Make a Killing on Kindle Without Blogging, Facebook or Twitter. the Guerilla Marketer's Guide to Selling eBooks on Amazon

Make a Killing on Kindle Without Blogging, Facebook or Twitter. the Guerilla Marketer's Guide to Selling eBooks on Amazon

by Michael Alvear


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Increase Your Book Sales By 50% In Less Than Three Days.

I've sold hundreds of thousands of my own ebooks with a proprietary methodology I call Attract•Engage•Convert. I'm going to show you how to use it to become a Kindle Best Seller.

This Book Is Designed For Writers Who Don't Understand Technology Or Marketing.
There are only 12 steps to successful Kindle selling and I show you how to do each of them with step-by-step directions, including picture tutorials. You'll learn how to:

Rank On Page 1 Of Amazon's Search Engine Within 24 Hours.
You can't be bought if you can't be found. As an SEO expert I've gotten every one of my books on Page 1 of Amazon's search results, and I'm going to show you how you can do it, too. The secret is using Amazon's little-known "Leading Indicators," a series of clues that tell you exactly what keyword phrases people use to find books like yours.

Sell More Books On Kindle By Using Photos And Font Styles Like Bold or Italics In Your Book Description.
I'll show you simple ways to use font styles like italicize, bold, and utilize color and pictures to make your page look like a million bucks. Notice how the formatting on this page sets it apart from the competition. It reads better, looks better and communicates value. You can create this kind of look in your own book page with my step-by-step guide to using Amazon's HTML code. Just copy/paste and you're done.

More Things You'll Learn about Kindle Publishing & Marketing. This guide will show you how to:

• Create magnificent book covers and develop must-click titles
• Pick the right categories to list your book
• Pick from five of the most effective launch prices
• Test post-launch prices
• Get reviews that make people want to buy your book
• Use the Look Inside Feature to sell more books on Kindle

Read Vivid Case Studies Of How I Turned My Client's Underperforming Books Into Bestsellers.
I'm a book marketing consultant as well as a successful independent author. See how I used the principles of my Attract•Engage•Convert book marketing strategy to dramatically increase sales of basement-dwelling titles (the authors and publishers allowed me to use their real names).

Find Out How Many Books Your Competitors Are Selling!
I commissioned a statistician to develop a formula showing daily sales for every book on Amazon. Just check your competitor's sales rank then look at the chart in Chapter 15-it'll tell you how many books they sold that day!

This Book Will Save You From The Time Sucking, No-Value Vortex Of Blogging, Facebook and Twitter.
I will show you convincing industry research that social media is the least effective way to sell books on Kindle.

About The Author.
When I published my first books on Kindle, I'd check my anemic sales and let out a string of cuss words that made my dog blush. Then I developed my Attract•Engage•Convert strategy and sales took off.

As word got out that I sold over 100,000 ebooks, authors and publishers flocked to me for advice, attracted to the methodical ways I turned guerilla marketing tactics into stellar revenue. These strategies work for me, they work for my clients, and they will work for you. Believe in your books. Nobody believed in mine and now I make a great living as a writer. You can too by following my formula.

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ISBN-13: 9780984916177
Publisher: Woodpecker Media
Publication date: 04/15/2013
Pages: 130
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.28(d)

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Make A Killing On Kindle Without Blogging, Facebook Or Twitter. The Guerilla Marketer's Guide To Selling Ebooks On Amazon 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
WilliamI More than 1 year ago
Why is it killing me to write this review? Because there's a teeny (okay, fine, gargantuan) part of me that wants to keep Michael Alvear and MAKE A KILLING ON KINDLE all to myself. But then, I imagine a brutal blast of karma coming my way, and realize I should be kind to my fellow authors. So, here it goes: Michael Alvear is a Kindle book marketing genius, and this is hands down the best book on turning your book into an instant and self-sustaining best seller you'll ever read. I would know, because I bought every freakin' one of them before I finally wised up and became one of Michael's book marketing clients. I've known him for several years (we've both written books on relationships so our paths have crossed numerous times) and I will confess that I was green with envy as I watched his Kindle books, one after the other, shoot to the top of the rankings. I mean, he's an amazing writer, but as any published author who's ever watched her/his book buried around the 300K mark for months on end knows, great writing does not always a best seller make. Imagine my delight when he agreed to take me on as a client. My Kindle-only book Marilyn Monroe : Essential Quotes And Quips From America's Most Beloved Hollywood Icon out just this week, rocketed to rank IMMEDIATELY in not one but TWO of its categories WITHIN 24 HOURS. Three days later, it continues to build, moving higher in its categories each hour, without any additional effort from me, using only the simple Kindle marketing secrets that Michael has outlined in his book. It keeps bumping up, up, up, all by itself. You know the best part? I didn't beg all my author friends to interview me on their blogs, I didn't waste a thousand hours attempting to be friends with complete strangers (who may or may not read books) on Facebook and Twitter, or call in all my media contacts, or do the "spray and pray" with a case full of review copies. I didn't gain ten pounds and wipe myself out for 2 1/2 months doing a 28 city media & bookstore tour like I did on my last book. Instead, I spent two and a half days (about 14 hours) on research and writing, and doing every single thing Michael Alvear told me to do. It was the easiest book launch in the history of book launches. It was also the most stress-free, because I am watching Michael's strategies work for my book, just like I've seen them work for his books, and several of my friends' books. My new book released on Tuesday, I celebrated on Wednesday, and by Thursday I was back at work on another new book while Michael's KILLING ON KINDLE strategy worked its best seller magic, pushing my book ever higher in the rankings. Michael Alvear is Kindle Yoda.
Bob68 More than 1 year ago
I've read a LOT of Kindle marketing books (verdict: Eh), so I'm going to cut to the chase and tell you what's different about this one and why it's the only book that made an impact on my sales. 1. A guide to making your book's landing page look like you're Simon & Schuster megastar. I took one look at this author's landing page and thought, "I've got to be able to do that!" There's no other book that gives you a step-by-step html coding guide to using color, pictures and font formatting like bold and italicize. I saw a significant sales increase within a few days of re-formatting my landing page. 2. A guide to getting to the top of Amazon's search engine. This is critical because as the author says, "you can't be bought if you can't be found." I'm not going to lie--it's boring, grunt-like work to discover keywords relevant to your book, but the step-by-step guide is really helpful. What the author calls Amazon's `Leading Indicators' is absolutely brilliant. Within 3 days, I'm not kidding, *3* days, I showed up in the first page of Amazon's search results for my top keywords, whereas before I showed up on like, page 20. 3. A clever way of putting an ad for your book in your competitor's pages. The author found a legal (and just as importantly, ethical) way to put what amounts to an ad in your competitor's pages. It's a shrewd way of getting into that section called, "customers who bought this item also bought..." 4. A convincing argument that blogging and other forms of social media is a waste of time. You can't read this section without a) realizing that he's right--social media is a terrible way of selling books. b) feeling relief that you can stop blogging and tweeting. I don't know about other writers but I loath writing blog posts. I stopped --and my ebook sales skyrocketed (not because I stopped, because I implemented the strategies in this book). This makes me very happy! 5. A chart that correlates Amazon sales rank to actual number of books sold. Let's say you see a 15,000 sales rank for a book. You look in the chart, and see it means the author sold 7 books that day! I've called up fellow writers and said, "I see you've sold 7 books today. Congratulations!" They're like, "How'd you know?!" 6. The assertion that Kindle is its own ecosystem impervious to outside forces (like blogging) was a huge insight that drives this book. The author basically says there are only about 12 things you can do to move Kindle sales and that it'll only take you 18 hours to do them all. It took me 23 hours. I'm either slow or he's lying. Either way, he's right about the ecosystem. This book is destined to be standard text for Kindle marketing.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I bought Making a Killing on Kindle almost a year ago. Mainly because I totally believed exactly in its content. I too decided I was not becoming involved in using social media networking and thought I would just take my chances with the other suggestions in the book. A fter a year of actually writing my first book I am now ready to put into practice all the advice in Michael's book and will let you know what happens.I believe in his book's content without having proof when applying the advice given as yet. However, the proof of th epudding will be in the eating.I wrote to Michael after reading his book the first time, congratulating him on b oth concelt and content. When I told him I was eighty two years old, knew literally nothing about technology and had decided to become an Indie-author he had a good laugh.We both decided that if I could make a success of my first book using his advice, it would be absolutely astounding at age eighty two and ignorant in all stated areas of publishing, anybody would be able to do it.I will go ahead and write another review at the end of another period of time and publish the results then. Kind regards,Late starter.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
To be fair, there was some useful info in the book. That said, I didn't like a couple of the tactics recommended by the author. For example, he recommends leaving a review on a competitor's book with a link back to your book. Well, I guess it might sell some books, but it seems unethical to me. Or posting "starter" reviews to your own book under a different Amazon account, or asking family/friends to do so. I'm not going to do it. Good info on making your book titles/covers attractive to readers and on using search terms to your advantage.
mikewMJ More than 1 year ago
I cannot praise this book highly enough! It ranks alongside "The Complete Guide to Formatting Books for the Amazon Kindle" by Joshua Tallent as one of the most useful investments I have ever made. I feel sure that once I've tried out some of the techniques described in the book, I'll be proved right in my immediate assessment of the author as a genius! If you're wondering what exactly is in this book then its title and subtitle say it all. I'd already hit the "Buy now" button before I'd even finished reading the description. For some time now, I've suspected that I might be chasing my own tail up a cul-de-sac by using social networking to promote my books (written under various pseudonyms) to people who already have them. Mr Alvear seems to concur in his very entertaining, concise guide to getting your work noticed by the right people - your readers and potential buyers. Like another reviewer has already stated, part of me does not want this information getting into the wrong hands, but my conscience dictates that I must give the author a good review to thank him for making this information available; information that is mostly unavailable elsewhere, and even if some of it is available, people are charging a lot more than this author and probably not even giving people the real gems. I'd gladly have paid much more for the chapters on Search Engine Optimization and html alone. This is no ordinary html guide. This is genuine gold for those of us frustrated by Amazon's instructions not to add any text formatting or tags to book descriptions. Perhaps I've said too much. I refer you to this book's description on here. Is that a photograph in the middle of it? I read this book in one sitting, only pausing briefly to go back on the internet to try one of his techniques that had me intrigued, and had an exhilarating "Eureka!" moment when I did. If I was forced to pick faults, it would be for one or two minor formatting glitches and a couple of typos but such trivialities will not prevent me from giving this five stars. I wanted to show my gratitude to the author by buying some more of his books as soon as I'd finished this one (I am not actually finished with it as it will be a source of reference for some time yet) but I was dumbfounded when I saw some of his other rather specialised titles. My wife would never look at me the same way again if she saw them on my Kindle so I'll just say thank you Michael; I'll remember you when I get my solid gold hat!