Making The Shift: Field Guide To The Emerging Consciousness

Making The Shift: Field Guide To The Emerging Consciousness

by Moriah Marston, and The Tibetan


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Making The Shift: Field Guide To The Emerging Consciousness by Moriah Marston, and The Tibetan

The author aligns her psychological perspective with the Tibetan's (Ascended Master Dhwhal Khul, aka Master DK) cosmic wisdom to address the central issues that humankind will be increasingly facing in the upcoming years. The Tibetan's intent is to help us prepare for tremendous change. Humankind is now walking the razor's edge. We must make a significant shift in consciousness.There is no other place to go but forward. We are collectively undergoing total transformation — a new human being is emerging. So much promise awaits us; we are architects of the new paradigm. We have no road maps or guides for this collective birth. Allow this guide book to provide a greater perspective on the challenging process of consciously making a transformational, fundamental shift in consciousness. Rather than feel like overwhelmed victims of a strange time on the planet as we sense the old way of things slipping through our fingers into a sea of chaos, this field guide reminds us that today's evolutionary demands offer a profound opportunity to to make tremendous spiritual progress, to liberate the soul from lifetimes of hardship and limiting beliefs, and to co-create a brand new understanding of our potential as a human race. We are learning to language a new paradigm, to accept an unprecedented colossal amount of soul homework, and to support each other through the rigors of alchemy. All of this hard work is not for naught. Within these pages, the Tibetan offers his teachings to clarify, ease, catalyze, and reassure us on this mysterious journey. This book is written to help focus us on what is most important at this time, to provide guidance for how to best collaborate with the Divine Call to open, and to compassionately assist us to make contact with unresolved soul congestion in need of healing. May it serve to stimulate the courage to release the outmoded self, as we travel into the deepest level of our collective shadow to clear out all residues of illusion and distortion. These pages will empower you, help you get your bearings and orient to the rapidly approaching horizon of the new paradigm in consciousness. The reader is guided to harness today's accelerated energies and ride the wave of transformation with confidence, optimism, strength, and faith. May this book inspire you, comfort you, challenge you, and bring us all closer together as we smile in recognition that indeed something wonderful is happening to every one of us!

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ISBN-13: 9781936750696
Publisher: Yorkshire Publishing
Publication date: 10/22/2011
Pages: 302
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.63(d)

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