Making Sense of Marilyn

Making Sense of Marilyn

by Andrew Norman


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The world continues to be fascinated with Marilyn Monroe who dazzled with her beauty and captivated the hearts of millions, worldwide, with her innocence, charm, generosity, and kindness, and yet, who died tragically at the age of only 36.

Hollywood columnist, film critic, and author of ‘The Fifty Year Decline and Fall of Hollywood’, Ezra Goodman, writing in 1961, the year prior to her death, declared, ‘The riddle that is Marilyn Monroe has not been solved’.

Aside from the fact that Marilyn’s so-called autobiography cannot be relied upon, making sense of her is certainly problematical, not least because in her early years, she was insecure and introspective, and unable even to make sense of herself.

There has been much debate, in particular, about the frame of mind that Marilyn was in when, on the night of 5 August 1962, she knowingly or unknowingly took her own life.

With his medical background, the author is in a position to shed new light on the enigmatic character of Marilyn Monroe, this fascinating, yet deeply troubled, former Hollywood icon who is regarded, arguably, as the world’s most famous ever movie star.

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ISBN-13: 9781781556429
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Publication date: 03/13/2018
Pages: 144
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About the Author

Andrew Norman was born in Newbury, Berkshire, UK in 1943. Having been educated at Thornhill High School, Gwelo, Southern Rhodesia (now Zimbabwe), Midsomer Norton Grammar School, and St Edmund Hall, Oxford, he qualified in medicine at the Radcliffe Infirmary. He has two children Bridget and Thomas, by his first wife.¶From 1972-83, Andrew worked as a general practitioner in Poole, Dorset, before a spinal injury cut short his medical career. He is now an established writer whose published works include biographies of Charles Darwin, Winston Churchill, Thomas Hardy, T.E. Lawrence, Adolf Hitler, Agatha Christie, Enid Blyton, Beatrix Potter, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, and Robert Mugabe. Andrew married his second wife Rachel, in 2005.

Table of Contents

Preface 7

1 Birth, Parents, Forebears 13

2 Childhood 18

3 George Barris: Marilyn's Confidante 25

4 The Legacy of Marilyn's Childhood 31

5 Childhood Sexual Abuse, and Its Possible Consequences for Marilyn 34

6 First Marriage: James Dougherty 35

7 James Dougherty's Observations About Marilyn 47

8 Early Success: Popularity: A Scandal 51

9 Second Marriage: Joe DiMaggio 63

10 Third Marriage: Arthur Miller 68

11 Further Success for Marilyn 80

12 Myths and Rumours 84

13 Marilyn in Profile 86

14 Marilyn's Continuing Need for an Attachment Figure 96

15 Encounters with Psychiatrists and other Would-Be Diagnosticians 98

16 Marilyn and Borderline Personality Disorder 102

17 Arthur Miller: After the Fall 112

18 Mental Disorders in the Family: The Origin of Marilyns Condition 117

19 Something's Got to Give 120

20 Death of Marilyn 126

Epilogue 132

Endnotes 138

Bibliography 156

Index 158

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