Male Territory

Male Territory

by Mary Suzanne

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Male Territory by Mary Suzanne

Samantha sat at the table looking through the mountain of unpaid bills. When her young brother slammed the back door, she slipped the bills into the folder and glanced up.
“Sam, Mark wants me to go to the park with him,” he told her reaching into the cookie jar.
“That’s a good idea since I have something to do today.”
“What is it?”
“I’m going to see Tony Santino about a job. If you get back before I do, stay at Mark’s house.” Samantha felt grateful to her neighbor for keeping an eye on Tommy during the summer vacation from school.
“I will,” he said as he headed out the door again.
When their parents died tragically, she became both parents to Tommy. In recent months, the economy had taken a downward trend and the company she worked for closed.
The future didn’t look too rosy as she picked up the thick folder to put away. She cleared away the dishes before going upstairs. As she reached her bedroom, her gaze drifted to the dresser where a framed picture of her parents sat. The strong featured man and the beautiful woman at his side smiled lovingly out at her from the moment caught in time. She walked over and picked up the picture, cradling it gently in her hand.
“I’m taking care of Tommy,” she whispered softly to their images. Somehow, she felt her parents already knew. She studied their faces a moment longer before replacing the cherished picture on the dresser.
After showering, she looked through her closet and removed a green dress. As she stood in front of the mirror, she fastened the buttons on the cool sundress. Applying powder to her small nose, she skillfully hid the lightly freckled patch that popped out during the hot summer months. She blotted her pink lips and headed down the steps.
While she gathered her car keys and handbag, she thought how lucky she had been meeting Tony through her old job. He was the head of a local hiring hall and his job was to send workers to different contractors requesting someone for a short time. He had told her if she ever needed his help to let him know. The company she had worked for had closed and she now had to ask Tony for his help.
As she started out the door, Samantha heard the phone ringing. She stepped into the hallway and lifted the receiver.
“Sam,” Tony greeted her warmly. “I wanted to make sure I caught you before you left for my office. Something urgent has come up and I’ll have to cancel our meeting. What was it you wanted to discuss with me?”
“Does your offer of a job still hold? “She blurted out before she lost her nerve.
“Of course, it does. The only available job is driving a truck.”
“Oh.” Samantha sighed heavily feeling her hopes beginning to fade. What he offered seemed almost impossible to her. “I’ve never driven a truck before.”

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Publisher: Mary Suzanne
Publication date: 10/09/2012
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About the Author

Mary Suzanne writes a story feeling the hero and heroine’s pain, happiness and joy over their relationship. It she is able to transport a person from their every day existence to another realm in time; then she has succeeded in giving something special to her readers.

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