Manna from the Motherland

Manna from the Motherland

by Teetee Weisel


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The close relationship between food and the spiritual dimensions of one's life is the focus of Manna from the Motherland. A central theme in the book is that the health and happiness we all deserve can easily be experienced when we choose a healthy diet, live with conscious intention, and cultivate spiritual qualities. Using some of the more common recipes from Liberia, Ghana, and Kenya, this book adapts their vegetarian variations. While the main focus of the book is on African vegetarian cuisine, it contains other themes for physical, emotional, and spiritual enhancement. There are sections on meditation, hatha yoga, walking for physical fitness, as well as poems with a spiritual theme, which are all incorporated within a philosophy of good food and aim to create a whole and enlightened person. Interwoven into the savory recipes, spiritual enhancement themes, and poetry are also stories from the author's own life that were either influenced by the inclusion of certain foods or relate to the emotions evoked by them. The stories begin with the author's childhood in Liberia (in the 1950s) and continue through the mid-1990s. They reveal cultural attitudes about food, the perception of certain foods as "security foods," and the influences of other ethnic groups on African cuisine, such as the Indians in East Africa and the Syrians and Lebanese in West Africa.

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ISBN-13: 9781592210640
Publisher: Africa World Press
Publication date: 04/28/2004
Pages: 112
Product dimensions: 7.14(w) x 9.54(h) x 0.28(d)

Table of Contents

Eating as a Spiritual Experience12
Meditate (Poetry)13
Notes on Ingredients and Substitutes17
The Challenge of Cooking an African Meal from a Book18
Fruit Punch (1, 2, and 3)20
Ginger Tea20
Hatha Yoga21
Fried Plantain25
Plantain Chips25
Savory Cocoyam Balls26
Give Me Some Rice27
Main Dishes28
Steamed Rice30
Check Rice (Liberia)30
Rice Balls (Ghana)30
Watchi (Ghana)31
Coconut Rice With Peas (Kenya)32
Jollof Rice (West Africa)32
Fufu (West Africa)33
Matoke (Uganda)33
Ugali (Kenya)34
Irio (Kenya)34
Isyo (Kenya)36
Njahe (Kenya)36
Eating As a Cultural Experience38
Vegetarian "Meat"41
Vegetarian "Turkey"42
Seitan and Red Sauce Gravy43
TVP and Red Sauce Gravy43
Seitan/TVP Marinade43
Kidney Bean Stew (Liberia)45
Maize and Kidney Beans - Githeri (Kenya)46
The Beautiful Girls Are All Fat!47
Cassava Leaves/Greens48
Sweet Gipo and Sweet Potato Greens49
Sweet Potato Greens (Liberia)50
Sukumawiki (Kenya)50
Groundnut Sauce (Uganda)51
Nkontomire or Palaver Sauce (Ghana)51
Palaver Sauce (Liberia)52
Food As a Security Blanket53
Groundnut Soup (Liberia and Ghana)54
Groundnut Sauce (Liberia and Ghana)54
Palm Butter/Palm Nut Stew (Liberia)55
Palm Soup (Liberia and Ghana)55
Light Soup (Ghana)56
Red-Red (Ghana)56
Torborghee (Liberia)57
Collard Greens (Liberia)58
Fried Okra (Liberia)58
Okra Sauce (Liberia)59
The Cabbage Stew Connection60
Cabbage Stew (Liberia)63
Heaven (Poetry)64
Walking for Physical Fitness (While Communing with Nature)65
Rice Bread (Liberia)67
Corn Bread (Liberia)67
Short Bread (Liberia)68
Chapatis (Kenya)68
Banana Bread (Liberia)69
Sweet Potato Pudding71
Pumpkin Pie71
Coconut Pie/Tarts72
Papaya Pie73
Sunday Brunch in Liberia75
The Lebanese and Syrian Connection76
Humus (North Africa and the Middle East)77
Baba Ghanouj (North Africa and the Middle East)77
Tabouli (North Africa and the Middle East)78
Couscous (North Africa and the Middle East)78
Important Final Point79
About the Author84

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