Man Candy: A Real Love Novel

Man Candy: A Real Love Novel

by Jessica Lemmon
4.4 29

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Man Candy: A Real Love Novel 4.4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 29 reviews.
ButtonsMom2003 2 days ago
I loved the HEA for this one. Man Candy is a great addition to Jessica Lemmon's Real Love series. Written in first person, alternating between Becca and Dax, Man Candy is a story of a man on vacation to get away from the stress of everyday life and a woman who never stays too long in one place. Becca is working for her brother at Grand Lark Retreat, the vacation property with several cabins that he owns. Becca has done a little bit of everything and doesn't seem to stay in one place for very long. She's looking for something but isn't quite sure what that is. Dax is a "Magic Mike" type hunk who comes to stay in a cabin at Grand Lark. The minute Becca sees him she knows that she wants to get to know him. Dax was burned by his ex; she left him abruptly after being together for 2 years. He's not interested in anything serious. Becca and Dax agree to have a vacation fling while he is staying at Grand Lark. As one could easily guess the vacation fling turns into something more – except neither of them will admit that to the other. This story has lots of feels to it. Becca and Dax are so happy together during his time at Grand Lark and their sexy time is smoking hot. I was rooting for the two of them the whole time. While I was confident that they would get their HEA Jessica Lemmon sure didn't make it easy on them or this reader. I was crying big fat happy tears by the time I got to the end of this story. This book can easily be read as a standalone but characters from previous books in the series have cameo roles and a secondary character in this book will be the featured character in book 4, Rumor Has It. A review copy was provided by the publisher via NetGalley but this did not influence my opinion or rating of the book. ***Reviewed for Xtreme-Delusions dot com***
whatsbetterthanbooks 3 days ago
Humorous, captivating, and wonderfully provocative! Man Candy is a smoldering, sultry tale that takes us into the lives of two main characters. Dax, a handsome businessman hoping a little alone time will help him regroup and focus after the loss of his father, and Becca a spunky, young woman who always seems to be running a little late and never seems to live up to her family’s expectations. The writing is witty and light. The characters are charismatic, relatable, supportive, and endearing. And the plot is an enticing mix of instant attraction, steamy chemistry, familial drama, playful banter, and heartfelt moments. Man Candy is the third book in the "Real Love" series, and once again Lemmon has written a novel that has all the swoon-worthy elements you look for in a lighthearted romance, sexy characters, a charming storyline, lots of heart, and a happy-ever-after ending that will make you smile.
Sailon 9 days ago
Becca has been skirting life’s coat tails for a while, trying to find a career that she would actually feel passionate about. Landing back at her family’s camp and having her brother as a boss wasn’t exactly what she had in mind. Dax needs a break from the fast paced exuctive life style. His restaurants are a booming success and he just wants to get away from it all. He never expected to find a gorgeous blond that would rock his world. Lemmon rocks creating strong character connections, pulling the sexual tension tighter than a bow string and making it all heartfelt from the start. I received this ARC copy of Man Candy from Random House Publishing Group - Loveswept. This is my honest and voluntary review.
LynnB888 11 days ago
3 1/2 STARS! One night of sexy passion was all it was supposed to be ... until they both wanted more! We're quick to jump into action at the beginning of this story as the characters meet and have instant attraction, but I felt some substance was missing. The old gang from the previous books in the series popped up very little, so that old friendly banter that we knew and loved just wasn't there nearly enough. An enjoyable read for sure ... but not my favorite of the series. Becca Stone just simply isn't going to put up with her brother firing her in front of the customer's at the bar ... especially when one of them is smoking hot! He'll forgive her for being late ... he has to, he always does! Until then, she'll distract herself having a little fun with the sexy newcomer! Dax Vaughn is just passing through, but he's willing to have the night of fun the wildcat from the bar offers up ... only when morning comes, he wishes she'd stay around for awhile! When he gets more than he bargained for when the road washes out and strands her in his cabin, good times are had by all ... but he might just be falling for her harder than she is for him!
Maria-Rose 12 days ago
What a delightful romance! I was hooked from the start, with Becca and Dax’s sizzling chemistry soon becoming something much richer and thoroughly rewarding. There are elements of a forced proximity trope as after their first night together the continuing rainstorm leaves Becca with a limited choice of locales to hunker down. Choosing Dax’s cabin in hopes he’ll want a repeat turns out to be the best choice possible, though it also makes her a little bit terrified at how well they get along. Dax gets high marks and top-shelf space in the book boyfriend department for being firm on having full consent from Becca before they spend some sexy time together (and checking in with her more than once). He’s generous, he’s kind, he’s thoughtful, and he’s got her back from the very start. He can see that she’s been given short shrift by her brother and that with a little encouragement she will find what she’s seeking. While he wants her to ultimately choose him as part of her future, he’s ready to give her the space to make up her own mind. I might have fallen a little bit in love with him myself. Becca is a spirited, fun and friendly woman but she has her hangups. She’s so used to being the screw up in the family that she’s surprised and not sure what to make of Dax’s support for her. When she cooks something utterly scrumptious for one of their dinners, Dax surprises her by offering to buy the recipe for his bar. Having never entertained the thought of cooking as a possible livelihood, she’s flattered and then inspired to create more recipes. Dax gives her the confidence to try new things, with the assurance that he’ll be there to catch her if she falls – but she has to be willing to let go and trust he’ll catch her. The story moves along smoothly and though there are the inevitable ups and downs, (and a few tears), the happy ending is thoroughly satisfying. If you’re looking for a sexy, heartwarming romance with genuine characters, this one should definitely be on your list.
BookReview4you 12 days ago
Man Candy by Jessica Lemmon is book Three in the "Real Love" series. This is the story of Dax Vaughn and Becca Stone. I have read the previous books, but feel this can be a standalone book if you choose to do so. Dax has plans to go off on his own for a few weeks to just take a break from the lost of his father and the stress that it played on the family. But what he ends up doing is finding something so much more. Becca ends up in Dax's path when she publicly gets fired by her brother and then later again when a story comes through. They start off looking for one night together, but after being thrown together again they end up finding more like a lifetime together. Really have enjoyed this series!
Anonymous 12 days ago
Terrific read with a truly swoon worthy hero. Some very hot scenes with very sweet and romantic ones as well. Another hit from Jessic Lemmon.
Dalitza 12 days ago
Jessica Lemmon continues her Real Love series with this tale of gorgeous and easy going bar owner Dax Vaughn and witty adventurer Becca Stone. Dax is looking for some time alone in the mountains following his father’s death, but on his first night at Grand Lark Retreat he meets the quirky, fun and caring Becca who got fired in front of everyone by her brother. Leave it to Dax to cheer her up and after a scorching night together, they don’t expect to see each other… much. Due to a torrential downpour though they’re practically trapped together and their one night stand turns into intimate conversations accompanied by delicious meals Dax wants to buy from her for his bars, hikes and camping for two. But Dax’’s vacation has an end date on which he’ll go back home. Wanting to have more with her even knowing she’s not one to put down roots he offers Becca a job, leaving her to decide if she’ll willing to overcome her fear of commitment. Dax and Becca are striking character types. They’re both strong, independent and down to earth, easily relateable and wholly congruent with the series title “Real Love.” Sparks fly between these two lonely souls within the first few pages, but their emotional bond grows throughout the story. I loved hanging out with them while they hung out. Dax is an irresistible alpha male hero who’s made my book boyfriend list. He was sexy, sweet, thoughtful, commanding, deliciously persuasive, understanding and encouraging. Surrounding the central couple, Lemmon creates interesting secondary characters that help explain Becca’s resistance to commitment and for those of us who’ve read the earlier books in the series can catch up with the previous characters. All in all, this is sweet, charming and sexy tale the Lemmondops and contemporary romance lovers alike will enjoy. Man Candy is book #3 of the Real Love series by Jessica Lemmon. It is standalone romantic comedy. Told from both points of view and has a happy ending.
nku 12 days ago
Man Candy (Real Love, #3) by Jessica Lemmon This is the third book in the Real Love series ..I loved EYE CANDY and ARM CANDY ...and wow did I ever love the HOT, SEXY love story of Dax and Becca...a one night stand turned into a two week stand ...and after all the feels ...laughs and some tears a HEA.. I was lucky to read this book on #NetGalley and I recommend it and the first two. Can't wait for more from Jessica Lemmon.
nelriv 12 days ago
Received an ARC at no cost to author on behalf of netgalley. This is a part of a series, but can be read as standalone. What starts of as one night stand becomes a 2 week affair. These two are going thru some situations in life, that being around each other help navigate..not my favorite of the three, but not a 2 star.
Shanrock19 13 days ago
This was cute and fun! It's a sweet and sexy romance with a bit of humor. I really enjoy Jessica Lemmon's humor, and her characters are always interesting. I really liked the setting, and the scenario of being sort of trapped in the wilderness. This story is quick to the hot stuff, and a bit slower to the feelings aspect of romance. Becca is a bit of a free spirit, who doesn't quite know who she is, or what she wants in life. She's currently working at her brother's lodge resort, but they have some sibling issues, so it's not exactly ideal. Becca sees a hottie at the bar, Dax, and they immediately get to groovin'. Dax has some stresses in his life, and wanted to get away for a couple of weeks, so he decided to stay at the lodge and just be by himself, but when sexy Becca picks him up, he can't resist. These two have lots of sexy times, and both think they'll be fine to go their separate ways when Dax returns home, but keeping feelings out of a sexual relationship is difficult. I liked Becca and Dax, and they are adorable together. Becca's indecision is really annoying though, and I wanted Dax to be a little more alpha, but I still enjoyed their connection. Entertaining, unique romance! Look forward to more from Jessica Lemmon!
carvanz 13 days ago
For years Becca has traveled from place to place, searching for that special something that will fit her. A job, a location…something. She doesn’t do relationships. She’s a one night stand girl and it’s more likely she’s the heartbreaker rather than the one to get her heart broken. Dax has had a rough few years and it’s time for a vacation. In the Tennessee wilderness he meets Becca and they embark on a one night stand that turns into a two week stand. He’s been hurt before but I was glad to see he still opened himself up to Becca despite the fact that their future was time stamped. I enjoyed this story. The characters were real and the writing was well paced. Becca’s struggle was a bit harder to accept when it came down to accepting Dax’s proposition. I just didn’t understand her decision. The epilogue was very nice and it gives clue as to what may be the next book. This is an honest review of an advanced copy provided by NetGalley and Random House Publishing – Loveswept. Dual POV No ow/om drama No apparent triggers
tsmb02 13 days ago
Dax Vaughn needs a break from his life. His father recently passed away and he has been stopping his life to take care of his mother. Now he just needs some quite time and has rented a cabin at Grand Lark Retreat in Tennessee for two weeks. On the day Dax arrives, he stops at the bar/restaurant on the property and is immediately taken by the bartender/waitress who just showed up and getting chewed out by her boss. Becca Stone has been wandering through life aimlessly. She is not sure what she wants to do in her and has tried multiple jobs. Now she's back in her hometown, living and working for her brother, Tad. Tad is beyond irritated with his little sister and just wants her to grow up. After Tad "fires" Becca yet again at the bar, she decides she is going to check out the hot guy sitting by himself. Maybe she find a quick one-night stand. Things escalate pretty quickly between Dax and Becca and what was suppose to be only one night is quickly turning into more. Neither of these two expected the explosion that happened when they hooked up but neither of them can deny it. Dax thinks he may have actually found someone he could have something real with.....too bad Becca is used to just running away when things get good. It was great watching the relationship between Dax and Becca play out. It was a tough rough road, mostly for Becca but it was sure worth it in the end. Their happy ending was just perfect! I really love this series. If you are looking for some fun, enjoyable, hot stories, give this series a try!
KindleKat64 13 days ago
I would give this 3 1/2 stars. This is my first Jessica Lemmon book and I would definitely read the other 2 in this series as this was a fast, fun, witty and sexy read and I did enjoy it. Dax & Becca had great chemistry and I was rooting for them the whole time. I love a book that can make me swoon and laugh in the span of a few pages and this book definitely does just that.
Pinky1979 Reviews 13 days ago
"Man Candy" appears to be the third and last book in Jessica Lemmon's a Real Love series and I sincerely hope that it isn't. I cannot continue writing this review without first talking at length about its cover. Ever since I first saw the cover a couple of months ago I have been checking it out from time to time. There are many delicious romance covers but something about this one really drew me in. It's not only the super hot model, but also its bright and sunny look. The model, though, is very very appealing ;) Now back to the contents. Those of you who have been following the series know Dax as Grace's hot boss. He always struck me as the brooding, sexy type. Dax is definitely a man of few words. But the words that he does use are enough to leave you breathless and maybe a little jealous of not being the recipient. Dax Vaughn needs a vacation. After loosing his father, he has been taking care of his mother. Making sure that she is taken care of and doesn't feel the loss of her husband. But he misses his father desperately and believes that a little outdoor vacation filled with all their father-son activities will help him recuperate. What he didn't expect was to meet a sassy, leggy blonde who can not only dance, cook and burn the sheets, but who has also made him laugh again. What starts off as a hot one-night-stand soon turns into two nights and more. But will their little holiday fling turn into something more? Becca Stone has never been able to commit to anything. She has moved across the country trying different jobs hoping to find her passion. Her relationships haven't been any different. She has never stuck around long enough to see where a one-night-stand will lead. Honestly, she hasn't had the will to. Until she meets the Magic Mike look-a-like at the bar of the resort where she works. No one has ever believed in her as Dax does and she quickly finds herself addicted to him. Is she ready to take the leap and finally go after something that she wants? A sweet romance about not only finding love and passion, but also finding your goals and dreams. I got a feeling that maybe Barrett, Dax's best friend, will get his story. Or maybe it's just wishful thinking on my part! A steamy romance that will surely warm you up on a cold winter night ;) Not all those who wander are lost. Thank you Netgalley and Random House Publishing for providing this ARC in exchange for an honest review.
belllla 13 days ago
When Dax was mentioned in the previous book I must say I was intrigued to see what will happen to him and was expected some great story. Anddd I was completely disappointed. All there is to the story is sex (which BTW is hot and well written), some cooking and talking between Dax and Becca. In all the conversations they have we discover just glimpse of Becca a lot of question remained unanswered and a little bit more than a glimpse of Dax. I miss the quality of the story and something that blows me away while reading and this book did not deliver. Where is the humor side in this book I don't remember that I smiled, not even once. I volunteered to review an ARC of this book for Netgelly
Nicolerko 13 days ago
3.5 Stars I really liked Dax. He's great book boyfriend material. One of the things that stood out the most to me is his faith in Becca when she doesn't have much in herself. Also how he stands up for her. This was a fast read for me. I enjoyed this one, but it's not my favorite in the series. I couldn't get emotionally invested in the characters as I did the other books. I did love the epilogue. It left me hoping Barrett gets a book because I'm intrigued by what his story could be.
Mgrabeel 13 days ago
Becca Stone is trying to figure out what she wants to do with her life. She has chased every little whim, moved to other states, only to find herself back home. Now living with her brother's family and working for him at his lodge. Finding the handsome, rugged stranger sitting at the end of the bar immediately gains her attention. Dax Vaughn has set out on vacation for some alone time. The last couple of months have left him little time for himself and all he wants is to lose himself for a little bit. The beautiful woman blowing into the bar where he's nursing a beer is about to change all of that. I enjoyed the story line of this book. I loved Dax. His strength and self-assuredness were easily evident. I appreciated Becca's self-awareness and her ability to go for what she wanted. The author paints a vivid picture of the story's setting. This is the second book I've read by this author and thoroughly enjoyed it and would recommend it to a friend. I look forward to reading more by this author.
Jolie 13 days ago
With this holiday season kicking my behind, I have fallen behind on my TBR list. I tend to read in the order that I got them but the beginning of November, that all went down the drain. I reorganized my TBR pile and started with books with reviews that were due yesterday and worked my way up. Man Candy, because of its publication date, was moved down the list. I ended up kicking myself because I put off reading a good book. Man Candy is Dax’s book. Dax is the owner of McGreevy’s, the bar where the main characters worked or hung out at in the previous two books. Dax’s father had died and Dax was coming back from the funeral and helping his mother. Dax figured that he needed a vacation. He made reservations at a resort in the mountains of Tennessee. Unfortunately, when he showed up, it was raining. And this rain wasn’t ordinary rain. There were floods everywhere and people in the lower lying areas were being told to evacuate. It is at the Grand Lark that he met Becca, the owner’s sister. He actually walked in on Tad firing Becca for being late. Not that Becca listened. There were sparks between Dax and Becca from the get-go. What was supposed to be a one night stand turned into two nights, three nights and so on. What ends up happening is a typical romance novel. That didn’t ruin it for me because sometimes, you need that I felt so bad for Dax. He was still grieving over his father’s death. So he decided to take a 2-week vacation. Hey, I would have done the same. He needed time to process his father’s death and grieve on his terms. He also needed time to plan his next move on the new bar he was opening. So a vacation in Tennessee was perfect. He wasn’t expecting to fall for Becca as fast as he did. I loved Becca. I liked that she was so noncommittal towards things. She lived life to the fullest and didn’t know what the next day would bring. She wasn’t looking for a relationship when she met Dax. She didn’t do relationships. Only sex. Which was awesome. She made it very clear to Dax the first night they were together. Except it didn’t exactly end up that way. I also liked that she had a hidden talent and the author chose to make it a large part of the plot. The sex between Dax and Becca was hot. Smoking hot. Scorching the pages hot. They were like bunnies after the first time they had sex. They did it everywhere. Man Candy is told from an alternating 1st person perspective. You get the story from both Dax and Becca’s perspectives. I liked seeing how Dax saw Becca and how Becca saw Dax. The end of Man Candy was a tear jerker. I cried along with Becca when Dax did what he did. I also did a fist pump when Becca agreed to what she agreed to. The epilogue, though, was awesome. I love reading about the characters after everything has ended with the main story. Man Candy is a fast-paced, sexual romance. The characters are likable. The plot is good and the sex is hot, hot, hot. This is a book that I would recommend to people who like graphic sexual situations. This is a book that I would read again. **I chose to leave this review after reading an advance reader copy**
Cali-Jewel 13 days ago
Sweetly sexy, emotionally thrilling, truly engaging romantic adventure filled with passion, fun and one of my favorites, being taped together by the weather. Dax and Becca have a explosive connection that is white hot and thrilling to read about. I loved the banter as well as the chemistry between them. Becca is sweet, sexy, sassy and fun as a damsel in distress (completely afraid staying in one place to long). Dax is charming, strong, sexy, sweet and so alpha male in command of his world. They are both independent, strong willed and so sure of what they want out of life and each other, until one night unexpectedly turns into so much more......... Loved it!
TheBunny1 13 days ago
4.5 Stars Forced proximity books are fun. The idea that 2 people who would not have been attracted to one another (or who would have been possibly attracted but not acted on it) are put into a situation where they are not able to ignore one another, well, this appeals to me. Dax and Becca are attracted to one another. He is a guest at the wilderness retreat hotel where Becca works. He is supposed to be in one of the cabins that is far away, and is planning to be they should not have any time with one another. But, life (and nature) intervene and we get a really hot romance. I love the characters Jessica Lemmon writes. How real and compelling they are, and how much they seem like the kind of people you would want to know. This makes them easy to read about, and makes them characters it is easy to invest in. And, how fun this is. The romance is hot, the sex is steamy, the characters are at time funny and charming. Becca's brother is frustrating, her family bond interesting, her relationship with her coworkers adds depth without overshadowing the Dax and Becca romance. This book is a part of the "Real Love" series...and that is how it feels. You think they will be ok, that they will work out in the long run. And, this is hard. You need tension and conflict in order for the story to be interesting. Too much tension and you doubt that you are reading about a couple who is in it for the long haul...not enough, and you feel like you are reading about 2 characters who are not invested in the relationship. The balance in this title is excellent and the story is enjoyable. I recommend this book.
mamalovestoread22 13 days ago
Dax is a man on a mission, a mission that hopefully leads to some much needed R&R and self rediscovery. Dealing with family matters and a disastrous end to his relationship with this ex, has left him completely drained, and now he is in need of a little life reboot. He thinks his plan to seclude himself in the mountains and do some fishing is the perfect way to get back the man he was before, but then he meets a sexy, little blonde, with mile long legs that has him rethinking his idea of seclusion. He wasn't planning on love, but maybe, just maybe, it's what he has been missing all along... Becca comes from a world that is riddled with self-doubt, and lacks a good support system... then she meets Dax, and he helps her to see that her life has meaning beyond what her family thinks, she can accomplish things, and be successful on her own. It's a new feeling for her, before she would always try something and then give up and run when her family thought it wasn't for her, now she is starting to see that she doesn't need their approval. She has yet to meet a man that was worth sticking around for, but after meeting Dax she is starting to see the appeal of staying... even if it is only for a couple of weeks until he returns to his home in Ohio. Man Candy is a feel good romance story that will have you swooning from start to finish! In this newest addition to the Real Love series, we meet Dax, a gorgeous brooding magic mike dancer lookalike, and the leggy blonde princess who sneaks under his radar and steals his heart. He didn't set out to find love, but it found him, and boy was it fun to watch him stumble onto it. His little secluded rendezvous had me blushing more than a few times... he definitely knows how to turn up the heat and keep it simmering throughout the pages! I have met the other men of the Real Love series and I have to say Dax just bumped Vince out of the top spot as my favorite, there is just something about this edgy, rugged alpha that stole my heart... he was truly something else!! If you haven't had the pleasure of meeting the men of the Real Love series, I recommend you remedy that ASAP, because you are missing out on some seriously good reading, and some seriously sexy man candy!! Highly recommend! I voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this title.
Bette313 13 days ago
Loved this one. Sexy, fun, lighthearted. This one doesn't pile on the angst. Just one guy looking for a little time to decompress and one woman trying to do her best and figure out her life. Sometimes though a girl just needs to have a little fun and who better to have fun with than a short timer who will be outta here in two weeks. What was suppose to be one night turns into a passionate weekend thanks to a crazy storm then the weekend turns into two fun filled weeks. That should have been the end of it but sometimes plans don't work out quite like they are suppose to. I highly recommend this one.
TerryL56 13 days ago
Dax is the owner of 2 bars (working on his 3rd) and is in dire need of a holiday. So he decides that 2 weeks in the middle of nowhere where he can fish, drink beer and do a whole lot of nothing sounds like the perfect vacation. And then he meets Becca ... the cabin owner`s sister who is a spitfire but only sees herself as a failure. When the sparks fly between them, they agree that a one night stand would scratch the itch they have for each other. The next day when they are still itchy for each other, they extend it to a fling for the 2 weeks that Dax will be vacationing there and that when he leaves, they will say goodbye. This book is HOT HOT HOT! Ms. Lemmon sure knows how to write a sex scene! You can just feel the chemistry that she has created between Dax and Becca ... you will cheer for them, you will cry for them and have every emotion in between. This is the best book of the series! I highly recommend you read this swoon worthy story. I received an ARC copy courtesy of Random House - Loveswept through NetGalley in exchange for a honest review.
Peachey04 13 days ago
Incredible read! Loved the story line very much. It is filled with indecision, confusion, uncertainty, attraction and growing love. The characters are both unsure, trying to figure out what they really want in life and love. I could not put this book down, don't miss reading it!