Manga Crash Course Fantasy: How to Draw Anime and Manga, Step by Step

Manga Crash Course Fantasy: How to Draw Anime and Manga, Step by Step

by Mina Petrovic


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The best fantasy manga drawing with focus on fantasy!

Manga artist and popular YouTuber, Mina "MISTIQARTS" Petrovic, helps you bring your wildest manga fantasies to life. Let your creativity loose as you learn how to draw hair that glows like a rainbow, animals that take human form, strange and outrageous scenery, and so much more. Following a friendly, step-by-step approach, you'll learn how to achieve the sleek, beautifully simple look of manga with a fantasy twist in no time.

   • Create your own unique manga fantasy characters, creatures and mascots
   • Design otherworldly fashions, fierce weapons, cool hairstyles and accessories
   • Put it all together into dynamic fantasy scenes and settings
You'll find important basics on feature placement and body proportions, expert tips on everything from fixing mistakes to creating exciting compositions, and six start-to-finish demonstrations on drawing manga fantasy characters from sorcerers to samurai. This book has everything you need to strike the perfect balance in your art between compellingly believable and utterly fantastic.

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Getting Started

In this chapter we will cover the basic manga tools, as well as how to use them and make them last. Creating manga takes just a few simple steps, so you will learn all you need to know about getting started. We will conquer your drawing fears together, plus learn how to ink your work and make your manga from scratch. Let's begin!

Meet the Mascots!

Mimi is the mysterious Shrine Priestess. She is also the human form of the two-tailed fox. Mimi will encourage you to fight on and use the magic of imagination.

Maya is the protector of the two-tailed fox. She uses the magic of art and illusions. Her symbol is a paint brush. She will lead you through this adventure with her friends.

Small Fox Mimi will help to guide you along the way, doing her best to make you smile the entire time.

Marco is the brave knight who, just like you, is striving to improve and learn. That is why his symbol is the toughest tool to master — the inking pen.

When trouble comes along, you can count on Big Mimi to jump to the rescue to help you fight monsters and your fears.

Drawing Supplies

Fantasy manga requires the same basic tools as any manga illustration or manga panel. Tools can be categorized by their purpose.


You can use regular school pencils or the mechanical kind. However, it is not recommended to use soft lead pencils for setting up manga lines. Usually the role of a pencil is to simply set up a sketch before proceeding to the inking part of the process.


Erasers are an important tool for drawing manga. It is best to use the type that are all one color, since multicolored erasers tend to smudge up the pencil lines you will want to erase eventually.


Papers with weight heavier than 90-lbs. (190gsm) are advisable for any type of manga art, especially when working with a lot of ink or watercolors. (Thin papers will buckle under a lot of water or ink.) Smooth papers are advisable for marker illustrations and thin layers of watercolors. Heavy-duty papers also work well for watercolors, but tend to have a rough texture.

Inking Supplies

There are various inking tools that can be used for drawing out lines.

Inks, Nibs and Nib Holders

Inking nibs and nib holders can be used with black and colored inks (and even white ink) to create special effects.

Fine-Line Markers

Fine-line markers are thin markers with various tip sizes. They are specialized for precise lines.

Permanent Markers

A regular permanent marker is a cheap and precise tool for getting even coverage.

Supplies for Adding Color

Add color to your manga artwork with colored pencils, watercolors, pigmented inks or alcohol-based markers.

Alcohol-based Markers

Alcohol-based markers dry fast, which will save time if you are in a rush. However, each marker has only one cartridge of color, which means you will need to purchase a lot of them, including the refills.

Paint Brushes

Paint brushes can be used to cover large areas with both paint and ink.

Watercolor Paints

Watercolor paints can last a long time, especially if they are well pigmented. They create realistic colors and textures that cannot be achieved with markers

Other Supplies

Here are some other useful supplies to consider adding to your manga art kit.

Ruling and Ink Nib Pens

Ruling pens enable precise rendering of the thinnest lines and can be used for drawing in ink or any other fluids. They contain ink in a slot held between two flexible metal jaws that taper to a point.

Nib pens usually consist of a metal nib mounted on a wooden handle. They are sensitive to variations of pressure and speed, producing a line that naturally varies in thickness. There is a wide range of exchangeable nibs available, so different types of lines and effects can be created.

White Out

White out tools are as various as inking tools. They can be used for white lines, splatter and particle effects, repairing ink spills and correcting imperfections. There are white out pens and markers, thick paint and even white ink. Most watercolor sets also come with a white watercolor pigment in the box.


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