Man-Made: The Chronicles of Our Extraterrestrial Gods

Man-Made: The Chronicles of Our Extraterrestrial Gods



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Man-Made: The Chronicles of Our Extraterrestrial Gods by Louise Rita, Laliberte Wayne

"Man-Made" is a flight throughout our mythology and legends, inviting the reader to look at it with new, wide-open eyes.
Philip Coppens - Author of The Ancient Alien Question

"Man-Made" is a must-read for all students of myth and global creation stories.
Barbara Hand Clow - Author of Awakening the Planetary Mind

"Man-Made" has major implications for our human civilization.
Michael A. Cremo - Author of Forbidden Archeology

Mythology is filled with stories of torrid romances, elaborate and intricate plots, violence, scandals and conspiracies. It tells tales of a time when the Gods walked the Earth. Contemporary science contends that the gods were the product of someone's fanciful imagination.

Did the writers, chroniclers and scribes of our distant past actually record an accurate view of our origin?

Starting with, "In The Beginning", and ending with the development of civilization as we know it, Man-Made: The Chronicles Of Our Extraterrestrial Gods focuses on our most ancient of stories. It brings together myths from many cultures including the Sumerians, the Greeks, the Maya and the Aborigines of Australia. It follows the text and chronology laid out by the myths themselves. Current scientific discoveries are then placed side-by-side with these early world views. Taken as a whole, what they reveal is astonishing.

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ISBN-13: 9780975864913
Publisher: SoulHealer Press
Publication date: 10/28/2012
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 5.50(w) x 8.50(h) x 0.51(d)

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Man-Made: The Chronicles of Our Extraterrestrial Gods 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 2 reviews.
KEBLAAB More than 1 year ago
A growing number of serious, level-headed researchers and academics are beginning to see a convergence of elements between the ancient spiritual/religious worldview with that of the current worldview promoted by modern science. The authors of "Man Made" are at the cutting edge of this promising new potential. All mankind stands to benefit if the divisive differences between religion and science can be logically and reasonably resolved. This book is highly understandable, concisely written and covers one of the major facets of this potential convergence ... the remarkable similarity between the classic mythology of our most ancient cultures. Separated by vast distances, oceans, distinct languages and millenia of time, the core elements of these legends are uncannily similar, yet come from highly disparate peoples. How can this be? The amount and degree of these similarities defy the mathematically statistical odds of simple coincidence. As an example, there are over 600 known variations of "Noah's Flood Story" from cultures as distinct and far ranging as the ancestral Australian Aborigines to the ancient North American Eskimo tribes, which reach back in time for as far as 6500 years and longer. There must be a better explanation than simple coincidence and this book will offer a logical and compelling alternative. However, it is very important for YOU to know that "Man Made" is directed toward the average reader in an effort to better describe a more accurate understanding of human history than the version we we were taught in school, church, college and were "coerced" into accepting. The information in this book is one of the keys which will ultimately unlock the gate to a new, higher level of human evolution, which is about to shift and take place in the 21st Century. Read. Think for your self. Enter the future. The future is here. Robert Steven Thomas author: Intelligent Intervention
ReikiGuy More than 1 year ago
Can I get an Amen?!? Finally a book that addresses questions long thought of but never answered. How can so much similarity between myth, legend, folklore and religion be overlooked or considered coincidence? Many have hinted or alluded to these similarities, but none, until now, have laid it out in an easy to follow, chronological story. Man-Made is a godsend, pardon the pun. Much like Lemuria and Atlantis, highly advanced civilizations flourished on Earth millennia before our “history” began. And when history has tried to reach there, we call it the history of religion or mythology or … The authors have, indeed, captured my interest and given me a better understanding of the potential roots of our existence. Man-Made is a must read for those seeking an better understanding.