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Many Faces of Social Workers / Edition 1

Many Faces of Social Workers / Edition 1

by Armando T. Morales, Bradford W. Sheafor

ISBN-10: 0205344348

ISBN-13: 9780205344345

Pub. Date: 08/28/2001

Publisher: Allyn & Bacon, Inc.

This book is a brief introduction to social work, adapted from the best selling Social Work: A Profession of Many Faces 9/e, by Morales and Sheafor.This book includes historical material on the emergence of social work as a profession. It features up-to-date empirical data about where social workers are employed, what positions they hold, what


This book is a brief introduction to social work, adapted from the best selling Social Work: A Profession of Many Faces 9/e, by Morales and Sheafor.This book includes historical material on the emergence of social work as a profession. It features up-to-date empirical data about where social workers are employed, what positions they hold, what personal characteristics they bring to their practice, and the competencies required to perform their work.For social work students, or anyone interested in the field.

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Table of Contents

Part 1Social Work in U.S. Society1
Chapter 1Social Welfare: A Response to Human Need5
Prefatory Comment5
Some Social Workers in Action6
Identifying Human Needs7
Social Welfare Programs8
The Evolution of Social Programs9
Colonial Times to the Great Depression10
The Great Depression to the Present12
Continuing Issues in Social Welfare17
Purposes and Goals for Social Programs18
Responsibility for Meeting Human Needs18
Human Service as a Right20
Social Program Conceptions20
Human Service Program Categories21
Concluding Comment22
Chapter 2Social Work: A Comprehensive Helping Profession25
Prefatory Comment25
The Central Themes Underpinning Social Work26
A Commitment to Social Betterment26
A Goal to Enhance Social Functioning27
An Action Orientation27
An Appreciation for Human Diversity27
A Versatile Practice Perspective28
The Mission of Social Work30
Changing the Society31
Defining Social Work32
Social Work Practice Approaches34
Traditional Practice Methods34
Multimethod Practice Approach35
Generalist Practice Approach36
Specialist Practice Approach36
Social Workers: Their Many Faces38
Career Patterns of Social Workers38
The Social Worker's Knowledge, Values, and Skills39
Characteristics of Today's Social Workers40
Concluding Comment42
Chapter 3The Emergence of Social Work as a Profession47
Prefatory Comment47
The Nature of Professions47
Helping Professions: A Response to Human Need49
Social Work as a Profession: A Historical Perspective51
From Volunteers to an Occupation (Prior to 1915)51
Professional Emergence (1915-1950)58
Consolidating the Gains (1950-1970)60
Turning Away from the Elitist Professional Model (1970-Present)61
Concluding Comment63
Part 2Social Work Career Options66
Chapter 4Entry to the Social Work Profession69
Prefatory Comment69
Issues in Social Work Preparation and Employment70
Education and Accreditation71
Professional Certification71
Licensing or State Regulation of Social Work Practice72
Professional Standards72
Options for Human Service Practice73
Nonprofessional Service Providers74
Other Baccalaureate-Level Disciplines74
Professional Social Work Practice77
The Basic Professional77
The Specialized Professional80
The Independent Professional84
The Advanced Professional84
Concluding Comment85
Chapter 5Fields of Social Work Practice89
Prefatory Comment89
Alcohol and Substance Abuse92
Children and Youth93
Adoption and Services to Unmarried Parents93
Foster Care94
Residential Care94
Support in Own Home95
Protective Services95
Youth Services95
Community Organization96
Community Planning97
Community Development97
Corrections/Criminal Justice97
Disabilities (Physical/Mental)98
Education and Training99
Family Services100
Family Counseling100
Family Life Education100
Family Planning101
Income Maintenance101
Medical and Health Care103
Mental Health and Illness103
Occupational Social Work104
Concluding Comment106
Chapter 6Settings for Social Work Practice109
Prefatory Comment109
Characteristics of Practice Settings110
Government Sector Settings111
Voluntary (Nonprofit) Sector Settings112
Business Sector Settings113
Issues Affecting Agency-Based Practice115
Accommodating Horizontal and Vertical Influences115
Balancing Efficiency and Effectiveness116
Accommodating the Professional Model118
Determining the Status of Social Work119
Succeeding as a Social Worker in an Agency Structure119
Advantages of Agency-Based Practice121
Issues in Private Practice122
The Organization of Private Practice123
Concerns Related to Private Practice124
Advantages of Private Practice125
Concluding Comment126
Part 3The Practice of Social Work128
Chapter 7Values and Ethics in Social Work131
Prefatory Comment131
The Nature of Values132
The Place of Values in Social Work133
Social Values in U.S. Society134
Values Held by Social Workers136
Areas of Practice Addressed by the NASW Code of Ethics141
An Illustration of Values and Ethics Operating in Social Work Practice142
Examples of Ethical Issues in Social Work Practice146
Concluding Comment148
Chapter 8Competencies Required for Social Work Practice Today151
Prefatory Comment151
The Competencies Required for Social Work Practice152
The Universal Social Work Competencies153
Frequently Utilized Social Work Competencies158
Competencies Occasionally Needed by Social Workers168
Low Utilization Competencies for Most Social Workers179
Concluding Comment181
Chapter 9Prevention as a New Direction: The Future of Social Work185
Prefatory Comment185
Prevention: An Evolving Concept Going into the Twenty-First Century185
Preventing Treatment Abuse with At-Risk Populations187
Gang Violence and Homicide Prevention189
Educational Prevention Models191
Court- and Community-Based Programs192
Gang Homicide Psychosocial Prevention Models193
Advocacy, Empowerment, and Prevention199
Class Action Social Work and Prevention201
Concluding Comment205
Chapter 10Social Work Throughout the World211
Prefatory Comment211
World Population Changes: Creating a Global Demand for Social Work211
Social Welfare: The Context212
The Emergence of Social Work Training and Education214
A Global Approach to Social Work215
International Professional Organizations216
Defining Social Work Globally216
Values and Ethics Held by Social Workers Globally217
Global Views of Social Issues218
Employment in International Social Work219
Concluding Comment221
Name Index225
Subject Index229

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