Making America: A History of the United States, Volume B: Since 1865, Brief / Edition 2

Making America: A History of the United States, Volume B: Since 1865, Brief / Edition 2

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Making America: A History of the United States, Volume B: Since 1865, Brief / Edition 2

With an accessible reading style abundant pedagogy, and reasonable price tag, MAKING AMERICA, BRIEF, is the perfect choice for inexperienced students and cost-conscious professors. The Second Edition features chapter-opening maps, timelines, and chronology charts that emphasize key developments, enhance geographical awareness, and highlight political events.

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ISBN-13: 9780618044290
Publisher: Cengage Learning
Publication date: 08/09/2000
Edition description: ABR
Pages: 504
Product dimensions: 8.02(w) x 9.11(h) x 0.61(d)

Table of Contents

Note: Each chapter concludes with Suggested Readings. 15. RECONSTRUCTION: HIGH HOPES AND BROKEN DREAMS, 1865-1877. Presidential Reconstruction. Freedom and the Legacy of Slavery. Congressional Reconstruction. Black Reconstruction. The End of Reconstruction. 16. SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST: ENTREPRENEURS AND WORKERS IN INDUSTRIAL AMERICA, 1865-1900. Foundation for Industrialization. Railroads and Economic Growth. Entrepreneurs and Industrial Transformation. Workers in Industrial America. The Varieties of Labor Organization and Action. Individual Choices: Mother Jones. The Nation Transformed. 17. CONFLICT AND CHANGE IN THE WEST, 1865-1902. War for the West. Mormons, Cowboys, and Sodbusters: The Transformation of the West, Part I. Individual Choices: Sitting Bull. Railroads, Mining, Agribusinesses, Logging, and Finance: The Transformation of the West, Part II. Ethnicity and Race in the West. The West in American Thought. 18. THE NEW SOCIAL PATTERNS OF URBAN AND INDUSTRIAL AMERICA, 1865-1917. The New Urban Environment. Poverty and the City. New Americans from Europe. New South, Old Issues. New Patterns of American Social and Cultural Life. Making History: New Choices for Women. 19. POLITICAL STALEMATE AND POLITICAL UPHEAVAL, 1868-1900. Parties, Voters, and Reformers. Political Stalemate. Agricultural Distress and Political Upheaval. Economic Collapse and Political Upheaval. Individual Choices: Grover Cleveland. 20. BECOMING A WORLD POWER: AMERICA AND WORLD AFFAIRS, 1865-1913. The United States and World Affairs, 1865-1889. Stepping Cautiously in World Affairs, 1889-1897. Striding Boldly: War and Imperialism, 1897-1901. "Carry a Big Stick": The United States and World Affairs, 1901-1913. 21. THE PROGRESSIVE ERA, 1900-1917. Individual Choices: W.E.B. DuBois. The Reform of Politics, the Politics of Reform. Roosevelt, Taft, and Republican Progressivism. Wilson and Democratic Progressivism. Progressivism in Perspective. 22. AMERICA AND THE WORLD, 1913-1920. Inherited Commitments and New Directions. From Neutrality to War: 1914-1917. The Home Front. Americans "Over There". Wilson and the Peace Conference. Trauma in the Wake of War. Making History: The Choice to Declare War. 23. THE 1920S, 1920-1928. Prosperity Decade. The "Roaring Twenties". Individual Choices: Langston Hughes. Race, Class, and Gender in the 1920s. The Politics of Prosperity. 24. FROM GOOD TIMES TO HARD TIMES, 1920-1932. The Diplomacy of Prosperity. The Failure of Prosperity. Government and Economic Crisis. Individual Choices: Milo Reno. Depression America. 25. THE NEW DEAL, 1933-1940. A New President, a New Deal. The Second Hundred Days. The New Deal and Society. Individual Choices: Frances Perkins. The New Deal Winds Down. 26. AMERICA'S RISE TO WORLD LEADERSHIP, 1933-1945. Roosevelt and Foreign Policy. The Road to War. America Responds to War. Waging World War. Making History: The Decision to Drop the Atomic Bomb. 27. TRUMAN AND COLD WAR AMERICA, 1945-1952. The Cold War Begins. The Korean War. Homecomings and Adjustments. Cold War Politics. Individual Choices: Paul Robeson. 28. QUEST FOR CONSENSUS, 1952-1960. The Best of Times. Individual Choices: Allen Ginsberg. Politics of Consensus. Seeking Civil Rights. Eisenhower and a Hostile World. 29. GREAT PROMISES, BITTER DISAPPOINTMENTS, 1960-1968. Kennedy and the New Frontier. Flexible Response. Beyond the New Frontier. New Agendas. Making History: The Debate over Black Power. 30. AMERICA UNDER STRESS, 1963-1975. Johnson and the World. Expanding the American Dream. Nixon and the Balance of Power. Nixon and Politics. 31. FACING LIMITS, 1974-1992. Politics of Uncertainty. Carter's Foreign Policy. Enter Ronald Reagan--Stage Right. Individual Choices: Bill Gates. Asserting World Power. In Reagan's Shadow. 32. MAKING NEW CHOICES, 1992-1999. An Anxious Society Grows More Confident. The Politics of Morality. Calls for Change. APPENDIX. Bibliography. Documents: Declaration of Independence; Constitution of the United States. Tables: Territorial Expansion of the United States; Admission of States into the Union; Presidential Elections. Index.

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