Malleus Deus

Malleus Deus

by Ildefonso Soto Jr.


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ISBN-13: 9781504914796
Publisher: AuthorHouse
Publication date: 06/03/2015
Pages: 486
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 1.08(d)

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Malleus Deus

An Apocalyptic Fiction Novel

By Ildefonso Soto Jr


Copyright © 2015 Ildefonso Soto Jr.
All rights reserved.
ISBN: 978-1-5049-1479-6


Birth of the Observer


"Patricia Por favor, I have asked you several times already to go out and pick the vegetables for tonight before it gets dark."

"Si, mama"

A San Juan University student studying in religious and political science, and passionately consumed by the Catholic doctrine and rich history, twenty-one-year-old Patricia Martinez, sincerely contemplating what she felt was her impending calling to become a Nun but was conflicted between her intuition and what she felt was her significant role in her family's struggling sugar-cane plantation in order to maintain their financial solidity.

Helping her mother and grandmother prepare for the New Year's celebration, and being to the fields to pick vegetables', Patricia found herself as she has often done, wondering off and carelessly enjoying the splendor's of her surroundings. On her way back to the family farm, Don Omar Quinones, a successful farm owner and neighbor to the Martinez family, who has observed Patricia grow since childhood, was in the fields, were he inspecting his crops.

Having noticed Patricia walking by herself, Don Quinones remained silent to admire how she has grown into the fine looking woman she is today, and instinctively begins lurking within the same fields and paced himself toward her direction so that he can cross paths with her.

Having consumed a considerable amount of alcohol consumed throughout the day causing him to dismiss any moral behavior, Don Omar Quinones finally crossed paths with her at the crest of the hill, and remained idle in front of her path.

"Buena's tardes Patricia, can I help you with your basket? It looks heavy."

"Buena's tardes Don Quinones, I did not see you." She apprehensively tells him, as she remained startled, and stricken with fear. The neighbor who she had known for so long was now flaunting a devious sexual gaze.

With a bottle of Rum on one hand and the other in his pocket lightly stroking himself, Don Quinones forcefully stands in her way, prohibiting her from returning back.

"Patricia, please let me help you? It's no trouble at all."

"No its O.K. my mother is on her way to meet up with me right now."

From the hilltop from where they were both standing, the two had a clear view of the farm. He then turns to view the fields behind him to confirm any validity to her claim, and to his delight, no one was within sight. With a boastful scan that searched his immediate area, he then turns toward her, and slightly leans his head to the side, and with a ghastly smile he proceeds forward in attempt to grab her basket.

"Patricia, it really isn't any trouble at all, hand me your basket I will help you take it down the hill."

"No thank you." she nervously replies. "I have to go now for my family is waiting for me to return."

Unfazed by her claim, he placed the bottle down carefully on the ground so that he will not spill one drop, and without saying a word, extended his hand motioning to hold her hand.

"I said no!" she sternly warns him as she defensibly backs away.

Palpably aroused, Don Quinones smile's, stumbled toward her, and began to overpower her, and aggressively begins to kiss and grope her as he tries to remove articles of her clothing. Petite and unable to free herself from his sexual assault, Patricia begins screaming for help and instinctively bit his cheek, forcing him to temporarily stop his assault.

Annoyed by her feeble attempt to free herself, and being bitten, Don Quinones back hands her to weaken her attempt to scream for help, and knocks her to the ground, and seconds before he was to fulfill his sexual misdeed, Don Quinones was confronted with a superior blinding light that physically tossed him twenty feet from her that left him transitorily gripped with fear from his incomprehensible occurrence.

Dismissing his aberrant encounter, he continues with his sexual aggression, and proceeds toward her, and for the second time was tossed again by the blinding light, interceding with his offensive attack. The light which was brilliant in nature, presented itself with boundless authority that shook the ground where he was standing, and when the light slowly faded, a silhouette of a man, with a massive wingspan presented himself.

Realizing that his unknown adversary was not of the physical earth, Don Quinones stood awed by his menacing stature, and was overwhelmed with terror, rendering him incapable to any reactionary movement.

Angry at Patricia's drunken aggressor, and his excessive attempt in a bellicose manner, the Angel walks toward the man and with one arm lifts him from the ground, and above his head allowing him to dangle like a rag doll and yells out.

"You are nothing but a mere mortal that will appropriately be judged by your maker. You will never be my equal and I can assure you, which you and I will meet again under different circumstances, and I think you already know that it will not be in your favor."

While having his captive dangling in midair, the Angel releases the man with discontent that forces him to land firmly to the ground, knocking the wind out of him. Sitting up to regain his physical equanimity, Don Quinones sees the vision of a half dog, half ram running violently toward him approaching him expeditiously from the fields, and like a frighten child wishing to escape it's aggressor, he immediately gets up and runs into the fields never to be seen again.

Patricia, who witnessed and heard what she believed, was an Angel of authority, was also at amazement, and was trying her best to acknowledge the gravity to her vision. Sitting in an upright position, she immediately began to cry while looking up, and rocking back and forth to the Angel in incomprehension.

"Patricia, don't be afraid, I am not here to hurt you."

Shocked that the Angel called her by name, she felt a great sense of calm when the Angel showed a great level of compassion that was soothing within her soul, and was even more amazed by his magnificence and radiance.

"Who are you?" she asked with unworthy concern.

The Angel smiled, and with a gentle voice, he tells her.

"You have been chosen, and will perform a great deed to the world. This deed will prove to be of great assistance to all the Angels in heaven, prepared to destroy the wickedness that roams the earth."

"Chosen? Chosen by whom?"

"You have been chosen, leaving no room to question Patricia. All you need to concern yourself with is to prepare to what is to become."

Remaining motionless with the inability to speak, Patricia could only stare at the Angel in disbelief, while at the same time, refusing to believe his account of her playing an instrumental role in what is to become a great conflict on earth. In the end all she could do was sit upright in dismay and continue weeping.

Sympathizing with her unforeseen circumstances, the Angel acknowledges that Patricia was afflicted, and placed his hands over her eyes, revealing God's legion of Angels preparing for a great battle; a battle that revealed a man involved with the Angels, tracing the identity of who is to be known as the world's greatest deceiver; the anti-Christ.

"Don't be troubled to the vision that was presented to you, for what is to take place must be."

"What are you talking about? What must be? and who is this man you speak of?"

"The identity to who he is will soon reveal itself, so prepare yourself for you will soon give birth to a son, and your son will soon prove to be significant in identifying the one who will roam earth seeking the ruin of souls, and when this moment becomes a reality, the world is to witness an unexplainable truth."

Shaking her head in disbelief, she tries to plead with the Angel who displayed no signs of reaction.

"Why me, what can I possibly offer?"

"Patricia, no one makes that decision but he, and only he, and you have been chosen."

"Why can't GOD just tell you or just show you what's going to happen?" muttering to the Angel.

"It does not work that way, and I, nor you, will never question him."

The Angel then placed his hand over her eyes for the second time, and presents to her a more dreadful apocalyptic forecast of the events that would take place to the physical world, and when the vision cleared, she remained in disbelief for what was once a simple farmer's life was now pierced with atrociousness and uncertainty.

"I am insignificant, and don't want any of this."

"No" he sternly replies. "That is not up to us to decide."

"But why me?" she asked. "Why can't GOD pick someone else, who is more worthy?"

"I know this is all hard to understand in your unawake state of consciousness, but you need to understand that your son will be central to us. He will be an observer who will unknowingly intercede with Satan's plans to ruin the world, and all of GOD's spiritual inhabitants. Patricia, your son will play a key role that will be the first blow in defeating Satan, and his Army of demons. It is done this way so that Satan will not see us coming."

"Will this be judgment day?"

"For some yes, but not for all, only he knows when the time and day will come."

Patricia who was physically and emotionally traumatized, accepted this revelation, and managed to conjure enough gall to question the Angel one last time "What would become of my son? What will I name him?"

"When the time comes you will know, but for now, his identity to the world will remain in secrecy, but worry not, for he will be safeguarded throughout his life, revered and loved by all of us."

In total incredulity she knew that it was going to take some time to accept this undesirable truth. She looked up toward the heavens in hopes to have a sign or validation presented to her, but was even more distressed as to whom the chosen mate would be or come from.

Now coming to terms with what was revealed, and now the inevitable, she forced herself in placing her emotions in check the best way she could, looks at the Angel one final time hoping he would voluntarily reveal who the father is to be, and was transiently blinded by a divine light that left her excluded to the events surrounding her.

When she finally regained her vision, and was able to make out what was an Angel transforming into the shape of a physical man, her body became enthralled in a euphoria state as the Angel and her body, united their flesh as one.

Patricia, who was devout to GOD and unscathed by any man, was unable to control her earthly desires, and was succumbed to the sexual pleasures only a woman can experience, and after submitting to her inner enjoyment, Patricia with an uncontrollable scream was overwhelmed by the immense climaxing eruption she has never experienced before as a woman.

Left in the open fields, unresponsive in an orgasmic blissful state, gazed at her spiritual lover's brilliant glow returning to his natural Angelic form. As his Angelic radiance diminished and departed the physical earth, her line of vision refocused to what was her mother, and family members in search for her; a sentiment she was uncertain of accepting.

Six months has now gone by since her Angelic encounter, and till this day, she has been unable to convincingly explain to her family of the events that took place leading to her pregnancy, and as a direct result her testimony has been dismissed time after time to the validity of her encounter, forcing them to theorize an unbridle consequence.

Her mother on the other hand believed that there was some legitimacy to her story, and although she kept it to herself to avoid disputing with the other family members, that questioned it, she faithfully prayed for assistance and direction.

Just shy of seven months, Patricia was rushed to the hospital suffering from severe abdominal pain, later proving that she would give birth prematurely to her son.

Waking up several hours later after experiencing a complicated and premature childbirth, Patricia wakes up to the blinding lights in the recovery room, and to the smiling faces of her family. "Where's my son?" with a cracked voiced she asked.

"He is fine, but he has to remain in an incubator until the doctor clears him which can take days, perhaps even weeks." Patricia's mother replies as she gently caresses her daughters face with a motherly smile.

Patricia, who is slow to respond, becomes aware of four archangels quantum tunneling into the room like secret service men protecting their commander and chief, and standing at guard, as the nurse wheels her son in the recovery room.

The family member's, and the nurse, who were in all in her direct line of vision in the room, were unable to see the archangels. Patricia, who could only reflect back to her angelic encounter, and what was revealed to her, strangely felt at ease, knowing that her son would be safeguarded and loved by them all.

"Here he is, the nurse announces."

Patricia greets her son with a big warm smile, only to be replaced with a great deal of sadness when she realizes she cannot touch him at the very moment. Tears fill her eyes, she closes them, instinctively holds her family's hand, prays, and gives thanks to the creation of her son.

"I am really tired."

"O.K. everyone, you all need to leave now and allow her to rest." the nurse orders.

Patricia holds her mother hand "Please stay with me mom." as the two look at the nurse.

"Of course your mother can stay." The nurse smilingly replies, as family members, one by one exit out the room.

Having experienced a great deal of complications with childbirth, and losing a lot of blood, Patricia slowly drifted in and out of state of consciousness and muttered out at one point to her Mother,

"Please name him Mateo."

"Patricia, you need your res, and when you wake up, you can talk to the hospital administrator, and you and I can fill out the paperwork in naming him."

With grieving eyes, and a heavy heart Patricia, new that her last day on earth was upon her. She witnessed with every passing minute angelic figures calling her to join them, leaving her feeling a great deal of peace However; she was greatly sadden in knowing that her mother was going to experience the burden of raising her son by herself.

"Mom, I am not going to make it."

"No Patricia, you are fine."

"No mom I am not, but I am not afraid, and everything is going to be fine, I promise."

"Patricia; you are tired and you need your rest."

She looked at her mother with an adoring look, caressed her face and whispered to her "I love you mom, you are great mother, and you will do a wonderful job in raising Mateo, but just know that he will face many challenges."

"Patricia, what are you talking about?"

"Mom, he will be safely guarded by the angels."

Patricia's mother, who was in total disbelief to her testimony, apprehensively asked her "Who will protect him? Who are you talking about?"

Unresponsive and staring out toward the window, Patricia gently slipped in a coma. Days later, she died while doctors tried to revive her.


Seed of the Unholy

Unsuspecting of a child, that will later prove to be imperative to the archangels resistance, Satan decides to roam the earth, and prey on an unknowingly victim so that he can sow his seed of evil to later give birth to his child, and strategically be used as an instrument that will unleash a level of betrayal, to all living beings to the physical earth.

As the days go by, and charming his way through the profusion of unworthy prospects that would help him achieve his objective, Satan makes himself comfortable at an upscale bar in the financial district of the city, and notices a young attractive prostitute making her acquaintance, and having drinks with wealthy older men.

Feigning to his presence, the young prostitute peripherally monitors the tall handsome and charismatic man making his way to the lounge area of the bar. Immediately attracted to him, she inconspicuously observes him sit down in a grand plush leather lounge chair, and respectfully summon a bar hostess, and whispering to her ear. The bar hostess, who then smile's, and makes direct eye contact with her, disappears to the back of the bar for several minutes.


Excerpted from Malleus Deus by Ildefonso Soto Jr. Copyright © 2015 Ildefonso Soto Jr.. Excerpted by permission of AuthorHouse.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
Excerpts are provided by Dial-A-Book Inc. solely for the personal use of visitors to this web site.

Table of Contents


Prologue, xiii,
I Birth of the Observer, 1,
II Seed of the Unholy, 15,
III The Birth, 26,
IV Victor Allen, The Vision and the Encounter, 33,
V Happy Birthday Mateo, 57,
VI Voodoo Paradise, 81,
VII Please to meet you, 101,
VIII A Couple of Pints of your Finest, 135,
IX Victor my Son, 165,
X Discernment of the Spirits, 181,
XI A Warriors Soul, 208,
XII Piglets and Mashed Potatoes, 229,
XIII 13:15-17, 246,
XIV Premonition of a Dream, 286,
XV Calm before the Storm, 300,
XVI The Communion, 349,
XVII Confrontational Opposition, 380,
XVIII Death comes to us all, 392,
XIX A legion to the Doom, 411,
XX Passing the Torch, 464,

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Malleus Deus 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I love apocalyptic genre’s and have read many of them. Although the story could have used more detail, the story line was sick!!! I looked up the author and it appears he is a new comer and like the title, his first name is difficult to say (LOL) never the less, the format of the story is pretty cool. I hope he is planning on writing more; it would be a sin to leave it at one book.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I know is it said that one should never judge a book from its cover but the cover caught my eye and after reading the summary I decided to purchase the ebook in july. This is my 3rd book since my break away from school and I have to admit, it was pretty awesome. One main character caught my attention and I am now a fan. The author(LOL…who I have trouble saying his name) mentioned about a second book in a bio I read in another website and I will most certainly read. This book was certainly entertaining and read it in 6 days…a record for me. I recommend it.
Freebird More than 1 year ago
Big fan of the apocalypse, and will read just about any apocalypse genre, from zombie to the ordinary and now I am a big fan of this Authors interpretation of his version of the apocalypse. Hope he is writing a second or a continuation because it cannot end with one book.
CT More than 1 year ago
My wife is a huge fan of fictions and anything related to pre or post-apocalyptic writing and slowly I am starting to enjoy reading them myself. I actually enjoyed this book, it was uniquely and eccentrically written, and I like that. Bravo Carter
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I am not a big fan of this particular genre but this book kept me entertained especially the characters. It seems that the new wave of apocalyptic writers is gaining popularity, and after reading Malleus Deus I understand why. Two thumbs up to the Author. Blake
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I randomly down load e-books regardless of genre, especially during business travel, which is often. I down loaded this book and I have to say that I was intrigued. My only complaint is that it left me wanting more. I hope this author is planning on writing a continuation because the characters were fascinating and the story was thought-provoking. I have never heard of this author, but his creativity and story line is wicked and extremely unique. Joyce