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Manual of Primary Eye Care / Edition 1

Manual of Primary Eye Care / Edition 1

by Narciss Okhravi


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Manual of Primary Eye Care / Edition 1

This clear and concise clinical manual provides a user-friendly guide to primary eye care. Jargon free, it removes the mystery and anxiety that most primary eye care providers so often feel when confronted by patients with emergency eye problems. Most commonly occuring eye problems can be safely managed in the primary eye care setting, using simple techniques of history taking and examination. This manual will give the practitioner, unfamiliar with ophthalmology, step-by-step instructions allowing a diagnosis to be reached, treatment given and referral to be made when appropriate. An essential purchase for general practitioners, accident and emergency departments, minor injuries units, optometrists, occupational health departments, first aid stations and all primary care providers routinely treating eye complaints.

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ISBN-13: 9780750622219
Publisher: Elsevier Science & Technology Books
Publication date: 01/28/1997
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 176
Product dimensions: 7.48(w) x 9.84(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

How to use this bookxv
Guide for referring the patientxvi
Explanation of eye anatomy1
Differential diagnosis of common ophthalmic complaints4
Quick reference guide for visual symptoms6
Quick reference guide for visual signs7
Part 1A Word About ...9
Cataracts and cataract surgery10
The elderly patient with visual loss14
Age-related macular degeneration14
Visual loss in the diabetic patient16
Floaters and flashing lights17
Chronic glaucoma19
Squints and lazy eyes20
Contact lenses22
Insertion and removal22
The mystery of the missing contact lens26
Contact lens-related abrasions and ulcers27
Part 2Examination Techniques31
2.1Measuring Snellen visual acuity33
2.2Examination of the eye39
Examining the eyelids39
How to evert the upper lid41
Examining the conjunctiva42
Examining the cornea43
How to stain the cornea with fluorescein46
Examining the anterior chamber47
Examining the pupil and iris48
How to test for a relative afferent pupillary defect49
Examining the lens50
Examination of eye movements52
Examination for a red reflex54
Examination of the field of vision56
Examination for red desaturation58
Part 3Common Eye Problems59
3.1Conditions affecting the eyelids60
Cysts and styes62
Basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma and other lumps63
Entropion and trichiasis64
Ectropion and Bell's palsy66
3.2Conditions affecting the conjunctiva69
In infants: ophthalmia neonatorum71
In children: sticky eyes72
Allergic (including chemical causes)75
Sub-conjunctival haemorrhage79
Conjunctival cysts80
Conjunctival naevus80
3.3Conditions affecting the cornea82
Abrasions and foreign bodies82
Corneal ulcers87
3.4Conditions affecting more than one part of the eye89
IOcular trauma
Chemical injuries89
Light-induced burns to the eye91
Severe trauma to the eyeball91
Blunt trauma92
Sharp trauma98
Pre-septal cellulitis102
Orbital cellulitis104
Acute dacryocystitis107
Herpetic eye infections
Herpes simplex108
Herpes zoster: 'shingles'110
Chickenpox conjunctivitis112
IIIAcute red eye
Acute glaucoma113
Acute iritis/anterior uveitis114
Sub-conjunctival haemorrhage115
Severe unilateral loss of vision!116
Temporal arteritis118
Central retinal artery occlusion119
Retinal detachment120
Vitreous haemorrhage121
Part 4Treatment Techniques123
How to wash out the eye124
How to instil drops and ointment127
How to remove a corneal/conjunctival foreign body128
How to pad the eye130
How to take a conjunctival swab132
How to perform lid hygiene133
How to perform hot steam/spoon bathing134
Glossary of commonly used terms137
Appendix 1Doses for ophthalmic medications mentioned in the text155
Appendix 2Equipment for examination, investigation and treatment159
Local circumstances: addresses and telephone numbers164

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