by Wentworth M. Johnson


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Prompted by the unearthing of a human skull in the woods near his house, Bill Reyner begins an investigation into a 20-year-old unsolved murder. Unlike the police, he becomes involved with the characters associated with the deed. His entanglement deepens, as does his knowledge of the case. Joining the deadly and insane cult, he intends to trap them, only to find the tables are turned and he becomes the quarry. At every turn, the Mania is ahead of him. With full knowledge of their actions but no physical evidence, he has nowhere to hide and no one to call for help. Bill's only option is to fight them on their own terms.

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ISBN-13: 9781493680177
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 11/06/2013
Pages: 240
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.55(d)

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Mania 4.5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
carrolwolve More than 1 year ago
This author has an early tendency to overuse words and takes awhile to get into his story. Once that's past, however, he tells a good tale. A bungling large young man in his early twenties inherits money and decides to pair with his grandmother to start a detective agency. Their quest is fueled by the long unsolved disappearance of a young woman. They soon learn there are many such young women gone missing. He meets Priscilla, whom he fears is also about to vanish. This leads Bill and Gran to a strange religious sect, the Manians. Dating from the time of Christ, these folk take the body and blood in the bible literally. The story would be preposterous were it not for the periodic modern revelation of such groups ranging from Jim Jones to Warren Jeffs. They are out there and they manage to control others. This is one such tale. After much murder and battle wounds, they decide they need another line of endeavor.
SAM01 More than 1 year ago
With the release of Mania, another book of the Bill Reyner Mystery Adventure Series, Wentworth Johnson has again proved that he has a knack of creating engaging mysteries to enthrall his readers. I was not surprised that I got hooked to the plot of the story once I started reading. The plot is thrilling and slowly ripens with the time. I had fun reading it the way it is written, the language is crisp and generates immediate curiosity and with every passing moment you keep on thinking ‘What will happen next?’ Having read Wentworth Johnson’s ‘Fiend’s Gold’, I was pretty sure that Mania will be equally entertaining. Bill Reyner is a compelling investigator and his character is full of determination and dedication towards investigating a murder spree that occurred two decades ago. He begins his investigation after he finds a skull near his house and takes deep interest to get out the story behind the skull. Don’t miss this mystery novel, because it will get your mind racing.
sitarabt87 More than 1 year ago
This was my first Bill Reyner book and I must admit that I was mighty impressed with the plot. It made references to the earlier book written in the series but I didn’t think that affected our understanding of the story. Bill gets into a summer detective exercise, being an aspiring private detective himself, with the encouragement of his grandmother, Gran from the maternal side. It so happens that around the time his college closes for the summer holidays, someone discovers a skull in a park near the hill top of this otherwise unaffected cosy nook in Canada. It was not every day that a skull was found from a serene neighbourhood like this. But when they did find it, it piqued Gran’s interest in the case and eventually she assigned it to her grandson. And when they did look into it, they realised that it had more filth in it than they thought. More filth that the stench of it cannot be smelled anymore, more filth that has been piling up for the past 20 years. As the story unfolds, we experience what Bill goes through at every step and what had actually started off as a summer adventure turned out to put their lives at stake. My take on the book is that it was an elaborate thriller with the organization and rituals of the Manians of the Temple of Dominance well explained and the beliefs that delude them. The author has attempted to embroider a tale, a murder thriller with minimum flaws and loop holes as possible and I would say that he has succeeded in his endeavour. He has definitely cut a groove with this one and with every turning page you wish to see the perpetrators of these hideous crimes paying through their noses. Gran’s sarcastic digs at her grandson and the expletive-free language are some features that you will love when reading the book. The book also manages to hold the suspense. As we turn the pages and draw conclusions, the book goes a whole different direction, a justifying one at that too, making it a colossal read that also makes you oblivious to your surroundings. Give this one a chance because it’s good to the last page.
bwbatlarge More than 1 year ago
In Mania, Wentworth M. Johnson continues the story of Bill Reyner, to whom readers were first introduced in Fiend's Gold, chronicling his investigation of a murder that has gone unsolved for twenty years, prompted by the discovery of a human skull in the woods near his house. What ensues is a suspenseful mystery, which Reyner amusingly touts the "Heads Up Mystery," delivered to readers by master of the genre, Wentworth M. Johnson, whose prowess for mystery writing has consistently enthralled and captivated readers. Gran and readers' favorite detective in training, Bill, becomes intrigued by the news story about the unearthed skull, identified by dental records as belonging to Mary Bean, a fifteen year old girl who disappeared on her way home from church, and decide to do some investigation of their own. Although a 20 year-old case is often hopeless, the duo is fresh off their success in solving a 200 year-old case in Fiend's Gold, encouraging them to tackle a seemingly impossible case. As they search through the insurmountable amount of research at the library and interviewing the people of the community, Reyner and Gran make acquaintances and friends along the way, most notably that of North East, known to everyone as Newf, a young man with a speech pattern that is "unusual" and "at times difficult to understand," who offers his help. As Bill investigates, the name TOD keeps appearing, making him curious as to what exactly the TOD is. Newf informs him that it stands for Temple of Dominance, a cult-like church that reads from the "Book of Mania," has vestal virgins, high drama, and bizarrely ritualistic order. As Bill infiltrates their ranks and learns more disturbing secrets about the TOD, readers are left breathless as suspense and tensions mount. Mania leaves readers eager for the next installment in the Bill Reyner mystery adventure series, Edinburgh Cuckoos.