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Man by Ricardo Pau-Llosa

Man is premised on the fact that most individuals in our culture have, over the last two generations especially, drifted beyond rebellion or rejection of spiritual matters into a purely worldly menu of causes to explain what occurs to them. Nonetheless, the spiritual—in a universal sense although here it is referenced by the Judeo-Christian tradition—retains, strangely, its capacity to condition and inform our sense of the man-character’s life.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780887485848
Publisher: Carnegie-Mellon University Press
Publication date: 02/04/2014
Series: Carnegie Mellon Poetry Series
Pages: 96
Product dimensions: 5.40(w) x 8.30(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

RICARDO PAU-LLOSA was born in Cuba in 1954, and grew up in the U.S.; he lives in Miami. He writes poetry and short fiction. Pau-Llosa is also an accomplished art critic and curator.

Table of Contents

Easter Man 9

Baptism Man 10

Absolution Man 11

Eucharist Man 12

Confirmation Man 13

Matrimony Man 14

Holy Orders Man 15

Extreme Unction Man 16

Venial Sins Man 17

Epic Man 18

Vestal Virgin Man 20

Crucifixion Man 21

Turn-the-Other-Cheek Man 22

Chalice Man 24

Last Supper Man 25

Cardinal Sins Man 26

Monstrance Man 27

Monk Man 28

Holy Water Man 29

Lion's Den Man 31

Lazarus Man 32

Cana Man 33

Sophia Man 34

Giant Slayer Man 35

Little Dog Man 36

Dead Sea Man 38

Ask-and-You-Shall-Receive Man 39

Grail Man 40

Empty Tomb Man 41

Gerasene Man 42

Healer Man 43

Pontius Pilate Man 44

Mustard Seed Man 45

Hands-in-the-Wounds Man 46

Transfiguration Man 47

Sin-No-More Man 49

Caiaphas Man 50

Washing-the-Feet-of-the-Poor Man 51

Agape Man 52

Bethany Man 53

Fool-for, Slave-for Man 54

Revelations Man 55

Elijah Man 56

Milk and Honey Man 57

Calling Disciples Man 58

Gethsemane Man 59

Nicodemus Man 60

Give-Us-This-Day Man 61

Broken Seals Man 62

Scourging-at-the-Pillar Man 63

Original Sin Man 64

Micah Man 65

Cymbals Man 66

Patmos Man 68

Amazing Grace Man 70

Conversion Man 71

Moses Man 73

Adultery Man 74

Wages Man 75

Leper-No-More Man 76

Good Samaritan Man 77

Cave-of-Jeremiah Man 79

Job Man 81

Daniel Man 82

Lust-in-Your-Heart Man 83

No-Record-of-Wrongs Man 84

Good News Man 86

Kephas Man 87

God-Is-Love Man 88

God-Is-Truth Man 90

God-Is-Light Man 91

What People are Saying About This

Peg Boyers

“Everything in Pau-Llosa’s man-world is rendered sacramental, even mundane chores like hosing the yard; the resolve not to spill food on his shirt becomes a prayer. The poems of this volume are lush with metaphor and the verdant landscape of tropical Miami.”

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