Mambo Montage: The Latinization of New York City

Mambo Montage: The Latinization of New York City


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New York is the capital of mambo and a global factory of latinidad. This book covers the topic in all its multifaceted aspects, from Jim Crow baseball in the first half of the twentieth century to hip hop and ethno-racial politics, from Latinas and labor unions to advertising and Latino culture, from Cuban cuisine to the language of signs in New York City.

Together the articles map out the main conceptions of Latino identity as well as the historical process of Latinization of New York. Mambo Montage is both a way of imagining latinidad and an angle of vision on the city.

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ISBN-13: 9780231112758
Publisher: Columbia University Press
Publication date: 06/13/2001
Pages: 448
Product dimensions: 6.06(w) x 8.92(h) x 1.10(d)
Age Range: 18 Years

About the Author

Agustín Laó-Montes is an assistant professor of sociology at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. Arlene Dávila is an assistant professor of anthropology at New York University. She is the author of Sponsored Identities: Cultural Politics in Puerto Rico.

Table of Contents

List of ContributorsXI
Introduction: Mambo Montage: The Latinization of New York City1
Part IThe Production of Latinidad: Histories, Social Movements, Cultural Struggles55
Chapter 1"No Country But the One We Must Fight For": The Emergence of an Antillean Nation and Community in New York City, 1860-190157
Chapter 2"The Latins from Manhattan": Confronting Race and Building Community in Jim Crow Baseball, 1906-195073
Chapter 3Latino Caribbean Diasporas in New York97
Chapter 4Niuyol: Urban Regime, Latino Social Movements, Ideologies of Latinidad119
Chapter 5Culture in the Battlefront: From Nationalist to Pan-Latino Projects159
Part IIExpressive Cultures: Narrating, Imaging, and Performing Latinidad183
Chapter 6Life off the Hyphen: Latino Literature and Nuyorican Traditions185
Chapter 7"Nothing Connects Us All But Imagined Sounds": Performing Trans-Boricua Memories, Identities, and Nationalisms Through the Death of Hector Lavoe207
Chapter 8Hip-Hop, Puerto Ricans, and Ethnoracial Identities in New York235
Chapter 9Ambiguous Identities! The Affirmation of Puertorriquenidad in the Community Murals of New York City263
Part IIILatino/a Identities and the Politics of Space and Place291
Chapter 10Making Loisaida: Placing Puertorriquenidad in Lower Manhattan293
Chapter 11The Manifold Character of Panethnicity: Latino Identities and Practices Among Dominicans in New York City319
Chapter 12Immigration Status and Identity: Undocumented Mexicans in New York337
Chapter 13Outside/In: Crossing Queer and Latino Boundaries363
Chapter 14Engendering and Coloring Labor Unions: Transcultural Readings of Latin American Women's Ways387
Part IVLatinizing Cityscapes409
Chapter 15The Latin Side of Madison Avenue: Marketing and the Language that Makes Us "Hispanics"411
Chapter 16Eating in Cuban425
Chapter 17Taking "Class" Into Account: Dance, the Studio, and Latino Culture449
Chapter 18Deceptive Solidity: Public Signs, Civic Inclusion, and Language Rights in New York City (and Beyond)473

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Robert Farris Thompson

A brilliant political postmodernist take on the mambo. I find it essential.

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