Making a Childrens' Garden - Gardening for Kids

Making a Childrens' Garden - Gardening for Kids


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Making a Childrens' Garden - Gardening for Kids by Dueep Jyot Singh, John Davidson

Table of Contents

Planning a Childrens' Garden
Mini Landscape Garden
A Pond Garden
A Rose Garden
A Map Garden
Miniature Garden
Window boxes and Pots
Materials and Size of the Box
Attaching Your Window Box
Filling Your Window Box
Maintaining Your Window Boxes
Sink gardens
Hanging Baskets
Size and Materials for Hanging Baskets
Filling Your Basket
Maintaining the Baskets
Plants for Your Hanging Basket
Garden in a Glass Case
Author Bio


Believe it or not one of the happiest moment in the life of a child, is when he is rooting in mud, in the open sun and air. This is an instinct which is genetically bred in him/her. However, in the 21st century, many parents like to cushion their children so much that they do not want them to go out in the sun, breath in the fresh air, or even expose themselves to the hazards of the polluted atmosphere.

So is it a surprise that many children do not know all about the joys of making a children's garden and gathering their own harvest for the first time in their lives.
This book is going to tell you how you can add plenty of joy and interest in the lives of your family members, especially when their children by helping them make their own childrens' garden.

Of course, the first step is not to make them feel that gardening is a duty and something which you have imposed on them. This is immediately going to put their backs up!

My grandfather tried reverse psychology on us as kids, to get us to water his large garden. He tried pretending that we were very delicate, and we would catch colds if we were found playing about with his water pipes, sprinklers, and hoses.

Needless to say, the moment he left for his club for the evening, we were out in the garden, watering the whole land merrily, and getting thoroughly and enjoyably drenched in the bargain. And we roped in the help of our friends and playmates too whose own grandfathers were also very particular about the health of their own grandchildren, when subjected to the close proximity of hosepipe water!

Naturally, this bit of inverse psychology worked equally well, when he said that our hands were too little to do the weeding, and we decided to prove that he was wrong.

Naturally, after finding the piles of weeds when he came back from his club, he had to admit that he was wrong and asked grandma to reward us with extra helpings of chocolate cake for being such tireless little soldiers. So you could say that in the initial stages, we did our share of gardening through not so altruistic motives, but soon we got addicted to the feel of soil between our fingers. But then that was natural because man and the earth are bound together, naturally.

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ISBN-13: 9781516926688
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/17/2015
Pages: 46
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