March To Nicaea: Recollections of Lord Godric MacEuan on the First Crusade: Volume Three

March To Nicaea: Recollections of Lord Godric MacEuan on the First Crusade: Volume Three


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Some Things ARE Worth Dying For...
In AD 1095 Byzantine Emperor Alexios Komnenos begs Pope Urban II for Frankish knights to rescue the last bit of his Christian empire from a relentless Islamic invasion already 400 years old. In answer, Urban issues a call to the faithful to save Christendom. Many thousands respond, and their campaign to recover Jerusalem will be known to history as the First Crusade.
Scottish Baron Godric MacEuan joins their ranks, and he is sorely needed. A decade earlier he scouted the Holy Land. Now he is highly-sought as a siege master. But Europe's castles are wooden, easily defeated by fire and battering rams. Holy Land cities are fortresses of stone, and the Crusaders have nothing that can conquer them.
But Godric brings them tools they need most: expertise to defeat the toughest obstacles; the most powerful siege machine ever developed; and unshakable faith that God wills their victory.
Nicaea blocks the road to Jerusalem. It must be taken. The time has come to March to Nicaea.
'Deus lo vult! God wills it!' The book is fiction ... but the story is true.

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ISBN-13: 9781941160275
Publisher: Tom Vetter Books, LLC
Publication date: 01/17/2018
Series: Siege Master , #3
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Sales rank: 608,368
File size: 4 MB

About the Author

TOM VETTER Those who can, do. Those who cannot, teach . . . or better still, write. Tom Vetter has done both, living it first and writing about it later. As a naval officer, Commander Vetter served more than two decades and sailed 100,000 miles in submarines during the Vietnam and Cold Wars. He piloted submersibles and the Navy bathyscaph Trieste II (DSV-1) on dives as deep as three miles to find aircraft, shipwrecks, and pilots lost on the seafloor. After several lives' worth of adventure at sea, Tom retired from the Navy to work a second career in information technology, operating a successful IT architecture business for more than a decade. When his wife's declining health required another retirement in 2012 to care for her, writing and publishing became his third career. Since then, Tom started Tom Vetter Books, LLC, a Virginia-based publishing business, wrote Thirty Thousand Leagues Undersea, a memoir of true tales about his undersea adventures, and the first three novels in the five-book Siege Master historical fiction series, which retells the saga of the First Crusade as the recollections of a noble Scottish siege lord. Tom lives with his wife in suburban Washington, DC. And as caregiver duties permit, he writes every day.

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