Make Your Own Simple Will with CD, 4E

Make Your Own Simple Will with CD, 4E

by Mark Warda

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ISBN-13: 9781572485112
Publisher: Sourcebooks
Publication date: 01/01/2006
Edition description: Book and CD-ROM
Pages: 248
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 10.80(h) x 0.90(d)

About the Author

Mark Warda received his JD from the University of Illinois. He has written or coauthored over seventy-five self-help legal books, including The Complete Book of Personal Legal Forms. He lives and runs a busy law practice in central Florida.

Table of Contents

How to Use the CD-ROM -
Using Self-Help Law Books -

Introduction -

Chapter 1: Basic Rules You Should Know -
- What a Will Is
-How a Will is Used
-Joint Tenancy
-Overruling Your Will
-Tenancy in Common
-A Spouse Overruling a Will
-Avoiding a Spouse's Share
-I/T/F Bank Accounts Versus Joint Ownership
-Securities Registered as I/T/F
-Rules for Homesteads
-Property Exempt from Your Will
-Marriage and Changing Your Will
-Divorce and Your Will
-Children and Your Will
-Heirs or Parents have a Forced Share in Puerto Rico
-Your Debts
-Estate and Inheritance Taxes
-Social Security

Chapter 2: Needing a Will -
-What a Will Can Do
-If You Have No Will
-Moving to Another State
-Who Makes a Will
-What a Will Cannot Do
-Who Can Use a Simple Will
-Who Should Not Use a Simple Will

Chapter 3: Making a Simple Will -
-Identifying Parties in Your Will
-Personal Property
-Specific Bequests
-Remainder Clause
-Alternate Beneficiaries
-Children's Trust
-Executor or Personal Representative
-Self-Proved Affidavit
-Disinheriting Someone
-Funeral Arrangements
-Handwritten Wills
-Puerto Rico

Chapter 4: Executing Your Will -
-Self-Proved Will Affidavit

Chapter 5: After Signing Your Will -
-Storing Your Will
-Revoking Your Will
-Changing Your Will

Chapter 6: Making a Living Will -

Chapter 7: Making Powers of Attorney -
-Health Care Power of Attorney

Chapter 8: Making Anatomical Gifts
Chapter 9: Making an Ethical Will -
-Items Included

Chapter 10: Avoiding Probate -
-Joint Property
-Totten Trust
-Formal Trust
-Personal Property

Glossary -

Appendix A: State Laws-
-Spouse's Entitlement to Estate
-State Statutes Allowing Transfers at Death of Securities
-States in which a Handwritten List of Personal Property May Be Used with a Will
-States in which a Handwritten Will is Legal without Witnesses

Appendix B: Sample, Filled-in Forms -
Appendix C: Forms -
Index -

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