Make Another World [Bonus Tracks]

Make Another World [Bonus Tracks]

by Idlewild

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Make Another World [Bonus Tracks]

Once again working with producer Dave Eringa, Idlewild offer what is perhaps their most accessible, radio-friendly album their fifth time out. While their previous effort Warnings/Promises had its moments, it was burdened by a certain inert sludginess and anemic pacing. Make Another World clears the air from the get-go with a chugging trio of rockers "In Competition for the Worst Time," "Everything (As It Moves)," and "No Emotion." All three of these tracks would be first-rate choices for singles, but the entire album seems ripe for the plucking. Frontman Roddy Woomble's jones for R.E.M. crops up repeatedly, particularly in the title track with its heavy Green-era influences, in the chime and jangle of "Future Works," and "Once in Your Life," which is a melodic dead-ringer for Michael Stipe and company's "Country Feedback." Mining late-'80s and early-'90s R.E.M. is definitely not a bad thing, as Woomble's accent sits nicely amid the R.E.M.-isms. Just to make it clear that Idlewild is back to its rocking roots, the album even closes with its quickest song; one where Woomble's affects his greatest-ever Stipe impersonation in its chorus. Some criticism could be leveled at Eringa's gruff, aggressive production, which frequently piles on too many guitar effects and distortion that drowns out melodies and pushes Woomble to the background. Surely if Woomble lingered more in the safe, pretty balladry of countryman Gary Lightbody's Snow Patrol, Idlewild would be soundtracking sappy television hospital dramas and shifting millions more units. And Woomble is more than capable of delivering fine ballads, as evidenced by his fine 2006 solo effort. Make Another World isn't so much a return to form as it is another solid and accomplished but not overly memorable effort from a talented but critically marginalized band. [The Sanctuary version contains the bonus tracks "Hidden Ways" and "Lookin' for a Love."]

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Release Date: 04/03/2007
Label: Sanctuary Records
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