cat finally has plans for her future that don’t include being a maid. She is designing clothes but needs the maid job right now to save the money to move out of town to become the design she has dreamed she can be. Will has decided he is going to get Cat back. He broke her heart years ago when he listened to his father and choose his career. The more he pushes Cat the more she pushes back. When his father finds out what is going on he tells Cat to stay away from Will. His father will do anything he can to keep them apart. When secrets are revealed will that change the way Will views Cat? Is Will still planning a future with Cat or will she be alone again? I loved these characters. Both are strong characters that are really stubborn. But all in all I felt I was able to connect with the characters and the story was a great read. I highly recommend this book and can’t wait for the next story from this author.
Judy_F More than 1 year ago
Jules Bennett delivers another enchanting read in Maid For A Magnate. Catalina Iberra has plans that go far beyond working as a maid for the Rowling family. Her former love Will Rowling is her bosses son and his father does not like the help mingling with family. But Will is not making this easy on Cat. Will Rowling made the mistake years ago of letting Cat go. He thought he was doing what was best for her but it tore him apart. Now Will has decided to be his own man and this man wants Cat in his world. Will starts a full out campaign to win Cat over. When the get stranded on and island the sparks come back to life. But will this newly revived romance survive being back on dry land? Maid For A Magnate is a wonderful addition to the Dynasties: The Montoros series. Will has always been the good son and never went against his father. All bets are off when Cat is back in his arms. Can a secret from their past destroy the relationship before it starts? Hurry and get this book for your collection.