Making Common Cents of Credit: A Common Sense Approach to Understanding, Managing, & Restoring Your Credit

Making Common Cents of Credit: A Common Sense Approach to Understanding, Managing, & Restoring Your Credit

by Franchesca Ross Jones, Edward Jamison




Financial literacy doesn't happen by magic. As adults, we're expected to make intelligent decisions about budgets, saving for retirement, and credit, but we don't teach these things in schools. Franchesca Ross-Jones is on a mission to change that.Making Common Cents of Credit is the education on credit and credit scores that you wish you had in high school. It explains what your credit score is, how it's calculated, how to get a copy of your credit report, how to read it, and how to challenge any errors you might find. It teaches how to build good credit, how to restore damaged credit, and how to fight back against a credit system that often feels like it's designed to confuse.Making Common Cents of Credit pulls back the curtain to explain how it all works, and provides ready-to-use sample Credit Bureau Dispute Letters and detailed information on the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) and other laws that are designed to protect consumers.Franchesca Ross-Jones knows first-hand the struggles of a single mother with no financial education. She has taught herself financial literacy and earned a degree in Psychology and Business from Troy University. She is a certified tax professional and a board-certified credit consultant, as well as a member of the Credit Consultants Association. She has built a financial literacy business and mentors other entrepreneurs on how to achieve success and still have a happy balanced life.

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Publication date: 05/05/2019
Pages: 136
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About the Author

God-fearing woman-on-a-mission, Franchesca Ross-Jones had come to face hardships and financial struggles as a single mother at the fragile age of 16. Determined to rise above life's challenges though, she graduated from Troy University with a Bachelor of Science degree after studying Business and Psychology. Franchesca has modestly built her own successful financial literacy business focused on taxes, credit, training and consulting. She also discerningly coaches other business owners on how to achieve the same success by prioritizing and creating the balance they desire between their personal and professional lives.Franchesca is a certified tax professional and a board certified Credit Consultant. She is a member of the Credit Consultants Association (CCA)She is the principal of Common Cents Solutions. In this role, Franchesca manages a team of tax professionals, credit specialists and business consultants, providing all aspects of financial literacy, including individual and business taxes, consumer and commercial credit, and business operations and management. She is highly customer-centric with superlative relationship-building skills, as evidenced by achieving six-figure annual sales and more than 600 new customer accounts in the past 4 years, primarily through referrals. Self-confidence, determination, dedication, organization and motivation paired with tenacious sales and marketing skills have provided a solid foundation for new business and cultivating existing customer relationships.A philanthropist at heart, her passion is what led to her long career and thriving business in empowering men and women alike to regain financial stability and reclaim their independence.Driven still after more than 19 years of working with consumer and financial services industries, she hascommitted to paper her debuting no-nonsense self-help book, Making Common Cents of Credit.While Franchesca enjoys giving back to her community, conducting workshops, creating educational platforms, and speaking at various events, she relishes every moment she gets to sharewith family and friends. She currently resides in the City of Natural Beauty – Wetumpka, Alabama – with her husband and children.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 What Is a Credit Score & How Is Yours Affecting You? 17

Chapter 2 The "Imperfect" Credit Reporting System and the "Less Than Perfect" Credit Scoring Software Analyzing It 31

Chapter 3 What's Your Score? 47

Chapter 4 "Repairing" Your Damaged Credit 71

Chapter 5 Other Strategies for Improving Your Score 125

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