Make Your Creative Dreams Real: A Plan for Procrastinators, Perfectionists, Busy People, Avoiders, and People Who Would Rather Sleep All Day

Make Your Creative Dreams Real: A Plan for Procrastinators, Perfectionists, Busy People, Avoiders, and People Who Would Rather Sleep All Day


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Make Your Creative Dreams Real: A Plan for Procrastinators, Perfectionists, Busy People, Avoiders, and People Who Would Rather Sleep All Day by SARK, Susan Ariel Kennedy

SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) has lived one of her creative dreams by transforming herself from a struggling artist into a bestselling author, artist, and creative spiritualist. She is actively working with her other dreams, and she tells readers that making dreams real is not only about making dreams come true but also about living with all that is real about life -- the disappointments, frustrations, progress, quitting, and fulfillment. Now she tells readers how they can live their dreams in a guide that is practical, inspirational, realistic, and as inventive as only SARK can be. Whether your dream is to write a book or plant a garden, open a bed and breakfast or get a degree, help children with cancer or star in a musical, SARK guides you step-by-step on a journey toward making your dream Real.

Are you wondering just what your creative dream is? SARK puts you in a "dream activator" state of mind and helps you figure it out. Are you lost in the Land of No? SARK can help you work with your fear and negativity, live with and transform procrastination and perfectionism, communicate with inside and outside critics, and work with inertia. Do you have a dream but it seems overwhelmingly impossible? SARK's famous microMOVEment technique will help you make your creative dream journey in tiny yet powerful steps. Need inspiration? Read the stories of others who are making their creative dreams real. Having difficulty fitting your dream into your real life? Let SARK show you how to think differently about time and find resources in unexpected places and people.

To begin, choose one of two tables of contents: one for the logical or linear mind that follows the steps in order or one for the more abstract thinker who would prefer to play the system like a game. No matter which path your journey follows, you'll encounter SARK's whimsical humor and tender understanding of human foibles, extensive resource sections, and lots of exercises that will help you get unstuck, activate creativity, and put plans into juicy action. Make Your Creative Dreams Real is the all-in-one book for everyone who has ever wanted to live a more deeply creative and satisfying life.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780743229210
Publisher: Touchstone
Publication date: 05/06/2004
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 6.30(w) x 9.46(h) x 1.00(d)

About the Author

SARK (Susan Ariel Rainbow Kennedy) is an author/artist and acclaimed teacher on the subject of creativity. She was featured on the PBS series Women of Wisdom and Power. She is a recovering procrastinator and perfectionist who practices what she teaches and lives in a Magic Cottage in San Francisco with her "fur husband" cat, Jupiter. You can visit her websight at or her special websight for this book at

Table of Contents

1.Fantastic First Month: Finding and Naming Your Dream(s)24
What's your dream?24
How living your dreams benefits you and others26
Who dreams?28
Why dream?29
Remembering dreams29
Your dream legacy33
Naming your dream34
Stages of dream development36
Week 1A Game or Something to Try37
Week 2A Gift for You39
Week 3A Positive Challenge (I Dare You)40
Week 4Radiant Resources40
2.Succulent Second Month: The Land of No42
Fear and negativity43
Procrastination and perfectionism46
Resistance and inertia49
Inside critics52
"Inside" children54
Grudge Island55
Jealousy and competition57
From the Land of No58
Week 1A Game or Something to Try63
Week 2A Gift for You64
Week 3A Positive Challenge (I Dare You)65
Week 4Radiant Resources65
3.Treasured Third Month: The World of Yes67
Self-acceptance (radical variety)71
Inner allies, teachers, and mentors75
Building your dream life79
The courage to let loose the wonders inside you81
Week 1A Game or Something to Try83
Week 2A Gift for You85
Week 3A Positive Challenge (I Dare You)85
Week 4Radiant Resources86
4.Feisty Fourth Month: Making Creative Dreams Real with MicroMovements88
What are micromovements?88
Examples of micromovements90
Stories of success and stumbling91
Practice and process with micromovements95
Micromovement wheel97
Micromovement buddies97
Week 1A Game or Something to Try101
Week 2A Gift for You102
Week 3A Positive Challenge (I Dare You)103
Week 4Radiant Resources104
5.Fabulous Fifth Month: Creative Dreams Support Systems105
How can your friends and family support your creative dreams?105
Requests from and invitations to people you don't know107
Creative dream teams109
Providing support for yourself112
Who or what inspires you?115
Week 1A Game or Something to Try120
Week 2A Gift for You121
Week 3A Positive Challenge (I Dare You)122
Week 4Radiant Resources122
6.Sublime Sixth Month: Committing to Your Dream and Keeping It Moving124
Have you made a commitment to your creative dreams?124
Time and creative dreams127
Keeping dreams moving128
A review133
New perspectives and possible changes136
Week 1A Game or Something to Try137
Week 2A Gift for You138
Week 3A Positive Challenge (I Dare You)138
Week 4Radiant Resources139
7.Superb Seventh Month: Inspiring Stories and Examples of Creative Dreams and Dreamers141
My creative dreams and what I've learned141
Clark (artist)148
Elissa (copy editor)151
John (teacher)152
Alex (writer)154
Val (expressive arts therapist)156
Sabrina (artist and author)158
Vanessa (student)160
Kindred spirits for creative dreams162
Creative dream questions163
Your page164
Week 1A Game or Something to Try165
Week 2A Gift for You166
Week 3A Positive Challenge (I Dare You)167
Week 4Radiant Resources167
8.Ecstatic Eighth Month: Living Your Creative Dreams169
Fear and loss169
Doing more things badly173
Rebelling and nonconforming175
Don't work harder181
Week 1A Game or Something to Try183
Week 2A Gift for You183
Week 3A Positive Challenge (I Dare You)184
Week 4Radiant Resources185
9.Nourishing Ninth Month: Nourishing You and Your Creative Dreams187
What feels nourishing?187
Nourishment experiences and examples189
Ordinary days as dream nourishment193
How's your creative dream?195
What if you're stuck with your creative dream(s)?196
Style and pace of dreams198
What do you and your creative dreams need?200
Week 1A Game or Something to Try201
Week 2A Gift for You202
Week 3A Positive Challenge (I Dare You)203
Week 4Radiant Resources203
10.Terrific Tenth Month: What You and Your Dreams Need Now205
Where does your creative dream need to go or grow?205
Stages of dream development206
How do dreams get to where they need to go?210
Assessing and reassessing your creative dream212
Examples of creative dreams growing214
Quitting and postponing dreams216
Dreams that lead the way217
Examples of creative dreams that grew219
Week 1A Game or Something to Try222
Week 2A Gift for You222
Week 3A Positive Challenge (I Dare You)223
Week 4Radiant Resources224
11.Energizing Eleventh Month: Managing and Growing Your Creative Dreams226
Managing your dream226
My dream growth227
Scary or alone parts of "success"231
Your creative dream growing larger than you234
You can explore growth in the following ways237
Week 1A Game or Something to Try239
Week 2A Gift for You240
Week 3A Positive Challenge (I Dare You)241
Week 4Radiant Resources242
Dream Stoppers244
Dream Starters245
Questions and Answers246
12.Tender Twelfth Month: Living Elegantly and Successfully with Your Creative Dreams250
Elegant, successful you!250
How open are you to change?251
Sharing dreams with others253
Creative dreams in service254
Welcoming new creative dreams256
Celebrating and acknowledging257
Share your success with the world269
Week 1A Game or Something to Try271
Week 2A Gift for You272
Week 3A Positive Challenge (I Dare You)273
Week 4Radiant Resources274

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