Man And The Need For Numbers

Man And The Need For Numbers

by John P. Jacobs




Early man had many needs, one of which was numbers. After numbers and counting he had to develop methods of adding, subtracting and multiplying and that led to what we have come to know as modern mathematics.

Who came up with all of this? What is the origin? When did it all happen?

John Jacobs began his teaching career in 1965. While teaching and pursuing his graduate degree, he used historical vignettes as class-room enrichment material and as the basis of his research paper titled Man and the Need For Numbers. However, he never published his manuscript.

He then left teaching and over the next 35 years John worked as a construction field laborer, a contracts administrator, a procurement officer and a warehouse materials manager. The passage of 40 years since he first composed his paper has not diminished his interest in the topic.

This book is easy to read and could help you understand math in a new way.

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