The Maltese Falcon

The Maltese Falcon

by Dashiell Hammett
4.1 97

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The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett

Sam Spade- the toughest man you'll meet in any novel. His most treacherous, emotional, deadly case- The Maltese Falcon. Never has there been a more intriguing, captivating story of crime, obsession, and murder. Dashiell Hammett's masterpiece novel inspired countless readers, a classic movie, and numerous imitators. But here is the original, in a beautiful hardcover edition, ready to take its place in your collection as one of the best. With a new foreword by Robert Crais, this novel is alive with electricity- filled with suspense and action that will make your heart ache, shudder and skip a beat or two. Whether you've only seen the movie, or haven't owned a copy of this definitive book, the true art of Hammett's novel can only be seen through the reading. Sam Spade might have put it this way- "When you're told to buy this book, you'll buy it and like it." But don't let that scare you. Too much.

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ISBN-13: 9780881423471
Publisher: Soundelux
Publication date: 01/01/1982
Series: Radio Ser.
Edition description: ABR
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 1.25(h) x 9.00(d)

About the Author

Dashiell Samuel Hammett was born in St. Mary’s County, Maryland. He grew up in Philadelphia and Baltimore. Hammett left school at the age of fourteen and held several kinds of jobs thereafter—messenger boy, newsboy, clerk, operator, and stevedore, finally becoming an operative for Pinkerton’s Detective Agency. Sleuthing suited young Hammett, but World War I intervened, interrupting his work and injuring his health. When Sergeant Hammett was discharged from the last of several hospitals, he resumed detective work. He soon turned to writing, and in the late 1920s Hammett became the unquestioned master of detective-story fiction in America. In The Maltese Falcon (1930) he first introduced his famous private eye, Sam Spade. The Thin Man (1932) offered another immortal sleuth, Nick Charles. Red Harvest (1929), The Dain Curse (1929), and The Glass Key (1931) are among his most successful novels. During World War II, Hammett again served as sergeant in the Army, this time for more than two years, most of which he spent in the Aleutians. Hammett’s later life was marked in part by ill health, alcoholism, a period of imprisonment related to his alleged membership in the Communist Party, and by his long-time companion, the author Lillian Hellman, with whom he had a very volatile relationship. His attempt at autobiographical fiction survives in the story “Tulip,” which is contained in the posthumous collection The Big Knockover (1966, edited by Lillian Hellman). Another volume of his stories, The Continental Op (1974, edited by Stephen Marcus), introduced the final Hammett character: the “Op,” a nameless detective (or “operative”) who displays little of his personality, making him a classic tough guy in the hard-boiled mold—a bit like Hammett himself.

Date of Birth:

May 27, 1894

Date of Death:

January 10, 1961

Place of Birth:

St. Mary, Maryland

Place of Death:

New York


Baltimore Polytechnic Institute

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The Maltese Falcon 4.1 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 97 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Dashiell Hammett's unique writing style and dramatic twists make this detective novel an unforgettable read. Sam Spade is a combination of Ian Fleming's James Bond and Agatha Christie's Hercule Poirot, a character with guts, skill, and one heck of a brain. All in all, this novel is one for the bookshelf.
Guest More than 1 year ago
To the students to criticized Maltese Falcon rather harshly, I say 'Bravo! For expressing yourselves' I do, however, disagree with your poor assessment of this book. Maybe it's because I'm a little older (okay a lot older), and I know what a great contribution this book (and subsequent movie) has been to the Mystery genre and to American Literature. I urge you to read it again when you have a few grey hairs on your head (or are trying to hide them, like I do.) Who knows,if I had read it when I was your age, maybe I wouldn't like it either. Happy New Year and God Bless.
Fiona_Rose More than 1 year ago
Ever heard of Sam Spade? This is the book where he got his start. I had always wanted to read this mystery and finally got around to it when I saw it at Barnes & Noble. THE MALTESE FALCON is full of intriguing plot twists and slippery characters. The Maltese Falcon is a rumor, a legendary sculpture worth a world-round trip to find. Sam Spade gets mixed up in the treasure hunt when it crosses his path in the form of Miss Wonderly. She draws him in with her story, and when Spade investigates he finds that he can trust no one, including his client, and that rumors fly as easily as dandelion seeds. I admit that when I read the truth behind the mystery, I was more surprised than I should have been. It was simply an ending that I had not considered. Nevertheless, THE MALTESE FALCON is written with considerable skill, and it should be a welcome addition to anyone's library.
pod49 More than 1 year ago
Pulp fiction at its best. Not a feel good ending, but the only type of ending that mix of characters could product. Both the detective and a female character in the novel provided some inspiration for two of the characters in my novel. R Hemingway
DANIEL HALEY More than 1 year ago
A great mystery story full of deceitful characters, witty one-liners, strong men, and beautiful women.
-Pentabulous More than 1 year ago
This remains one of the best detective thrillers of the genre. Many have copied the style, but no one comes close to Dashiell Hammett. His story is still fresh and original, in spite of the corniness of the dialog. But the reader should remember, if the dialog seems a bit hackneyed it's because it's been copied by hundreds of lesser writers.
AFaisl More than 1 year ago
The unique style of Hammett's writing just kept me glued to that book, although there were some parts that were hard for me to understand, I still liked it. "The Maltese Falcon" has many interesting and well worked, each on with his own wants, looks and personality. I recommend this book to the people who like mystery/ action books, because of the thinking and puzzling you have to do as a reader. The story has many odds and ends because of how everything gets bound together at some point. At the beginning of the book Mr. Spade (the main character) meets a lady that her name is Summer, but later finds her real name after a lot investigating, which is Brigid O'Shanngeness. He also meets a man named Cairo. Brigid and Cairo know each other and it turned out that Cairo is sent by a man, a man named "G" or, Mr. Gutman, to find Brigid and tell her to hurry and find the thing he told her to, while Mr. Spade didn't know anything that they were talking about. Later Mr. Spade finds out by himself that is was a fat man that paid Cairo who paid Brigit to find the falcon, and Spade needs to find the falcon with police on his back from his partner's murder and Mr. Gutman from the falcon. This book is well spread out with a lot of detail and well thought out. The plot is all but too long and agonizing. The reason I gave this a five star is because of the excitement and how all the characters were all linked together.
DeDeFlowers More than 1 year ago
The Maltese Falcon is one of those rare timeless wonders. The writing style is perfect and to the point, but is detailed in a way that seems to have been lost throughout the years. Even though it is a very short book you get to know the characters so well. Down to the very subtle habits and mannerisms. The whole time I was reading it I couldn't help but comment how real and vivid the characters are. The story itself will keep you thinking and entranced. And the ending is wonderful! It's such a simple book that will be a classic a hundred years from now. It is that timeless. Also, the violence is minimal and the swearing is almost nonexistent. It also is very discreet with sexual situations, making it perfect fun for any age!
Anonymous 10 months ago
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