Management and Leadership Skills that Affect Small Business Survival: A Resource Guide for Small Businesses Everywhere

Management and Leadership Skills that Affect Small Business Survival: A Resource Guide for Small Businesses Everywhere

by Jamey M. Long


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Have you ever wondered why many of the over 28 million small businesses in operation in the United States do not survive past the first five years? As a fellow small business owner (and professor of business administration) trying to compete in the global economy, I became interested in understanding the actual reasons that cause many small businesses to fail. This question consumed me to the point that I decided to go back to school and earn a doctorate degree in business to hopefully understand the answer.

Through my studies, I began to suspect that the main cause of failure for small businesses was the lack of understanding between the roles of management and leadership. I soon became very frustrated when I could not find research studies that showed the direct link between the necessary skills needed for small business survival.

With little information or resources to rely on, I knew that if I wanted the answers I would have to conduct my own research study to gain the necessary insight into this ongoing problem that has plagued over 50% of today's workforce.

For two years, I studied small businesses in the global economy. After completing a comprehensive study, I was able to finally document actual information that proved the management and leadership skills that affect small business survival. Once I understood the effects of management and leadership skills had on small businesses, I wanted to apply my research to helping small business owners improve their business.

I thought about the struggles and how I could not find any books or resources that provided a 'one stop shop' with detailed information on how to succeed in small business management and leadership. All I had available was a lot of business books and models that were created for large corporations and had to modify bits and pieces from several resources to hopefully fit my needs. This process was very time consuming and did not give me a good sense of a how everything fit together to help me succeed.

In fact, everything I found I went through starting my own small business and wanted to create a resource guide that provided a quick resource for all small businesses.

Since there are many different types of small businesses in many different markets, it is easy to understand why there were no specific resources. A resource that looked at the primary basic functions and demonstrated the causal links between management and leadership skills had to be created that could apply to small businesses in the trade sector of the market needed to be created. 'Management and Leadership Skills That Affect Small Business Survival' was the outcome.

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Jamey M. Long is a long-term faculty member at Northern Virginia Community College, USA, and other universities. He currently operates a successful small business that helps to promote the growth of small businesses everywhere.

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Chapter 1. Introduction to the Study;

Chapter 2. Literature Review;

Chapter 3. Methodology;

Chapter 4. Results;

Chapter 5.




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“This is not just another management and leadership skills book. The research is accurate, it is easy to comprehend, and this book will serve as a guide that integrates sound strategies on how to be successful as a small business owner and how to not just survive in the business but also thrive.”

—Nancy Severe, Associate Dean, Northern Virginia Community College, USA

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Management and Leadership Skills that Affect Small Business Survival: A Resource Guide for Small Businesses Everywhere 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous 3 months ago
Review of Management and Leadership Skills that Affect Small Business Survival The book “Management and Leadership Skills that Affect Small Business Survival” by Dr. Jamey Long is a very insightful view into the good and bad of running a small business. This book is an essential read for anyone who wants to start their business. Not only does this book give you reviews about other business and about their failures and what to improve in but also how to succeed in the business industry. Many people think it is easy but there is a lower chance of succeeding more than five years when opening a new small business. The book is divided into two parts. Part one of the book is one of the main reasons I wanted to read this book. It is filled with information collected from research as to why business fail. The idea of this research is around the 5ps, which are purpose, principle, processes, people and performance. It also talks about the what you should have before starting a business which is having enough capital, financial and managerial planning, good HR for record keeping and being good with employees, also keeping up with technology around them. Part one also talks about how the research was done to get this information. Dr. Long used 10 business to gain information for other business to succeed which I think was a great component to this book. Not only do many businesses save time not doing research but could invest that time improving their own business using Dr. Long’s book. Part two introduces the how to manage and succeed the small business environment from the study done in part one. It provides a guide for daily operation and how to apply management and leadership for certain business. It provides a foundation to how to start your business. The main thing about part two is that it provides information about important parts of a business and how to do it and why it is so important such as contracts, economics, accounting, marketing, and human resources, and employees. Not only does it give you helpful information it also gives you different type of business templates that you can use in your own business In conclusion, if you are looking to start your own business and think you got everything planned but feel like you just need one more thing, what you need is this book. This book is a guide and resource for you to succeed for your future business.