Managing Authentic Relationships: Facing New Challenges in a Changing Context

Managing Authentic Relationships: Facing New Challenges in a Changing Context

by Jean Paul Wijers (Editor)




In an increasingly connected world, Strategic Relationship Management is a vital capability for successful organizations. The book Managing Authentic Relationships; Facing New Challenges in a Changing Context focuses on building and managing a strong network and reciprocal relationships for the entire organization by implementing a professional relationship management approach at strategic, tactical and operational level.

Professional relationship management makes valuable and measurable contributions to the strategic goals of an organization by: Expanding the organization's strategy to a Relationship Management Strategy; Efficiently managing relationships and correctly mapping stakeholders; Embedding clear responsibility for relationship management throughout the organization; Measuring results and calculating the Return-on-Relationship; Developing strong networking skills and networkers who are able to act as eyes and ears for the organization; Organizing effective networking activities with measurable results.

This book also offers a holistic view. Managing authentic relationships requires a shared understanding of what relationships are. It is impossible to develop successful relationship management without authentic relationships based on trust and reciprocity.

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ISBN-13: 9789462988613
Publisher: Amsterdam University Press
Publication date: 02/12/2019
Pages: 256
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About the Author

This book is an initiative of the Institute of Strategic Relationship Management of which Jean Paul Wijers is the founder and director. The book is written by Jean Paul Wijers and Professor René Foqué of the University of Leuven, Monica Bakker of Comenius Leergangen, Robert Collignon of Deloitte and Gerty Smit of the Hotelschool The Hague.

Table of Contents

Foreword by Franck Erkens
Preface by Jean Paul Wijers
Introduction by Prof René Foqué

Authentic Relationships

How do you want to be seen?
by Paul Mosterd, Deputy Director Hermitage Amsterdam
1. The Importance of Networks and Relationships
2. The Importance of Protocol in Networks

The future of protocol; how new rituals might modernize protocol in our highly individualized age by Paul Spies, Director of Stadtmuseum Berlin

Protocol is an executor of the Strategic Relationship Management by Tom Verbelen, Director Municipality of Antwerp

3. Developing a Networking Vision

Managing Relationships

Upward mobility
By Paul Mosterd, Deputy Director Hermitage Amsterdam
4. Relationship Management Strategy
5. Relationship Echelons and Stakeholder Management
6. Developing a Relationship Management Plan

Public Sector Strategic Relationship Management -
The Municipality of Antwerp's story of facilitating benefits for the community by Tom Verbelen, Director Municipality of Antwerp
7. Relationship Management Capabilities
8. Assessing the Return-on-Relationship
9. Relationship Performance Management

Making Relationship Marketing More Valuable
By Marike Dragt, Head of Relationship Marketing at ing Wholesale Banking
10. The Responsibility for the Strategic Relationship Management
11. Implementing a Relationship Management Strategy: Implementing Change

How a Refugee Organization Professionalized its Relationship Management
By Boukje de Haan, Head of Communication and Fundraising, Foundation for Refugee Students uaf

Successful Encounters

LinkedIn or Facebook?
By Paul Mosterd, Deputy Director Hermitage Amsterdam
12. Supporting the Networkers: Creating the Networking Tool Kit
13. Networking Events or Meetings

The authors
The Institute of Strategic Relationship Management
The postgraduate program Strategic Relationship Management
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Managing Authentic Relationships: Facing New Challenges in a Changing Context 4.9 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
SuzanKfromTH 6 months ago
This book is meant to support those who want to professionalize the relationship management of an organization, and for this the book is helpful, insightful and inspiring. It consists of 3 parts: an inspiring part (called authentic relationships), a part about the management of a network (called managing relationship) and a part about networking meetings (called successful encounters). I really enjoyed reading this book and it will help my work to move to an organization where relations are managed in a more professional yet authentic way. The book also contains other unique elements: the director of the Hermitage wrote about networking in the 17th century, the authors interviewed a former member of the Royal Household of Queen Elizabeth and the director of the Stadtmuseum in Berlin wrote about the value of protocol in building networks. The book is over 250 pages, well designed and easy top read! A must-have for business developers, networkers, account managers, PR people, communication staff and network event planners.
Daniel-Netherlands 6 months ago
I love this book; it will help us improving our relationship management. To book is extensive, over 250 pages and covers all the aspects of a professional relationship management. Chapter 1 inspired me and gave me a lot of insights. I also love the chapters about the networking strategy, the Return-on-Relationship and the relationship management plan. The last chapter is about managing an effective networking event, also valuable. A must have when building a professional relationship management!
Anonymous 7 months ago
Crucial in today's techno-world! This book gives the best argument and the tools for prioritising relationships, interpersonal skills and that personal connection that is so lacking in today's techno-focussed world. Although technology can be useful and should be used to best advantage to help build networks and manage relationships, what will never go out of fashion is the 'old fashioned' values of putting people first. The authors know their stuff and present their argument in a clear, logical and concise way. They deftly explain why 'protocol' is not a dirty word and how it can be used at events with great efficiency. A must read for anyone working in event management, diplomacy and people-centred organisations.
Anonymous 8 months ago
Great read! Would recommend this book. Very accessible and useful to apply in a business as well as a personal context. The book provides inspiration as well as practical tips. A classic for anybody working in a position where relationships are key to the success of an organisation.
Anonymous 8 months ago
A must read for professionals. The broad context makes the book valuable to different types of organisations who see relationships marketing and networking as an important part of the strategy. Very inspiring and insightfull.
RikOosting 8 months ago
This book proved to be very valuable to us! We are in the process of improving our relationship management and used the insights obtained by this book. I especially loved the first part which inspired me to better understand what good relationship management actually is. The same goes for the practical examples given by ING, UAF and Paul Spies. This book is a must have for every networking professional and business that is serious about creating a relationship management strategy.
Anonymous 8 months ago
I found this book very inspirational. It offered many insights and perspectives into relationship management. The book has an attractive lay-out and is well written. I think it is a must have for all reationship management professionals!
IlyaTheHague 3 months ago
Great to find this book here: I have read it with great pleasure for my work. Managing Authentic Relationships is inspiring, complete and practical. A must-have for professionals responsible for the network of an organisation. This books helps you with all the aspects of building or strengthening a reciprocal network of authentic relationships. I especially loved reading the articles about relationship management and networking at ING Bank, the refugee organisation UAF and the city of Antwerp. The militia paintings from the Hermitage museum are beautiful and give a great example of the history of networking. These short articles are written by the director of the museum in Amsterdam, Paul Mosterd. The book is easy to read and well designed! I recommend reading it!