Manners of the Heart at Home: Planting the Seeds of GoodHeartedness

Manners of the Heart at Home: Planting the Seeds of GoodHeartedness

by Jill M. Rigby




Within these pages, parents, grandparents, and anyone who loves children will find guidance, encouragement and practical suggestions to meet the challenge of instilling goodheartedness in children.

Jill M. Rigby is a gifted speaker and author with her seminar, Planting the Seeds of GoodHeartedness gaining popularity around the country. Educators using Manners of the Heart, the manners and etiquette curriculum for elementary school children published in 1998 have cried out for a way to encourage parents to teach these life lessons at home. She offers the answers to the problems we are facing today with the younger generation in her newest book.

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ISBN-13: 9781930236011
Publisher: Respectfully Yours, Inc.
Publication date: 11/01/1999
Pages: 167

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If we begin with the following principles that lay the groundwork of goodheartedness, we will have a better understanding of the significance of teaching manners and etiquette: In defining manners as an attitude of the heart that is self-giving, not self-serving, we can teach our children that manners come from the heart, not from memorizing a set of rules; Parenting to only build a child's self-esteem can result in a selfish child. Parenting to help a child build self-respect will result in a selfless child. Manners of the Heart at Home is not about forcing your child to memorize a burdensome set of rules. This approach to training children is about helping your child gain humble confidence through learning the delicate balance between self-esteem and self-respect. Mastering and maintaining this balance will help establish a solid foundation, which will carry your child into adolescence with ease.

Table of Contents

Dear Teacher at Home


Ground Work

Planting Plan

Part One -- Everyday Courtesies


Lesson 1 - Wilbur ? Penelope ? Peter

Lesson 2 -- Smile

Lesson 3 - The Golden Ruler

Lesson 4 - Brothers & Sisters

Lesson 5 - Friends

Lesson 6 - Thank You, Please

Lesson 7 - Play by the Rules

Lesson 8 - Doing Your Best

Lesson 9 - I'm Sorry

Part Two -- Communication Skills

Lesson 1 - Yes, Sir. No, Sir

Lesson 2 - Have We Met?

Lesson 3 - Telephone Manners

Lesson 4 - Talking & Listening

Lesson 5 - Happy Birthday

Lesson 6 - Thank You Notes

Lesson 7 - Visiting a Friend

Lesson 8 - For Boys Only

Lesson 9 - For Girls Only

Part Three -- Table Manners


Lesson 1 - Napkin in Lap

Lesson 2 - Sit up Straight

Lesson 3 - Amen -- Saying Grace

Lesson 4 - Watch Your Elbows

Lesson 5 - Using the Fork

Lesson 6 - Chop, Chop

Lesson 7 - Full Mouth

Lesson 8 - Coughing & Sneezing

Lesson 9 - Eating Soup

Lesson 10 - Pass the Peas, Please

Lesson 11 - Bread, Buns & Rolls

Lesson 12 - Chicken, Spaghetti & Stuff

Lesson 13 - Oops! Spills

Lesson 14 - Table Talk

Lesson 15 - Please, Thank You

Lesson 16 - Whew! It's Over

Lesson 17 - Setting the Table

Lesson 18 - Eating Out

Manners Night

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