by W. William Winokur


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ISBN-13: 9780976850809
Publisher: Kissena Park Press
Publication date: 01/01/2006
Pages: 496
Product dimensions: 6.50(w) x 9.55(h) x 1.50(d)

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Ron Camacho

"In Marathon, a female power broker takes a soul's journey into the unknown with a former marathon runner, scholar and slave-to Greece, where she finds his past, her future and timeless love. This book is an aphrodisiac."
author of Chicken Soup for the Country Soul

Michel Shane

"I've got to read ten to twelve hours a day. Mostly screenplays, all by pros-most are awful. When I read Marathon, I looked forward to my twenty-minute escape each day in its pages. It is one of the most magnificent books I have ever read-I could not believe it was written by a first-time author."
Executive Producer of Catch Me If You Can and I, Robot

Martin Landau

"William Winokur's episodic novel Marathon is insightful, deeply moving and a delightful reading experience.. This is truly a deeply involving first novel by an extremely talented contemporary American author. I encourage anyone who can read to read Marathon."
Academy Award�-winning actor

Arianna Huffington

"Greece's tumultuous history comes alive in this moving saga of 20th-century redemption, with the heroic Ion Theodore at its center. Marathon is a dramatic first novel by a promising writer."
syndicated columnist and editor of the

James Cameron

"The shadow of ancient Greece gives uncommon power to this story of a modern woman's search for purpose. The result is a book which is both epic and intimate, a book about the things that truly matter in life."
Academy Award�-winning Director, Titanic

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Marathon 4.8 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
Guest More than 1 year ago
¿You search because you are uncertain. Life is good and comforts abound, so you assume it must be right, but you still feel lost. This is the story of Maria Anastasia and Ion Theodore. Marianna Gardner is a partner in a successful law firm in Manhattan. It is a story of choices. Marianna chose to represent a client in an important case rather then the funeral of her estranged father. This is a story of finding peace after experiencing inner conflict, turmoil, and unrest. This is the story of Marianna¿s search for truth and self discovery. The author uses the first person voice of Maria Anastasia¿s to narrate Marianna¿s story. This is a chronicle of the life of Ion Theodore and of his celebrated run from Marathon to Athens. The writing is sensitive and artfully crafted. The characters are believable and genuine. The author has developed a balance of conflict and intrigue which moves the plot forward. His word pictures and descriptions of ancient Athens made me want to visit historic Greece. Winokur¿s use of dialog to establish both geography and history gave an additional depth to the beauty of the story. His use of broken English in the dialog with the Greek characters added to yet another flavor to the story The graphic descriptions of the death and decay of the battlefield and of the devastation of war were so explicit it drew you into the experience of groveling in the trenches, young and afraid, anticipating enemy fire and certain death. The story incorporates history, mythology, philosophy, theology, and psychology. Winokur has a profound sensitivity to the inner feelings of human nature. I personally experienced a wide spectrum of feelings and emotions while interacting with the character of this fine novel. Winokur , steeped in the classical writings of Greek mythology and the gods is a master at bringing together the classic and the contemporary in his writing. This is a story of epic proportions that I will long remember. I am looking forward to Winokur¿s novel. The book is powerful.
Guest More than 1 year ago
The author of this book is successful in creating a rich experience for the reader. I felt like I was on a journey being transported between ancient Greece and 21st century New York City. William Winokur weaves an elegant story of love, mystery and the triumph of the human spirit through the multi dimensional characters of ancient Greek heroes, a 20th century Olympic athlete born into slavery and forced to be a child soldier, and a successful Manhattan lawyer whose world is completely transformed upon her estranged father¿s death. All these characters live side by side, transcending time as mortals perceive it, and are fueled by the passion that awakens when humans shake hands with Death.
Guest More than 1 year ago
I'm an 8th grader at Horace Mann School and Mr.Winokur visited my english class a few days ago and talked to us about Mr.Theodore who was an art teacher back in '78. I found this very interesting and he told us all about his book and how he quit his investment banking job on wall street for writing and enjoying life. He said that he woke up one day when he was 39 and very successful and thought 'I do not feel fulfilled.' I bought the book and loved it. I found it amusing that my school was in it too. :)
Guest More than 1 year ago
I got hold of an advance reader copy from a local bookseller and after reading Marathon I reserved a copy of the hardcover so that I can buy it the day it comes out. While the story of Marianna was great with all of its twists and turns, it's the story of Ion Theodore, whose journals are presented toward the middle of the book, that are truly riveting. And to learn in the afterword that this was a real man who actually experienced slavery, war, and even the Olympics all before coming to the United States, made my experience with the book even more worthwhile. The quotes from the Hollywood types actually mean something this time. Check out Marathon!
Guest More than 1 year ago
I just read this book. What a great story! It's about a hardhearted New York lawyer, Marianna Gardner, who reconnects with a mysterious and worldly man named Ion Theodore. The writer, W. William Winokur, tells the story through Ion's fascinating diaries that Mariana found underneath some old Greek monastery. That's when Marianna finally begins to learn about the meaning of life and value of family! Btw, if you¿re into ancient Greek mythology, this is a must-read! Happy Holidays! -Belinda