Mangled Metal & Minds

Mangled Metal & Minds

by Rocky Quetel


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Jump in the front seat of a fire engine and respond to a call with the fire department. Live life on the edge of your seat, leaving your emotions home and never knowing what waits for you around the corner. Now you can spend a shift and experience the excitement and emotions that we deal with on a shift to shift basis. You will get to run car accidents involving motorcycles, Cardiac arrest, house fires and even experience what its like to run a heroine overdose, which is becoming one of our biggest drug problems today.
Every shift is a different adventure at the firehouse and the men and woman that carry this title, carry a lot of emotions and memories home with them. These emotions can lead to PTSD due to the constant triggers that are dealt with daily.
"Mangled Metal & Minds" was written based on true stories, and the photos on each page were taken by me. The Mangled Metal represents our minds that are invisible to the public, but are very visible in the minds of a firefighter.
This book will allow others to understand what the rewards and the penalties are for choosing the career of a firefighter. The life as a firefighter has been a great experience for me and has allowed me to appreciate the little things in life.
This is a short story with a very big impact and can be a great guide for allowing doctors and medical students to understand the triggers that we as firefighters experience. The life of a firefighter is not for everyone, but the ones who have chosen this career took the oath knowing that theres a chance that they might not come home, physically or mentally. This short story is not meant to scare anyone from choosing this career, but to make them aware of the emergencies that they will be dealing with daily. "Mangled Metal & Minds" is dedicated to the firefighters who served and gave their lives physically and mentally.

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ISBN-13: 9781389341274
Publisher: Blurb
Publication date: 01/09/2018
Pages: 30
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