Male Sexual Health

Male Sexual Health


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ISBN-13: 9782922260106
Publisher: Rogers Media Publishing
Publication date: 03/28/2005
Pages: 128
Product dimensions: 5.52(w) x 8.38(h) x 0.35(d)

Table of Contents

Chapter 1The Male Sex Revealed!
The Importance of a Sex Life17
Anatomy of the Male Genitalia20
The Marvellous Mechanics of Erection21
Testosterone Is not Synonymous with Sex Drive23
Chapter 2Erectile Dysfunction (ED)
What Exactly Is Erectile Dysfunction?25
Causes of Erectile Dysfunction28
How Does Diabetes Hamper Erection?31
An Insidious Disease32
Vascular Diseases34
Neurological Conditions37
Spinal Cord Injury37
Multiple Sclerosis40
Injuries to the Pelvic (Lower Abdominal) Area41
Other Neurological Causes43
Psychological Problems44
Performance Anxiety46
Conditions Affecting the Penis49
Endocrine Problems50
Can Lifestyle Negatively Affect Sexual Activity?51
Andropause: Myth or Reality?53
What Kind of Testosterone?55
Hormone Replacement Therapy56
Chapter 3Other Types of Sexual Dysfunction
Ejaculation Disorders59
Premature Ejaculation59
Delayed Ejaculation63
Retrograde Ejaculation64
Peyronie's Disease64
Lowered Sex Drive68
Chapter 4At the Doctor's
Consult Your Doctor71
Fractile Dysfunction Self-assessment Test73
Medical Assessment: the Key to Diagnosis75
Specialized Tests77
Chapter 5Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction
Treatments Are Available81
Sidenafil (Viagra)82
How Does Viagra Work?83
Side Effects and Contraindications85
Other Solutions86
Transurethral Treatment (MUSE)86
Intracavernous (Penile) Injections88
Vacuum Pump90
Penile Implants91
Alternative Methods93
What Will the Future Bring?96
Chapter 6Treatment of Other Types of Sexual Dysfunction
Premature Ejaculation97
Delayed Ejaculation and Anejaculation99
Retrograde Ejaculation100
Peyronie's Disease100
Lowered Sex Drive102
Chapter 7At the Sex Therapist's
Why Consult a Sex Therapist?105
Go with Your Partner107
Sex Therapy109
Cognitive-Behaviour Therapy111
Systemic Therapy112
Humanistic-Existential Therapy115
Is Sex Therapy Always Effective?115

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