Make Your Own Last Will and Testament

Make Your Own Last Will and Testament

by Enodare


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Make Your Own Last Will and Testament by Enodare

Want to make a Last Will & Testament without the expense of a lawyer? Now you can!

If you die without making a last will & testament, you are said to have died intestate. If you die intestate then you will have:

  • no control over how your assets are distributed;
  • no control over who cares for your children;
  • no long term property management arrangements for your children;
  • no control over who wraps up your affairs; and
  • higher legal fees.

    Making a last will is the only way for you to take control over these matters and to properly provide for your loved ones.

    Enodare has taken its years of estate planning experience and created a simple book to guide you through the process of making a last will. It's called "Make Your Own Last Will & Testament".

    Make Your Own Last Will & Testament will provide you with all you need to make your own customized last will. You will learn about last wills, making gifts, executors, intestacy, probate, estate tax, and much more.

    We'll show you how to:-

  • easily make a valid last will & testament;
  • amend or revoke an existing last will & testament;
  • make cash and specific item gifts;
  • appoint executors to wind up your estate;
  • appoint guardians to care for your children;
  • provide for the management of property gifted to young beneficiaries;
  • make funeral arrangements; and
  • much more.

    With your book, you'll get a variety of fill-in-the-blank last will forms that have been prepared by experienced lawyers and customized for use in a variety of different circumstances; as well as detailed information, easy-to-follow instructions, helpful worksheets and all of the forms necessary to make your last will & testament. Whether you're married or have children, you'll find everything in here that you need to make a customized last will.

    Simply follow the step-by-step instructions in this book, and you can have your last will and testament prepared easily in a matter of minutes!

  • Product Details

    ISBN-13: 9781906144265
    Publisher: Enodare Limited
    Publication date: 12/06/2010
    Pages: 236
    Sales rank: 179,708
    Product dimensions: 7.44(w) x 9.69(h) x 0.50(d)
    Age Range: 1 - 17 Years

    About the Author

    Enodare is an international self-help legal publisher that was founded in 2000 by lawyers from one of the most prestigious international law firms in the World. Its aim was simple - to provide access to quality legal information and products at an affordable price.

    Enodare's will writing software was first published in that year and, following its adaptation to cater for the legal systems of numerous countries worldwide, quickly drew in excess of 40,000 visitors per month to its website. From this humble start, Enodare has quickly grown to become a leading international estate planning and asset protection self-help publisher with legal titles in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and Ireland.

    Enodare's publications provide customers with the confidence and knowledge to help them deal with everyday estate planning issues such as the preparation of a last will and testament, a living trust, a power of attorney, administering an estate and much more.

    By providing customers with much needed information and forms, Enodare enables them to place themselves in a position where they can protect both themselves and their families through the use of easy to read legal documents and forward planning techniques.

    Table of Contents

    Table of Contents (TOC)
    An Introduction to Wills

    Chapter 1 - About Wills
    Basic Components of a Will
    Types of Wills
    Dying Intestate
    The Difference Between Wills and Living Wills
    Do-It-Yourself Wills
    Do You Need a Lawyer to Make a Will?

    Chapter 2 - Making a Valid Will
    What Is a Valid Will?
    Age of Majority
    Mental Capacity
    Undue Influence
    Format of a Will
    Signing of a Will
    Having a Will Witnessed
    Notarizing a Will

    Chapter 3 - Wills and Intestacy
    Why Everyone Needs a Will
    Do I Have to Make a Will?
    How Can a Will Save Me Money?
    Intestacy and What Happens if You Don't Make a Will?
    Partial Intestacy
    Apportionment and Distribution of Assets on Intestacy
    Intestacy and Same Sex Partners
    Estate and Inheritance Taxes

    Chapter 4 - Gifts and Beneficiaries
    What Is a Gift?
    What Is a Beneficiary?
    Types of Beneficiaries and Hierarchy of Distribution
    Who May Not Be a Beneficiary?
    Gifts to Spouses
    Gifts to Minors
    Gifts to Charities
    Gifts to Witnesses
    Failed Bequests
    Releasing Someone from a Debt
    Common Disaster and Simultaneous Death
    Disinheriting Your Spouse
    Disinheriting Your Child
    No Contest Clauses
    Challenging a Will
    Reducing Challenges to a Will

    Chapter 5 - Appointing Executors
    What Is an Executor?
    Alternate Executors
    Overview of Executors' Duties
    What Precisely Does an Executor Do?
    Probate of an Estate
    Grant of Probate
    Who Is Entitled to Act as an Executor?
    Who Should Be Your Executor?
    Naming an Out-of-State Executor
    Cash Reserves During Probate Administration

    Chapter 6 - Guardians and Children
    What Is a Guardian?
    Sole and Joint Guardians
    Alternate Guardians
    Appointment of a Guardian
    Who Can Be a Guardian?
    Should I Appoint Guardians for My Minor Children?
    Considerations When Choosing a Guardian for Your Child
    What Happens When No Guardian Is Named in Your Will?
    Leaving an Inheritance for Children
    Management of Children's Property
    What Happens Without Property Management?
    Options for Property Management
    Whom Should You Choose as a Trustee?
    Trustee's Duties

    Chapter 7 - Estate Planning
    What Is Estate Planning?
    Last Will and Testament
    Revocable Living Trusts
    Joint Ownerships
    Pay-on-Death and Transfer-on-Death Accounts
    Insurance Policies
    Probate Free Transfers of Assets
    "Small Estates" Transfer Procedures
    Reducing Taxes on Your Estate
    Planning for Incapacity � Power of Attorney for Finance & Property
    Planning for Incapacity � Advance Healthcare Directives
    Living Wills
    Healthcare Power of Attorney
    Funeral Arrangements

    Chapter 8 - Estate Taxes
    Estate Taxes
    Update on 2010 Suspension
    Federal Estate and Gift Tax
    What Is the "Coupon" Amount?
    How to Determine the Estate Tax?
    State Taxes
    Marital Deduction
    Non-Citizen Spouses
    Charitable Deductions
    Charitable Remainder Trust
    Charitable Lead Trust
    Other Ways to Reduce Estate Taxes
    Lifetime Gifts
    QTIP Trust
    Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts
    Family Limited Partnerships
    Special Use Real Estate Valuation

    Chapter 9 - Getting Organized and Making Your Will
    Before You Start
    Check Out Some Online Will Packs
    Getting Organized
    Appoint One or More Executors
    Appoint a Testamentary Guardian for Your Minor Children
    What If You Own Property Overseas?
    Execute Your Will in the Prescribed Fashion
    Consider Related Documentation
    Cash Reserves During Administration
    Location of Will

    Chapter 10 - When Do I Need to Make My Will?
    The Power of Now!
    What Happens Next? Always one of two things!
    So, When Should I Make a Will?

    Chapter 11 - Changing Your Will
    How to Change Your Will
    Using a Codicil
    How Often Should I Review My Will?
    Keep Your Will Updated!
    Revocation of a Will

    Appendix 1 - Glossary of Terms
    Appendix 2 - Estate Planning Worksheet
    Appendix 3 - Sample Wills
    Appendix 4 - General Instructions for Completing Your Will
    Appendix 5 - Specific Instructions for Completing Your Will
    Appendix 6 - Self Proving Affidavit - Type 1
    Appendix 7 - Self Proving Affidavit - Type 2
    Appendix 8 - Additional Clauses

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