Man Is the Extension of Woman: Know the Ultimate Truth about Yourself

Man Is the Extension of Woman: Know the Ultimate Truth about Yourself


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Man Is the Extension of Woman: Know the Ultimate Truth about Yourself by Makarand Fulzele, Dr Makarand Fulzele

If a woman lives longer than her lifetime, will she be converted into a man?

A surgeon thinks so and tries to prove this in very lucid and step by step manner. In fact he goes ahead and states that if man lives long enough, he too will be converted into woman and they don't have to undergo any operation or take any medication to achieve this.

As one reads this book, one will feel invisible shadow of this truth looming over one's entire life.

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ISBN-13: 9781475949445
Publisher: iUniverse, Incorporated
Publication date: 12/14/2012
Pages: 102
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 8.00(h) x 0.21(d)

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Man is the Extension of Woman

(Know the Ultimate Truth about Yourself)
By Makarand Fulzele

iUniverse, Inc.

Copyright © 2012 Dr. Makarand Fulzele
All right reserved.

ISBN: 978-1-4759-4944-5

Chapter One

Basic Things First....

We will discuss simple genetic aspect with regard to our hypothesis.

Let's concentrate upon fundamental factors. Twenty three pairs of chromosomes exist amongst us all. Many of you may know this already. But knowing this is not enough. Analyzing and applying it to reach a particular inference, is important.

Twenty three pairs of chromosomes are present in all of us out of which twenty two pairs are autosomes which are similar in both man and woman. That's right. Out of twenty-three pairs, twenty-two pairs are similar irrespective of gender. Don't be surprised. Instead let us focus on what it could mean for the mankind. If these autosomes are similar then they should lead to similar results in man as well as woman, isn't it? Correct! These autosomes are mainly concerned with development of human body that's common in both - man and woman. They contribute similar development in man and woman and none of these autosomes can make a woman different from a man.

In general, genes are like a blueprint based on which the human body is constructed. But as I have discussed above, as far as our theme is concerned we no longer need these twenty two pairs of autosomes which are same in both sexes. These twenty-two pairs help us to understand basic similarity between man and woman. To move to the next level, we will need to direct our attention to the 23rd pair of chromosomes. It is the most important player in our analysis.

The twenty third pair is called sex chromosomes. This is at the root of all differences between man and woman.

• The pair of sex chromosomes in man is called X and Y

• The counterpart in woman is called X and X

Let us for a moment go away from our core subject. However, let me assure you that it is a short cut to take us to our goal rather quickly. Now I discuss what I call a 'two shirts theory'.

Two Shirts Theory

Man lived in a jungle for a long time. There were no clothes then. Over centuries, cotton was discovered and soon afterwards mankind learned to weave clothes. A great improviser came along and he stitched shirts. That era was known as era of shirts. After designing variety of beautiful shirts, the tailor of the shirts got tired and decided to take a nap.

One man living in an era of shirts went to a shop and bought two shirts. In the process he exhausted his limited money. Another man went and bought just one shirt. He wanted to spare extra cash for future.

Time passed by. The world progressed. Our great improviser woke up from his rather long slumber. This time, he came up with another brilliant idea and designed a trouser. Remember, the gap between arrival of shirt and trouser was quite big.

The first man looks at the progress and sighs! He does not have enough money to buy the trousers. But the other guy goes and buys a trouser too. Their actions create a disparity. At any given moment the first man can use only one shirt while the other man wears a shirt as well as a pant.

From the point of utility, at any given time, the first man is effectively half naked. On the contrary, the smart guy is fully clothed.

For the first man it is like having an extra backup shirt. To improve utility, he can use both the shirts simultaneously. But it won't be much different from using one shirt at a time. It won't give him any added advantage. At all times he will be half naked.

Look at the smart guy. He is smartly dressed. He can step out any time to mix with any crowd. In that sense, he is more matured. He is more advanced. But do you think the two men are drastically different?

Imagine that the first man looks at the smart guy and decides something has to be done. He wants to bridge the gap between them. He reconsiders his situation and sacrifices his backup shirt. He somehow re-stitches it into a trouser to complete his wardrobe. At the same time, the smart guy goofs up, behaves carelessly and gets a hole in his trouser. These things can happen in the phenomenon called life.

Here is an analogy. The shirt is like 'X' chromosome and trouser is like 'Y' chromosome.

Man has X and Y chromosomes and woman has X and X chromosomes. X chromosomes are exactly similar which means woman is effectively only X chromosome. Mankind does not yet know the relevance of an extra X in woman. On the contrary, the extra X is known to have harmful effects of genetic disorders getting manifested in vulnerable woman. May be other X is acting as back up copy. However, the extra X does not play any role throughout the life of a woman.

Just remember, woman is only 'X' chromosome.

Compare woman with a man. He is something more. He is X and Y which implies he is essentially an 'X 'plus something extra. What do I mean by that? Man is already a woman that is 'X', plus something extra. Does that mean first step towards manhood is womanhood?

Let's use some basic mathematics. Here is the equation,

Man = 22 autosomes + X + Y

Woman = 22 autosomes + X + X

= 22 autosomes + X (by logic not by mathematics

[??] Man = (22 autosomes + X) + Y

= Woman + Y

Thus man is everything that woman is, plus something extra. This extra thing is not qualitatively different, but quantitatively.

Hence Y here must be somewhat like X + 1, X+2 or X+ 3 or something like that.

Whoever has named the chromosomes x and y, must have named them by instinct. May be he had same thing in mind as I have. Did he go through the same thought process that I am taking you through? Did he realize that the man is the extension of woman or in other words the man had to go through a process of becoming a woman? Because the points discussed above -

Woman = 22 autosomes + X + X

= 22 autosomes + X (by logic not by mathematics)

[??] Man = (22 autosomes + X) + Y

= Woman + Y

- are indirectly implied by giving Woman chromosome a name of X chromosome and Man chromosome a name of Y chromosome. As Y comes after X in English alphabet similarly a Man comes after Woman.

I repeat, the person who named chromosomes as X and Y must have gone through the same understanding that I am bringing to your attention – 'Man is the extension of Woman'.

It would be ultimately proven that woman can potentially grow into a man. Similarly man can reduce to a woman, if he loses some part of 'Y'.

At deeper level, my thoughts about genetics have always projected them as a blue print. Our bodies are structures build upon this blue print. Nature can use only twenty two autosomes plus X and Y, to lay the foundation.

Genetics need to be explained a bit more. They are the basic support on which the whole building of human body gets built.

In the womb of a woman, lying quietly or sometimes kicking or trying to swim, in the sea of the amniotic fluid (that is the fluid inside the amniotic sac covering the fetus) a future man or woman is lying without any distinction of sex. By that I mean both are similar. May I go further and add that both are females until certain stage. This stage is prominent function of the 'X' chromosome.

Body is like a shapeless stone and an artist called 'X' shapes it as a woman. Thereafter, slowly 'Y' too develops an interest in sculpting. He takes over as he is dominant by nature. 'Y' can't change what's already happened. But he can do something special.

He adds some characters and suppresses some other characters.

In simple words,

Male and female are same in the beginning

Then they simultaneously develop into a female

• The 'X' stops here and a lady remains a lady

• But 'Y' pulls himself further into a male

In this blueprint, is there someone creating or suggesting that who will be male or otherwise? For believers, its god! For nonbelievers, its nature! Nature or God erase 'X' from same blueprint to replace it with 'Y'.

In humans the above said statement is not correct. Still I said it. In humans 'X' is not erased and replaced by 'Y'. But 'Y' is directly transferred from the male.

But do you know, how gender is decided in certain other beautiful people? The people with long tails, beautiful creased skins and big teeth? I am talking about alligators.

Can you guess looking at them, who is male and who is not? Not unless you turn them upside down. You might come to know their gender but we may never know it from you.

Alligators don't have separate codes of behavior for male and female. They are both violent; they crush and play with their food. After the meal, they go and lie on the rocks in the Sun.

These alligators are going to provide us the clues we need.

To begin with, female alligator lays an egg. The genetic material is exactly the same in all eggs. Basically all eggs are to give birth to a female alligator. It has been observed that eggs will deliver males only if environmental heat is high. The heat changes the genetic blueprint to convert a female to a male. If environment is cold, female remains female. That was one of the most interesting knowledge shared on Discovery Channel.

This leads us to an exciting hypothesis. Consider the genetic difference in alligator male and female. It is just like man and woman. X and Y determine the gender of the animal. Above discussion proves that with heat 'X' can be converted into 'Y'. Does that mean 'Y' is liquefied "X'? Or do some connections inside Y melt with heat and get lost forever?

Likewise can a woman be converted into a man and vice versa with the use of heat? This heat factor seems to work in embryonic stage of alligator. In adult alligators, it does not lead to any change.

There is no direct evidence among humans about such happening. However, an indirect hint exists which we shall discuss in elaborate manner. It is known as hot furnace syndrome. In this syndrome men continuously exposed to hot temperature are prone to infertility. The reason is the irreversible changes in the testicles of the man due to heat. At continuously high temperatures, the testicles kind of disintegrate and are not able to function as primary reproductive organs. It is strange but true. The man loses his masculinity when exposed to persistent heat.

What does it lead us to?

Have you heard of Chinese calendar of sex? According to this calendar, a human pair of male and female can have sex at a particular time of the year and produce a child of desired gender. This calendar prescribes a period of the year for having sex if you want a boy and another period for a girl. This ensures a delivery at almost a particular period. We know that some seasons are cold, some are warm and some are hot. The pattern indicates that temperature plays a great role in determining sex of the human embryo.

Can we say, in the beginning we are all females? And that the heat decides who is going to be what?

Man and woman are not qualitatively different if we consider the genetics. The 'X' can be converted into 'Y'. The heat can make the necessary changes.

The title of this book is simple and innocuous. However, the contents are shocking and not so innocuous. It can lead to lot of confusion and disturb the image that we have created about our own self.

Let me highlight what I want to say:

• Till puberty man and woman are same

• If man lives longer, he can get converted into woman

• If woman lives longer, she can get matured into man

For a change, let us dive into the realm of stories.

Give me one second of your life. And in this second, do as I ask you! Just think that you have found the ultimate truth about life for which many yogis and saints are striving to reach.

Have you observed the life of great saints? Most of them have a similar life story. In the beginning they are rich and powerful. They live their life to fullest and they fight many wars. They have sex with beautiful women by will or by force. They drink the best wine and eat the best food. They enjoy the riches of life. The life for them is like an ever burning fire of desires. The vigor, the virility is the main feature.

As is to be expected, eventually they get bored and turn away from the path of evil. They become calm and peaceful, they start meditating. They then evolve to be great sages.

What exactly leads to change in their behavior? In the absence of scientific analysis, I use little bit of imagination here. As you would notice, the imagination may actually be true but mankind may have to wait for few years, decades or who knows centuries to arrive at it.

At the height of their wild ways, these rich and powerful people are using energy of the body at the maximum. This causes internal metabolism to boil. Testosterone, the male hormone flows abundantly. The internal metabolism produces heat, which causes 'Y' chromosome to melt and loose some part, to get converted into 'X'. These kings with the loss of 'Y' chromosome lose vital energy force; get evolved to sages – a stage that is more peaceful, non-aggressive and reasonable. The evolved characters are the characters that we associate mostly with the fairer sex. Continuing their journey, the meditation further opens their mind.

Only a soldier knows the value of peace! We all believe in that. It sounds very true when felt with our souls. But soldier understands it only after he has fought a terrible war not before it. This change of heart may also be due to the internal destruction of 'Y' leading to withering of aggression. There are many similar circumstances. I leave it to the esteemed reader to think deeply and find such situations. We may also look at our own life and observe how an old age brings about changes to our bodies that leave hardly any differences between man and woman.

Why would woman mature into man? Why would man get reduced to woman?

The answer lies in our genetic makeup. May be 'Y' loses some of its part in the long run and turns into 'X'. Similarly in woman, back up 'X' could get matured into 'Y'.

This genetic process till now is only in our minds or to be more accurate in my mind.

One should remember at this point that particular type of genetic material is the basis for the expression of the male or female bodies. Everything depends upon the blueprint of genetic map. Any change in the structure of male or female body if has to be brought, has to be brought up through the change in blueprint.

What alters these genes? I consider it to be hormones but about that we will talk much later. Till then we will discuss something different, the beautiful expression of the creator that has been designed by this genetic map – the human anatomy!

Chapter Two

Anatomical Differences between Man and Woman

Let's understand hypothesis that we have discussed so far. We have absorbed genetic blueprint concept. Having laid a blue print, let's see how this blue print expresses itself.

This manifestation though follows smooth, natural and systematic flow, it is very complex in nature. When I read embryological books, the process of actualization appeared so systematic and rhythmical that I thought the composer must be God. Unlike the popular perception, many times science helps to build your faith. Then you try to feel that invisible hand, behind everything.

The expression of genetic map is the beautiful human body. The body is beautiful as far as you don't go into details. However, it is inevitable for the further discussion of our topic. For simplification I have divided this discussion into two parts, external and internal.

External differences between woman and man are too obvious. They can be seen with naked eyes. Sometimes they are pleasant too. Here am I talking about Marilyn Monroe or what?

The internal differences are viewed in detail after dissection of the body. Sometimes we can use special scanning techniques like M.R.I or C.T. scans.

Let us now shift our focus to the external differences. Again we can divide them into two parts - sexual and nonsexual differences - to simplify the matters. Let's summarize this,


After much ado about nothing, we ultimately start with nonsexual differences. What are these? I will discuss the external and internal nonsexual differences together for simplification.

These are mainly differences in skin, hair, bones, muscles, nerves and the viscera. Viscera word as such contains the plethora of organs like heart, lungs, esophagus, intestines, stomach, liver and spleen. Then there is spinal cord in the spine and the brain.

Nerves and spinal cord are same in both. In men, the skeleton is bony. They have comparatively large muscle mass and less fat. Females are less bony, have less muscle and more fat.

Hair is the one thing, which differentiates the woman a lot from a man. Women have long hairs on scalp and men don't. But the hairs can be grown to length in males too. So it is just the matter of chance. But male have definite frontal regression on scalp. Males have more chance of going bald. Hair growth in axilla is similar, but females like to shave it off. Male have more body hair. They can grow hair on chest, considered for long to be a sign of masculinity. Women do have body hair but they love to shave it off. Pubic hair in male and female have different patterns.


Excerpted from Man is the Extension of Woman by Makarand Fulzele Copyright © 2012 by Dr. Makarand Fulzele. Excerpted by permission of iUniverse, Inc.. All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents


PART-I It's All about Genetics....................1
Basic Things First....................3
Two Shirts Theory....................5
PART-II The Beautiful Anatomy....................17
Anatomical Differences between Man and Woman....................19
PART-III Internal Beauty....................35
Internal Genital Organs....................37
Accessory Internal Genital Organs....................43
Scrotal Development and Some Clues....................47
PART-IV Emotions and Intelligence....................49
Behavioral Patterns....................51
Emotions and Intelligence....................57
PART - V Master of the Game and the Cycle of Life....................65
The Master Manipulator....................67
The Cycle of Life....................75

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