Making America: A History of the United States, Brief Edition / Edition 5

Making America: A History of the United States, Brief Edition / Edition 5

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Making America: A History of the United States, Brief Edition / Edition 5

MAKING AMERICA: A HISTORY OF THE UNITED STATES, BRIEF FIFTH EDITION, presents history as a dynamic process shaped by human expectations, difficult choices, and often the surprising consequences. With this focus on history as a process, MAKING AMERICA encourages students to think historically and to develop into citizens who value the past. The clear chronology, straightforward narrative, and strong thematic structure emphasize communication over intimidation, and appeal to students of varied learning levels. The Brief Fifth Edition retains a hallmark feature of the MAKING AMERICA program: pedagogical tools that allow students to master complex material and enable them to develop analytical skills. Every chapter has chapter outlines, chronologies, focus questions, and in-text glossaries to provide guidance throughout the text. A new feature called Investigating America gets to the heart of learning history: reading and analyzing primary sources. The text's new open, inviting design allows students to access and use pedagogy to improve learning. Available in the following split options: MAKING AMERICA, Brief Fifth Edition (Chapters 1-30), ISBN: 978-0-618-47139-3; Volume I: To 1877 (Chapters 1-15), ISBN: 978-0-618-47140-9; Volume II: Since 1865 (Chapters 15-30), ISBN: 978-0-618-47141-6.

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ISBN-13: 9780618471393
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Publication date: 01/01/2010
Series: Available Titles CourseMate Series
Edition description: 5
Pages: 864
Product dimensions: 7.90(w) x 9.90(h) x 1.00(d)

Table of Contents

1. Making a "New World," to 1588. 2. A Continent on the Move, 1400-1725. 3. Founding the English Mainland Colonies, 1585-1721. 4. The English Colonies in the Eighteenth Century, 1689-1763. 5. Deciding Where Loyalties Lie, 1763-1776. 6. Recreating America: Independence and a New Nation, 1775-1783. 7. Competing Visions of the Virtuous Republic, 1770-1796. 8. The Early Republic, 1796-1804. 9. Increasing Conflict and War, 1805-1815. 10. The Rise of a New Nation, 1815-1836. 11. The Great Transformation: Growth and Expansion, 1828-1848. 12. Responses to the Great Transformation, 1828-1848. 13. Sectional Conflict and Shattered Union, 1848-1860. 14. A Violent Choice: Civil War, 1861-1865. 15. Reconstruction: High Hopes and Shattered Dreams, 1865-1877. 16. An Industrial Order Emerges, 1865-1880. 17. Becoming an Urban Industrial Society, 1880-1890. 18. Conflict and Change in the West, 1865-1902. 19. Economic Crash and Political Upheaval, 1890-1900. 20. The Progressive Era, 1900-1917. 21. The United States in a World at War, 1913-1920. 22. Prosperity Decade, 1920-1928. 23. The Great Depression and the New Deal, 1929-1939. 24. America's Rise to World Leadership, 1929-1945. 25. Truman and Cold War America, 1956-1952. 26. Quest for Consensus, 1952-1960. 27. Great Promises, Bitter Disappointments, 1960-1968. 28. American Under Stress, 1967-1976. 29. Facing Limits, 1976-1992. 30. Entering a New Century, 1992-2009.

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