Make Elephants Fly: The Process of Radical Innovation

Make Elephants Fly: The Process of Radical Innovation

by Steven S. Hoffman


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Drawing on examples of the hottest innovators in Silicon Valley, this step-by-step guide will show you how to develop, test and launch your impossibly big idea to success.

Almost every major company today has made innovation its number one priority. Yet fewer than one in four executives believe their organizations are effective innovators. The pressure to innovate and the price paid for failure keeps rising, while most companies haven't progressed at all. They are still using the same antiquated techniques pioneered decades ago. This is why some of the biggest corporations in the world manage to lose entire markets to startups they've never heard of.

In today's world, everyone will need to innovate to stay competitive. It doesn't matter if you're a startup founder, corporate executive, small business owner, freelancer or professional, there's a technology out there that's going to upend your industry. And if you aren't able to harness it to your advantage, someone else will. Innovation is no longer an option—it's the price of admission into the business world.

Make Elephants Fly is designed to help you implement the same innovation methodologies and processes as Silicon Valley startups. It will teach you:

  • How startups come up with breakthrough products and services.
  • How to structure innovation teams.
  • The best ways to identify and vet new ideas.
  • What it takes to foster a culture of innovation.
  • How to establish a process of innovation throughout your organization.
By the time you've digested this book, you will have the tools needed to take your impossibly big idea and make it fly!

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781478992943
Publisher: Center Street
Publication date: 11/14/2017
Pages: 320
Product dimensions: 6.10(w) x 9.10(h) x 1.40(d)

About the Author

Steven Hoffman is the Captain and CEO of Founders Space, ranked a Top 10 Incubator in Inc. and the #1 Accelerator for startups coming to Silicon Valley from overseas in Forbes. He has educated and trained hundreds of startup founders and corporate executives in the art of innovation. Always innovating, Hoffman has tried more professions than cats have lives, including serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, angel investor, mobile studio head, computer engineer, filmmaker, Hollywood TV exec, game designer, animator, and voice actor.

Table of Contents

Captain's Log ix

Section 1 The Essence of Innovation

1 Innovation Vector 3

2 Technology Isn't the Answer 8

3 Inventive Ecosystems 16

4 Watch the Waves 21

5 Copying vs. Creating 28

Section 2 The Entrepreneurial Approach

6 Think Small 35

7 Small Teams 38

8 Small Budgets 46

9 Small Time 53

10 Small Scope 61

11 The Big Opportunity 68

Section 3 Startup Mind-set & Methodologies

12 Challenge Your Beliefs 81

13 Nothing to Lose 88

14 Design Innovation 92

15 Business Model Innovation 100

16 The Builder's Trap 107

17 Targeted Prototypes 110

Section 4 The Path to Radical Innovation

18 Go to the Core 117

19 Engage Your Customers 125

20 Observe 131

21 Tap Your Ecosystem 138

22 Data Doesn't Lie 145

23 Value over Money 155

Section 5 Innovating Inside Organizations

24 Fear Factor 167

25 Culture of Innovation 174

26 What Did You Learn? 186

27 Going Down in Flames 194

28 Unblock the Path 204

29 Align Motivations 216

Section 6 Breaking Through Barriers

30 Velocity and Organization 225

31 Iteration Cycles 235

32 Lost in the Woods 242

33 People Power 250

34 Think Different 256

35 One Winner 264

Appendix. Types and Areas of Innovation 271

Endnotes 281

Index 283

About the Author 299

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